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Dual of Blades! Blademon vs. Shanghaimon!

Michael sighed heavily as he glanced briefly to the teacher at the front of the room, who was babbling something about two legendary swordsmen, which Michael didn't really care about. Michael glanced down at his red D-Protocol and pressed the upper left hand button, which made a picture of Musyamon appear on the screen. Data then started to run down the screen, and give information on the samurai digimon. What caught Michael's eye was that Musyamon was a champion level digimon. He then pulled up the data on Infernomon, and found that he was a mega level digimon. "What! If Musyamon was a champion, and Infernomon was a mega, he should have been defeated by my first attack, and not cause me to be so winded, but I was." Michael then remembered the purple device hooked to Musyamon's body. "What if that device grants a digimon more power, then somewhere in the digital world, someone is creating these devices. Man this sucks."

The bell suddenly rang and the teacher turned quickly to the class. "There will be a quiz tomorrow about the history and strength of Blademon and Shanghaimon. So you better study hard," the teacher quickly said to the students.

"Shit, maybe I should have been listening," Michael groaned as he exited the room.

"Hey Michael," a voice said cheerily. Said boy turned to see Josette and Justine running towards them.

"Josette told me that you can actually become a digimon," Justine said quickly. Justine was like them in that she didn't have a digimon either. She was the same age as Michael, and had long light brown hair.

"Yeah, I did," Michael said with a grin. "It was so awesome, I rather be a digimon than just have a regular partner."

"I can understand that," Justine said. "If you were able to get one, shouldn't the others who don't have a partner be able to get to become one?"

"Maybe," Michael shrugged.

"Then let's go to the digital world," Josette said excitedly. "We might find another one of those mysterious temples."

"Yeah," Justine agreed.

"Ok, let's get going," Michael exclaimed. He ran down the hall, finding a secure place to open the gate, not wanting others to find out that he had a digivice yet. He held up the device and pressed the lower right hand key of the device. A bright red light shone out into the wall, and a gateway to the digital world opened. "Ready?"

"Affirmative," Josette said.

"Let's go find another digimon," Justine said with a wide smirk. They then ran forward, and entered into the digital world, but unlike last time, they were heading to one of the most mysterious places in the entire digital world.


A dark figure sat in a weird looking chair, he had cold red eyes, and was gritting his teeth in anger. "I can't believe this, the soul of Infernomon was awakened."

"Are you okay my lord?" a female voice asked from behind him, a low growl accompanying her.

"My dear lady," the figure said softly as he turned around in his chair. "You know your little samurai failed me."

"I know my lord," the female said with a bow.

"Maybe I should take care of them," the low voice beside the female said softly.

"That's not necessary my dear pet," the figure laughed. "I think our lady friend, will do better next time. Just, don't fail me again."

"Yes my lord," the female said with a bow. She then disappeared in a flash of pink light.

"Are you sure my lord?" the low voice asked.

"I'm positive, she is one of the digimon lords, if push comes to shove, she'll tear them all apart," the figure smirked, his sharp fangs shining in the dark. He then turned all the way around and began to bring up some data. The data was that of Infernomon. "Soon my brother, soon you'll be apart of us again." He gave a short laugh, which gave the tower they were in an even more eerie sound.


Michael yawned as he collapsed onto the ground, his eyes slowly closing. "Man, we've been walking for hours, and we still haven't found any new temples," he groaned.

"Quit your whining," Josette scolded as she walked forward slightly, her eyes glancing around the area. "Hey, this place looks kind of familiar, I think I saw it in a book."

"You're right!" Justine exclaimed as she came up beside the young girl. "Mr. Fitch talked about it today. He said that this forest connects to a valley, where two legendary swordsmen came from."

"Two legendary swordsmen, that sounds cool," Michael grinned.

"You didn't pay attention, did you?" Justine asked with a quick glance at the boy, who was now blushing from embarrassment.

"Guess, not, I was fiddling with my digivice in class," Michael admitted. Justine and Josette both sighed as they shook their heads.

