"Unfortunately for him, and you, he's coming with me."

"Says who?" Naruto said.

The lady jumped off the and landed in front of them. Before any of them could jump back, she already hit them at critical points in their bodies. (Much like Neji and Hinata's gentle fist.)

"Me." She said smiling at their unconscious bodies.

"That would've made sense if you had said that while they were conscious." Came a voice behind the tree.

The woman turned around to see a rather large muscled man who gave her a cold stare.

"Come on. We have to get him to the lab before more of these accursed thieves become aware of our position."

The man went and pick-up Senra and turned back around.

"It's not nice to kidnap children." Someone said.

They both turned and stared right into the face of Kakashi.

"Dammit!" She yelled.

They both got out strange looking orbs and threw them on the ground. There was a circle of light that caved in on itself as they disappeared.

Moments later, Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke woke up in the hospital. They all grabbed their gear and met up with each other as well as Kakashi in the lounge.

"Kakashi sensei! Where's Senra?" Sakura asked.

"The people who came to kidnap him were successful. They got away by transporting away through some strange looking portal."

Back at the Lab

"It was easy, but we got him." The lady said.

She snapped her fingers and the large man dropped Senra on the floor.

"Be careful! I want no injuries upon his body if the experiment is to be a success."The professor said.

He was a short, pasty skinned man with glasses too big for his eyes.

"That's all nice and grand. Where's our money?" The man said.

"Oh, it's through the door to the left." The professor said giving all his attention to Senra.

They both walked through the door and fell into a pool. They both rose out of the pool in an irritated manner.

"Why that two timing-"

The woman didn't finish her sentence as she was dragged under water, blood replacing the place she just was. The man tried to climb back up before a dragon-like crocodile rose out of the water, chomped on his leg, and dragged him down. He screamed and beat at the beast until a sharp tail came and impaled his head.

The professor smiled a crooked smile that showed many rotted and broken teeth. He turned his attention back to the unconscious teen that was now placed within a large tube. Held in suspended animation, Senra had no clue of the horrors this mad doctor with no life was about to inflict upon him.

"Yes, you will make a perfect specimen for my experiments. Now let us begin." He said with another crooked smile.

"When I'm through with you, those accursed ninja won't know what hit them. I mean that very literally."