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Summary: Not really AU, since it takes place after season 2, but with different characters. This is my own series version of a new series, featuring the 7 digimon lords that are from my Digimon: Lords of the Frontier story. They also represent the 7 virtues, like the demon lords representing the 7 deadly sins. There will be cameos from the other digidestined as well. A few years after the defeat of MaloMyotismon, people now have digimon, except for 7. They slowly learn their past, and that they must stop and purify the 6 corrupted Digimon Lords. Michael will discover his past, as well as everyone else. Can they save the digital world, from these new evils, and bring peace. It's an epic story of mystery, action, and even romance. The parings will be Taiora, Takari, YoleixKen, MimixIzzy or Joe, don't know yet, and each of the new digidestined, who will be joined by one more will be paired up. Since there will be 4 boys, and 4 girls, so it works. Well, hope you like the first episode of this new series.

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Burn Infernomon Burn!

The light shined brightly through the window a simple high-school. There were kids walking around with digivices strapped to their belts. Following each kid was their own digimon partner. After the defeat of MaloMyotismon a few years ago, more and more people began to get digimon partners. Now everyone had a digimon, except for 7 kids, who thought the digimon didn't like them because they never wanted to become partners. Due to this fact of not having their own digimon, they are picked on by the other students, and even some of the teachers.

Michael, an 18 year old boy with brown hair and eyes, stood in the senior common area by himself. He gave a heavy sigh as he watched the others playing with their digimon partners. Everyone got a chance to go to the digital world to explore it. They never fought their digimon, as they saw it cruel. So no one since the original DigiDestined ever killed a digimon. Michael glanced to the side to see one of his only friends walking up to him. Her name was Josette, and she was 16 years old with brown hair tied into a ponytail, and light blue eyes. She, like Michael, was digimon deprived. That might be a reason they hang out, or it could be that Michael has a major crush on the teen. She grinned as she approached the boy, "Morning."

"Good Morning Josette," Michael said in greeting. "How's it going today?"

"You know, getting bullied and made fun of for not having a digimon sort of thing. So nothing big," Josette said sarcastically.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. It sucks being the only ones without a digimon," Michael said.

"Got that right," Josette said with a sigh as she stood beside Michael and lend against the wall. "We've even been to the digital world many times, but not one wanted to be our partner, said they couldn't, can you believe that. Probably another thing for you suck, or I don't want to be partners with a loser."

"Maybe, or maybe they do have a good reason," Michael suggested.

"Hah, they have a good reason, as if," Josette huffed as he turned her eyes toward a tamer and their digimon. Her eye brows furrowed slightly as she stared angrily at them. "I can't take this anymore. I want to go to the digital world and try to find a partner again."

"You know you can't go without a digivice, it just isn't possible," Michael reasoned. "There is another class field trip next Monday, maybe we could find one then?"

"I can't wait that long, this is so infuriating," Josette grumbled. Michael sighed as he turned away from her.

"Sorry to hear that, I was just trying to help," Michael said. A sound reverberated off the walls and made Michael turn sharply. "What was that?"

"What was what?" Josette asked curiously.

"That voice, it said something, but I couldn't make it out," Michael said.

"Um…I didn't hear a voice," Josette said worriedly. "Are you doing okay, hope you aren't turning into a brain case."

"No, I think I did hear something, maybe it was the wind. It is blowing awfully loud today," Michael surmised.

"Yeah, that sounds right," Josette nodded. "Well, I need to get going, see you tomorrow." She then turned and left the building, leaving a still confused Michael.

"Yeah, see you," Michael whispered as he too turned and walked out of the building and towards his car so he could head home.


That night, Michael tossed in his bed as something ate its way into his dreams or something. Sweat poured down his face, as he saw what he was facing.


A red armor clad digimon with fire coming out of the many holes of the armor, stood facing 7 ugly looking digimon. Beside him were 6 other digimon, who all looked grand. "This is the end of the rode Daemon," the red flamed armor digimon said coldly in a voice that sounded so much like Michaels own.