"You are helpless," Josette grumbled.

"You don't have to be mean," Michael pouted.

"I'm not mean, you're just so pathetic not paying attention in class and everything," Josette said as she began walking again. "Let's go, maybe the valley is where the temple is."

"Yeah," Justine nodded.

"I do know about the valley though, but no one has actually seen it," Michael commented.

"Sure, you heard that, but maybe we will be the first ones to see it, wouldn't that be something," Josette grinned widely.

"Yeah, it'll be exciting!" Justine exclaimed.

"Man, why did I have to come with two overly excited girls," Michael groaned. He slowly got up and followed the retreating backs of the girls, wondering what they would find when they reached the legendary valley.


A figure clad in pink armor smirked as she watched the three humans leaving the area. "This is too good to be true," the figure laughed in a woman's voice.

"My mistress," a low and noble sounding voice said. The figure turned to see a warrior digimon bowing before her. He had a long sword strapped to his back, as well as thee diamonds attached to each of his sides. He had short white hair, and cold evil eyes.

"My dear Shanghaimon, you want to take care of these humans?" the female digimon asked.

"Yes, they are heading to Diamond Valley, and I don't wont them to violate the temple of my arch rival," Shanghaimon bowed his head even lower.

"As you wish," the female digimon shrugged as she motioned for the bowing digimon to rise. "Do you want me to place my little device on you so that you can have more power?"

"I don't need such tools to accomplish what I need accomplished," Shanghaimon growled.

"Whatever you say my dear," the female digimon shrugged. Shanghaimon jumped off the cliff soon after, running straight for the valley. The pink armored digimon smiled. "This'll be exciting." She then opened a black portal and disappeared into the night, leaving the forest, and the valley in the capable hands of her servant, she just hoped he succeeded, where Musyamon had failed.


Michael opened his mouth wide when he saw the valley before them. It was a large, grey dirt valley. All along the sides were diamond shaped substances. "This is diamond valley?" he asked in awe at the large diamonds.

"Yeah," Justine nodded. "Oh, look." The other two turned to where she was pointing and saw some huts, and even digimon roaming around.

"It's like a little community," Josette said. "Maybe they would know where the temple is?"

"Maybe," Justine shrugged.

"Let's get going then!" Michael called excitedly as he ran down the hill and towards the village.

"Man, why does he have to have so much energy?" Josette groaned.

"Who cares, let's just catch up with him before he gets hurt," Justine answered. Josette nodded, and the two girls followed after their friend. A few minutes later, they caught up with Michael, who had many different digimon standing before him.

"What do you want?" the oldest looking one asked.

"Umm…we are looking for something," Josette replied.

"Is that so," the old digimon said, closing his eyes in thought. "I've never had humans come here to our little village. I must see if you have good intentions in your heart, or bad."

"Ok, but how are you going to do that?" Justine asked. The old digimon held up his hands, and three diamonds that wrapped around his wrists, shot out and began to circle around each of the kids. They began to glow brightly, and the old man opened his eyes.

"My apologizes," the old digimon said. "It seems you three do have good intentions. Follow me into my hut, I'll give you some dinner there," the old digimon said as he began to move towards the central and largest hut of the village. Unaware to those in the valley, a set of eyes was watching them.

"So, they've found my old home, how quaint this will be," Shanghaimon smirked. "I'll be able to kill two birds with one stone. My old home is about to become nothing but a memory." The evil digimon chuckled slightly as he jumped down into the valley, to begin his long awaited revenge.

"This is so good," Michael said, his mouth full of food.

"I'm glad you like it," the old digimon said with a nod.

"So, do you know if there is some kind of temple nearby?" Justine asked.

"Actually there is," the old digimon said. "It is the temple of our ancient protector."

"Protector?" Josette asked in confusion.

"Yes, a great swords master, and the one who protected us from Shanghaimon," the old digimon replied.

