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Al finally had the belated funeral, and it was a beautiful one.

White flowers were in a circle in the small grave. Ed had alchemized them himself, with as much care as possible. Ed attended with Roy and his group, along with Lieutenant Ross and Sergeant Block. The Rockbelles also came. Ed had been dreading the encounter with Winry for a long time, but it wasn't as bad as he had thought.

Winry was crying only a little, but she managed to stem her flow of tears enough to apologize to Ed. She didn't even scream at him for wrecking his automail…she had even said she hadn't done the maintenance as she should have. Ed forgave her, grateful that she wasn't angry with him.

Winry had stood rather far away from Ed during the funeral, as if she was afraid that he seeing her crying would upset him. Pinako didn't talk much to Ed, just to send him her apology and wishes, but she did talk to Roy. Roy felt comfortable talking to someone about Ed. She clearly understood him well.

When Roy told Pinako about Ed almost ending his life, she simply replied with, "Yes, I can imagine him doing that for some reason. He's always been for his brother, and being snuck up on like that must have really hit him hard."

"He scared the hell out of me," Roy muttered, watching Ed wearily. "I thought for sure he would have jumped."

"He would have, had you not stopped him," said Pinako, also watching Ed with an expression of thoughtfulness. "It's a good thing you were there."

During the actual funeral, Ed had managed to clean himself up well enough to be decent enough not look as depressed as he felt. He also kept the emotionless mask on again, but Roy knew he was okay. After all, he had been Ed's shoulder to cry on that day…literally.

The casket was made out of polished dark wood. It held the shattered armor and some of the flesh that hadn't been taken for evaluation. The helmet sat atop of it, the eyes that were usually a bright red, were dull and empty, just ike any other suit of armor.

Ed stayed emotionless until when Al was being lowered into the casket. Then Roy swore he could see a single tear fall from Ed's eye. It slowly fell down his cheek, splattering on to the ground. Roy put a hand on Ed's shoulder, and Ed looked up at him, his face expressionless but his eyes saying a million words.

Roy was glad of this though. It wasn't exactly a public breakdown, but at least Ed could confide in him.

The Rockbelles left shortly after the funeral. Winry just fixed Ed's arm…a more painful thing than Roy suspected…and then pulled Ed into a bone-crushing hug. He managed to choke out an awkward goodbye, and she finally threatened him for the first time that entire trip.

"If you break your arm again I'll kill you, Edward," she shouted cheerfully out the window. Ed just smiled and waved.

That was the weird thing about Ed. He always managed to mask his feelings. Roy didn't know how he did it. There were so many things he felt underneath that disguise…pain, anger, guilt, sadness…there were so many it was difficult to name them all. Ed was always doing something dangerous or painful to him, but he never showed it.

Roy was sure that in time, he would change that habit.


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