"You think you pitiful digimon can stand up to the power of the 7 demon lords," Daemon laughed.

"Yeah, I'm sick of you 7 all ready," the alligator like demon digimon said harshly.

"Easy Leviamon," the female digimon of the group spoke softly.

"I don't have to listen to you Lilithmon," Leviamon grumbled.

"Are you going to argue all day, or are you going to fight?" a humanoid dragon looking digimon asked.

"What's it too you sharpie?" a digimon by the name of Beelzemon asked.

"Let's just fight," the red flamed armor digimon said. The group then charged forward and one of each of the demon lords went with one of their 7 opponents, creating huge explosions of power. The scene disappeared suddenly, and Michael actually found himself in a dark void.

"Welcome Michael, chosen warrior of the digital world," a voice said suddenly.

"How is this possible?" Michael asked. "I feel like I'm actually here."

"Because you are," the voice said. "You have awoken to your destiny."

"What do you mean?" Michael asked.

"All will be revealed tomorrow," the voice said shortly.

"Who are you? And why tomorrow?" Michael asked.

"My name is of no importance," the voice said. "As for your second question, you are asleep, and I would like you to get to the digital world with your friend Josette."

"I don't understand," Michael tried again.

"Don't worry, you'll learn about your awakening tomorrow," the voice said. The world suddenly began to spin and Michael fell into a pit of darkness, screaming the whole way down.

End dreamscape

Michael opened his eyes with a start to find it daylight all ready. "Man what a dream, or was it?" He glanced to the side to see the time. "Shit, I'm going to be late." He quickly got up and began to get dressed and ready for school.


It was lunch time later that day, and Michael was telling Josette about the dream. "Freaky," she muttered. "I wonder what it means."

"The voice said we would find out today," Michael said.

"Remember it was just a dream," Josette said as they walked around the halls. Michael stopped when he heard the voice again, he turned quickly to see a hole forming in the walls.

"What the hell?" Michael asked no one in particular. Josette turned quickly to see the hole as well.

"It's the digital gate, but, no one has a digivice near us, so how did it open," Josette wondered. Michael walked closer, Josette right behind him. When they got close enough, the gate began to glow, and sucked Michael and Josette inside. They landed on the ground in forest, with trees that were burned, and had a few scorched leaves on their limbs. "Isn't this the Burnt Forest?"

"Yeah, I believe so," Michael nodded. It was always a wonder to see how these burnt leaves could stay standing, making them still look like trees. It was a huge mystery in the digital world as well. A sound began to sound and Michael turned in the direction of the sound and wondered what it was. "That way," he said simply. Josette nodded and began to follow him, until an explosion sounded behind them. They turned to see a digimon's data being sucked away.

"W-What?! Who is killing digimon?!" Josette exclaimed. Out of the smoke came a samurai looking digimon with a long steel sword in his hands. He had what looked like long and wild purple hair going down his back. "What is this thing?"

"I don't know," Michael whispered. The new digimon grinned evilly.

"You are in my territory now," the digimon said in a rough voice. "I, the great Musyamon, will devour your human data, and become even more powerful."

"Digimon don't kill humans, we leave in peace now, right?" Josette tried to reason.

"I don't care, I'm going to chop you too pieces with my White Bird Sword," Musyamon said evilly. "Ninja Blade!" Blue flames began to surround the sword, making it into a flaming one. "Now, feel the wrath of the greatest swordsman, Musyamon." The samurai digimon ran forward and slashed horizontally with the sword, narrowly missing the kids who jumped out of the way. They then turned and began to run down different sides of the forest. "You think you can get away humans!" the digimon roared. "I'll find you!" Musyamon then jumped into the trees and began to search for the fleeing humans.

Michael weaved through the trees, trying to find a safe place to hide. He heard the sound getting louder and began to head towards it. A scream suddenly sounded and he saw Josette running towards him, Musyamon hot on her trail. "This way!" Michael called and they began to run in a new direction.

"You can run but you can't hide humans!" Musyamon laughed.