"Cool!" Michael exclaimed. "I'm also glad you let us even come here and dine with you."

"You guys are friends, that's all I can say to that," the old digimon laughed. "You three have been really kind, and the others who've come and talked to you, think you guys are a blessing for this little valley. You even managed to defeat the Musyamon that was terrorizing the Burnt Forest. Your strength is unbelievable."

"Well, we are really amazing," Michael laughed.

"Yeah, you are because you can become a digimon," Josette laughed.

"What kind of digimon did you become?" the old digimon asked curiously.

"Yeah, that'll be interesting to know," a young digimon said as he walked over to the old leader.

"I became Infernomon," Michael said proudly.

"Infernomon, you mean the digimon lor-" the old digimon began to say, but stopped when he heard a scream from outside the hut.

"W-What's going on?" the teenage boy asked.

"I don't know," the old digimon replied. He walked outside slowly, the others right behind him. When they got outside, they could see a tall white haired digimon holding a sword through a young female digimon's stomach. The white haired digimon saw the kids and smirked slightly. He then pulled the blade out of the digimon, and then completely obliterated her, absorbing the data in the process.

"Man, tastes good," the digimon commented in a cold voice.

"Who the hell are you," Josette growled. The digimon turned to them with a cold look in his eyes.

"I'm known as Shanghaimon, one of the two legendary swordsmen," the digimon chuckled.

"No way, I heard you were destroyed," Justine said in shock.

"Well, you heard wrong little one," Shanghaimon laughed. He sheathed his sword before turning his full attention to the kids. "I was busy training alone in this world. I had to become stronger, after my humiliating defeat at the hands of Blademon. After training, I began looking for her, staying away from civilization in the process."

"Well, we don't know where Blademon is, so leave the village immediately!" the old digimon leader shouted.

"Sorry, I can't do that," Shanghaimon laughed. "I have another mission, destroy these kids."

"Quick, get out of here," Michael muttered to the girls.

"What?" Justine asked.

"You can't take him alone," Josette complained.

"Don't worry, I can handle it," Michael smirked. "Just go!" The old digimon turned quickly to they young diamond digimon from earlier.

"You…take these two girls to the temple!" he commanded.

"But, that's a sacred place," the young digimon complained.

"Just go! I won't let our new friends be turned into data!" the old digimon roared, his eyes glaring furiously at Shanghaimon.

"Oh, I'm so scared," the white haired digimon laughed. "This time, I won't let you go free Geiziamon."

"We'll see," Geiziamon growled. He took his staff back and prepared for battle.

"Don't worry, I'll help too," Michael commented, his eyes leaving the retreating girls. He then pulled out a red device and held up his two fingers closest to his thumb. "Here we go! Activate return protocol!" He shoved his fingers into the key like hole on the digivice, and turned them sharply. The device then opened, and shot out a red orb. "Spirit Digivolution!" The same familiar feeling overwhelmed Michael, as he began to change into his digimon form. "Infernomon!" the digimon roared as he appeared in the valley, ready for battle.

"Wow! They were right about him being able to become a digimon!" Geiziamon cried in astonishment.

"No matter, I'll show you why I'm the strongest swordsmen around," Shanghaimon growled, his eyes narrowing as he unsheathed his long diamond carved sword. He ran forward quickly. Infernomon growled as he held up his hand and created a sword of fire. He then ran forward, and the swords clashed, making a sharp sound. Geiziamon watched carefully, waiting for the chance when Shanghaimon lowered his guard. The sword wielding digimon blocked one of Infernomon's strikes, and quickly kicked him in the gut, sending the fire digimon skidding backwards. "Now, for some real fun Infernomon," the white haired digimon smirked evily. "Energy Siphon!" The total of six diamonds shot from his body and formed a ring that circled in front of Shanghaimon. From the center of the circle, a green energy shot out, and began to drain Infernomon's energy, making the fire digimon drop to his knees, panting heavily.

"What is happening?" he asked weakly. Shanghaimon smirked as he prepared to answer, until a staff struck him in the back. He glared angrily at the old digimon that attacked him.

"You are getting in the way, I'm going to teach you a lesson you old geezer," Shanghaimon growled. "I'll burn this entire village, no…This entire valley to the ground!" He held up his fingers and moved them slightly. "Diamond Shards!" The circle broke apart, and the six diamonds shot into the old digimon, making him scream in pain. Infernomon watched in horror as the diamond digimon leader flew into the nearest hut, turning it into rubble. This digimon had given them hospitality, and even friendship, and this digimon had the right to hurt this kind and gentle leader.

"I'll kill you!" Infernomon roared as he charged towards the white haired digimon.

"I think not," he smirked. "Circle of Diamonds!" The six diamonds appeared again and made another circle in front of the digimon. "Energy Blast!" The ring shot out a red energy beam, filled with the very energy of Infernomon, causing said digimon to fly backwards across the ground, a grunt of pain escaping his lips. "This is so much fun!" Shanghaimon laughed evilly as he began walking towards the downed digimon, his six diamonds returning to his body in the process. He had his sword placed at his side, and a cold and hungry look filling his face. "Time to end this!"


"This is it," the young digimon said as he stopped in front of a temple. Above the entryway, the symbol for sword was shining brightly. "This is the temple of our ancient protector. Master Geiziamon told me something a few hours ago while we were getting the food for dinner."

"What was it?" Justine asked, her eyes shifting to the young digimon.

"He said, that your soul Josette, is greatly similar to that of our ancient protector," the young digimon explained. "He believes that you are the one to go inside this temple, and awaken our ancient protector."

"Me?" Josette asked in disbelief.

"Yes, now, you must go in there and find the soul of our protector. We'll remain here," the young digimon answered.

"All right, I'll be right back," Josette said as she ran down into the temple, a smirk on her face. "So, I'll finally become a digimon, this is so exciting."

"Be careful!" Justine cried. She glanced backwards to see an explosion from the center of the village. "Oh, I hope Michael is okay."

"Yeah," the young digimon nodded, his eyes not leaving the damage that was being caused by the battle up ahead. "I also hope the girl gets to the soul in time."

"Me too," Justine agreed.


Josette ducked quickly as a blade swung through the air. "Close one," she murmered. She started to run faster, weaving and ducking whenever she needed too. In no time, she was through the narrow room of doom. "Why did my digimon soul have to be in a temple of stupid swords?" She groaned as she continued on walking, her eyes glancing to the side, hoping nothing new an deadly would come out and kill her. After a while she finally entered a large circular room. In the center was a pedestal, with a grey orb floating above it. "Is that the spirit?"

Josette walked forward slowly, until she was standing in front of the pedestal. She gulped slightly as she extended her shaky hand, and grabbed the orb. There was a blinding light of grey color as the orb morphed in her hands. When the light died down, she noticed it was similar to Michaels, except that it was a grey color, with brown lining. She pressed the middle button, which was growing bright grey. The same key shape that appeared in Michaels appeared again. He held up her two fingers that formed a grey key around them. "All right, here we go! Activate return protocol!" She placed her fingers in the key hole and turned them sharply. The digivice opened, and a grey soul shot out. "Soul Digivolution!" The soul entered her body, and she began to turn into her digimon. Armor that was made from diamonds surrounded her body, before going into place. Two daggers strapped themselves to both of her legs. On both arms, katana like swords strapped themselves as well. A long sword then appeared on her back, and was locked in place. A diamond crafted helmet appeared around her head, covering all but her mouth and lower, to her neck to be precise. Her hair then grew into long blue hair, which went down to the middle of her back. "Blademon!" she called into the temple. She glanced to the side when she felt the ground shake.

"I got to go save Infernomon," Blademon murmured. She ran back to the surface, not bothering with the many traps. She finally entered into the open field her eyes glancing to the young digimon and Justine. "Evacuate everyone from the village."