"The sound is coming from over here, maybe it can help us," Michael suggested.

"I hope you're right," Josette said with a frightened voice. She glanced backwards to see Musyamon closing in on them. She then caught a glimpse of a purple device strapped to the digimon's forehead. She ignored it as she turned back to where they were funning. "Times like these I wish I had my own digimon."

"I know what you mean," Michael nodded. After a few minutes of running, they saw a temple of some sort standing in front of them. Above the entryway was a picture of a flame. They stopped in front of it and stared at the temple with awe.

"Isn't this the legendary Temple of Fire?" Josette asked.

"Yeah, maybe," Michael nodded. He heard a sound and turned to see the tree behind them get turned into digital data.

"Found you," Musyamon chuckled. Josette lend towards Michael and whispered softly to the boy.

"You go in, I'll distract sword boy," Josette said. Michael turned to her with worry.

"You sure?" Michael asked. Josette simply nodded as she ran to another side of Musyamon.

"Come on and get me sushi brain," Josette mocked.

"Oh, so you're a sassy one aren't you," Musyamon growled. "Well, guess I need to teach you some manners." Musyamon ran forward and began the onslaught. Meanwhile, Michael had entered the temple and was heading down a steep ramp carefully.

"I hope Josette is okay," he whispered. He entered the bottom level and began to heading down the narrow path. On either side of the hallway, were holes with fire and steam bursting out of them, causing Michael to move to the side quickly each time. The next room wasn't as friendly, as it was a room full of lava, and multiple platforms floating on top. "Great, I know it's called the Temple of Fire, but this is just ridiculous." He walked to the edge and scanned the area for the nearest platform. He jumped to the first one he saw, and continued to repeat the action until he neared the end of the room. He then jumped onto the ledge and made his way down the next narrow hallway, which led to a large room. In the center of the room was an alter surrounded by a red light.

On top of the alter floated a red circular sphere that seemed to be calling to him. Michael walked up the stairs and stared down at the object. "I wonder what this is." He reached forward and grabbed the orb, which started to glow. It then shot out a blinding red light as it began to change, which Michael felt. "W-What's going on?" Michael asked in terror. When the light cleared, he was staring at an oddly shaped device. It had a red color, with a single gold strip running down the center, and another gold strip going across the middle of the device. There was a round screen near the top, with something that resembled a key hole of some sort in the middle. Underneath the screen were 5 buttons that looked to do different things to work the device. The shape of it then started to angle inward, giving it a skinny appearance. At the end of the angle, it rounded perfectly. And also, there was a rectangular button on the top of the device.

"Cool," Michael said. He was about to press one of the buttons when he heard a scream. "Josette!" He looked at the buttons to figure out what to do. "How would I get my digimon out?" He looked at middle key, and it was glowing bright red. Michael wondered what it did and pressed it quickly. He held up his finger and watched as a red key sort of thing formed around his two fingers next to his thumb. He then looked at the screen to see the red key hole begin to glow. Michael nodded and got the digivice ready. "Activate return protocol!" He shoved the key like energy into the key hole and turned it sharply. The top part of the device opened up and revealed the red orb as it shot out of the device. "Soul Digivolution!" The red orb then entered into Michael's body, and he began to change.

Red armor began to appear on his body, minus his head, and began forming holes all around. Fire then burst out and created red flaming armor, making him look like a Meramon with red armor under the flame. There was even a portion of the flame surrounding his head. A red helmet then formed and landed on his head. The lower half of the helmet had a very light red lining surrounding the mouth. His eyes then started to glow an eerie red color. "Infernomon!" the digimon introduced as he appeared into the world. "This is sweet!" he exclaimed, his red eyes glowing brightly. He heard Josette scream again and turned to the sound. "I need to go help her." He burst into a sprint down the temple so he could get there as fast as he could. When he entered the clearing, he saw Musyamon prepare to slash down with his sword. "Infernal Ball!" A surge of fire shot into Musyamon and sent him flying into a tree.