"Right!" Justine nodded in agreement. The young digimon and Justine then ran off, heading for the village to start evacuating.

"All right Shanghaimon, time to put you to rest permanently," Blademon growled. She ran towards the village with all the speed she could muster. She bent down slightly, and removed the two daggers, and prepared them for battle. When she entered the village, she saw Infernomon being surrounded by a black energy wave, not able to move at all.

"Help!" Infernomon screamed as the energy continued to hold him in place.

"Sorry, but my Circle of Diamonds is unable to be beat by you kid," Shanghaimon laughed.

"Let's just see about that," a voice snarled, which prompted Shanghaimon to glance backwards. He saw a blur of grey run by him and knock the diamonds into the ground.

"Why you little bastard, I'll kill you!" Shanghaimon yelled. He stopped when he saw Blademon standing in front of him, two katana placed in her hands. The daggers she used earlier placed securely on her leg.

"Infernomon, you should rest," Blademon smiled softly at the flaming digimon.

"Josette?" Infernomon asked the female sword wielder. Blademon nodded as she turned back to facing Shanghaimon. "Go help Justine evacuate the others; I'll take care of this punk." Infernomon nodded as he got up and ran towards Justine ready to lend a hand.

"Was that wise?" Shanghaimon laughed. "You might need his help to even challenge me Blademon, I'm sure you're rusty and everything."

"We'll just see about that," Blademon smirked. She placed her two katana away and jumped into the air. "Blade Storm!" She held up her hands, and shot out a fury of mini dagger shape blades at the white haired digimon.

"Circle of Diamonds! Energy Shield!" Shanghaimon commanded. The six diamonds formed another ring in front of Shanghaimon, and then emitted a red energy, which formed a shield, which blocked the attack perfectly. "With all the energy I siphoned from Infernomon during the battle, you'll need more than that simple attack to even have a chance to beat me." Shanghaimon removed his sword and held in front of him. "Now, feel the power of my Diamond Sword Attack!" He ran forward and slashed at Blademon with unbelievable speed. Blademon growled as she removed her own blade and blocked the attack.

"Our swords are similar in stature, that means you're puny sword attack wont even get a chance to hurt me," Blademon smirked. Shanghaimon growled as he pushed off the blade, and did a backflip to land in a crouching position, some distance away from Blademon.

"I won't lose this time," Shanghaimon growled. "I've waited so long for this moment. I won't lose!" He sheathed his sword and held up his right hand. "Circle of Diamonds!" The same familiar ring formed again, and began to glow red, full of rage and hatred, just like Shanghaimon. "This is my ultimate attack that the Circle of Diamonds has to offer. Diamond Energy Cannon!" Blademon's eyes widened as she saw the energy that the diamonds were emitting.

"This is going to hurt," Blademon murmured to herself. She got ready for the attack, and hoped it wouldn't completely delete her. "This is my first fight, and I'm about to be blown to smithereens, how stupid is this."

"Farewell my rival!" Shanghaimon laughed evilly as the ring shot out a giant energy beam straight for Blademon.

"Infernal Shield!" a voice called from above. Blademon backed up as Infernomon landed in front of her, his fire moving around until he had a large shield in place. The shield took the full force of the attack, but some of it managed to get through. Infernomon grunted as he was tossed backwards, and de-digivovled back into Michael.

"Michael," Blademon whispered. "I'll finish you now Shanghaimon!" Blademon jumped into the air and lifted both of her hands. Her solid weapons: the two daggers, the katana, and the long sword turned into energy and created a giant energy blade, which Blademon grasped with both hands. "Time to turn you into shish kabob! Giga Blade!" She charged towards Shanghaimon which had a scared look on his face.

"Circle of Diamonds! Energy Shield!" Shanghaimon commanded. The same shield formed again, and braced itself for the attack. Blademon let out a roar as she made a horizontal slash, cutting through the shield and Shanghaimon at the same time. "Impossible!" the white haired digimon cried in pain as his soul appeared, covered in black markings. Blademon smirked as her sword turned back into its individual pieces.