"Who are you?" Musyamon asked as he gazed at the red flaming armored digimon.

"The name is Infernomon," he said simply.

"I'll make you pay for getting in my way," Musyamon cried angrily. He took his sword back and prepared for an attack.

"Josette, get back," Infernomon warned. Josette looked up at the voice and nodded simply as she walked backwards.

"Shogun Sword!" Musyamon commanded. A red fire began to surround his sword, and created a ghost like dragon as he swung it at the red flaming armed digimon. Infernomon dodged the attack quickly, hearing a massive explosion shortly afterwards.

"Is that all," Infernomon taunted. He took his fist back, and the heat around them began to intensify. "Infernal Fury!" He then ran forward and punched rapidly into Musyamon's abdomen, making him cough harshly each time. He then appeared behind the samurai and took his right foot back, "Burning Kick!" The attack connected and sent Musyamon spiraling into the ground. He coughed slightly as he turned to glare at the opposing digimon.

"Damn you," Musyamon growled. Infernomon then lifted his right hand, and an energy began to form around the extended hand. He then took his hand back and grinned.

"Here is one of my best attacks," Infernomon said proudly. He then shot his hand forward, which shot a red beam of light straight through Musyamon's chest. "Crossroads of Fire!" The beam then split into two and cut through both sides of the body, creating a burning light in Musyamon's armor. The two beams then circled around and entered back into Infernomon's body. He then pulled out his digivice, and pressed the button on the top of the device. He then aimed it forward as he saw another soul emerge covered in dark colors. "It's time I purified the evil soul of Musyamon. Farewell." The darkness of the soul entered into the device and shut off. The now purified soul then entered the now formed digi-egg and headed to be reborn in Primary Village. Infernomon landed on the ground and was surrounded in data, before returning to his human form, Michael.

"You did it!" Josette cheered as she ran up and hugged him, which caused Michael to blush crimson.

"I-It was nothing," Michael stammered.

"That was so cool, maybe I can become a digimon too," Josette laughed.

"Yeah maybe," Michael nodded. They heard a rumbling sound and turned to see the temple entering back into the ground, to remain there for the remainder of time. Michael then turned to Josette with a smile, "Ready to go home?"

"Yeah," Josette replied. Before he could open the gate, the voice from last night appeared in the forest.

"Congratulations champion of fire," the voice said. "You have awakened the first of 7 D-Protocols."

"D-Protocols?" Michael asked the voice.

"Yes, the digivice you hold in your hand is called this," the voice replied. Michael and Josette both nodded as they stared at the red device.

"Inside is the soul of an actual digimon, which is connected to all of you in some way," the voice continued.

"Connected?" Josette asked.

"Yes, you'll find out eventually," the voice said. "Now that the soul of Infernomon has been awakened, the other 6 should awaken as well. Each of the 6, including Josette, who don't have a digimon, should be able to use these awakened power. But, you will only know who that soul belongs to, if it calls to you. Just like Infernomon did for you Michael." The two nodded.

"I shall meet you kids someday, for now, it's up to you to save our world, as the new DigiDestined," the voice told them.

"We understand," Michael said. The voice said one final farewell before disappearing back into the world. Michael then held up his D-Protocol and pressed the lower right hand key, and opened the gateway to their world. "Let's go."

"Yeah, tomorrow, our quest to unlock the other souls begins!" Josette cried enthusiastically. Michael shook his head slightly as they entered back into their world.

To Be Continued…..

Marcus: Well, the first soul has been found, but what will happen to them now that they know their destiny? Will they unlock the other souls and save the digital world? There is only one way to find out, so stay tuned for the next Digimon Souls.

Michael: Man, where are we.

Josette: A new area I guess.

Justine: We better be careful, no telling what will happen.

Josette: I just have to find the soul, and save Michael and Justine, I can't let this new enemy defeat them.

???: Just try and stop me you pitiful humans!

Michael: Next time: Dual of Blades! Blademon vs. Shanghaimon! It's time to soul digivolve.