"Time to purify your evil soul," Blademon said. She pulled out her digivice, and pressed the button on the top. She then aimed it at the dark soul. "You'll not hurt anyone ever again Shanghaimon, say goodbye. Soul Purification!" The dark markings on the soul turned into black energy as it was sucked into the digivice, leaving the soul purified. The soul then entered the body of Shanghaimon, and he was deleted, his data leaving to be reconfigured at Primary Village. Blademon smiled as she landed on the ground and de-digivovled back into Josette. She sighed heavily as she looked for Michael, too see him at a burned down house. "What's up?"

"Geiziamon," was Michael's reply. He pulled out the old leader of the village, who was breathing heavily.

"D-Did you get him?" Geiziamon asked.

"Yes," Josette nodded. Geiziamon smiled as he saw the digivice in her hands.

"I guess I was right…about you," Geiziamon coughed. He then turned his attention to Michael.

"And as for you…do you know anything about your past?" Geiziamon asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Michael said.

"No time, you'll find out eventually, especially since your enemy is Psycomon," Geiziamon smiled.

"Psycomon," Josette questioned.

"I know her," Justine said as she approached them.

"Yes…she is one of the seven digimon lords," Geiziamon groaned in pain.

"It can't be, I thought they were good digimon," Josette said in disbelief.

"They have been…corrupted. And what's worse…they are stronger than any digimon you have probably seen," Geiziamon said.

"So, what does she have to do with this supposed past of mine, as far as I know, I've never seen or heard of her, it wasn't until a few years ago that I even learned about digimon," Michael commented.

"Don't worry my friend…you'll find out in due time. The history and outcome of the great digimon war as well," Geiziamon said. Michael's eyes widened when he heard this. Geiziamon closed his eyes, as he turned into data, and left the village behind.

"I wonder what he meant," Justine commented.

"Like he said," Michael whispered. "We'll find out in due time." He got up off the ground and made his way to the citizens of the village, to tell them the sad news. The kind and gentle leader of this valley, had been deleted, never to return for a long, long time.


Michael and his friends stood in front of the large group of digimon, smiles on all their faces. "Well, I guess this is good bye," Michael said.

"Yeah," the young digimon from earlier nodded. "And don't worry about this valley, I'll make it better than it was, in honor of Geiziamon, and of course, in honor of you guys, who said us from the terror."

"Well, don't have to much fun," Josette chuckled.

"Don't worry, we won't," the young digimon laughed.

"I hope we can come visit again," Justine smiled.

"Don't worry, you guys can, you are all welcome here," the young digimon said. He extended his hand and shook Michael's hand firmly. "Take care, and I hope you guys do defeat Psycomon. And remember, we are always here if you need help."

"Yeah, I'll remember. And we'll destroy Psycomon and the digimon lords, and bring peace to this world," Michael said with confidence.

"Good luck my friends," the young digimon said. Michael nodded as he raised his digivice.

"Digital gate, open," Michael said. The data contorted into a gateway, showing the school on the other side.

"Take care," Josette said as she ran through the gate.

"Yeah, we'll be seeing you," Justine agreed as she entered the gate as well.

"Farewell, and don't worry, we'll make Psycomon pay for sending that digimon here," Michael grinned.

"Farewell," the young digimon said. Michael nodded as he ran through the gate, wondering what the next adventure had in store for the digidestined.

Marcus: Woah, another digimon found and those responsible for some of the destruction reported in the digital world has been uncovered. But, can Michael and the gang defeat Psycomon and the other digimon lords? And what was Geiziamon talking about when it came to Michael and his past? Will the truth be uncovered when they meet Psycomon in battle? Can't wait to see what happens next on Digimon Souls. It's going to be a bang.

Justine: Something is wrong, what is happening to the digital world.

Michael: We must go and find out.

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Justine: Look, a temple.

???: You wont get pass me!

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