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There's no such thing as heaven, and life's a living hell.

Kaname slammed Zero against the wall, his normal composure gone. Zero involuntarily jolted forward, then hung limply.

"I told you not to feed on Yuuki again! I even let you feed on me so you wouldn't have to suck life from her again! I only let you live because it would break Yuuki's heart if you died!"

There was an audible gasp from behind them. Yuuki was staring at Kaname and Zero, one hand over the bite marks on her neck, the other over her mouth.

"Oh my god," She whispered, then turned and started running away. Kaname let go of Zero and began chasing after her. He caught up with her easily and the two of them stood in the hallway, his arms wrapped around her from behind. Yuuki sank back against him and it took him a moment to realize that she had collapsed.

Zero sank down against the wall, panting and rubbing the raw spots on his neck where Kaname had grabbed him. Then his hand dropped as he remembered the real problem: Yuuki had seen. Zero held his head in his hands. Neither vampires wanted her to find out; that was one thing that they agreed on. Zero felt a strong, overpowering darkness stir inside of him, along with a deep rage. 'Its for Yuuki.' He thought. 'She's more important than hurting Kaname is.'

Yuuki had the odd feeling that she was being carried. She opened her eyes and saw Kaname's face above her. He wasn't smiling.

"Kaname, what happened?" For once she wasn't blushing or smiling idiotically. She was serious.

"You fainted from blood loss. He really bit you hard, didn't he?"

"You know what I meant. With you and Zero."

"It doesn't matter. You should just rest." As that Yuuki started squirming, attempting fruitlessly to get out of Kaname's arms. All she succeeded in doing, though, was wriggling closer to him.

Kaname smiled. "You appear to be uncomfortable with me holding you. Should I put you down?" Yuuki nodded fangirl-like. Kaname put her down, but kept an arm around her. She tried to pull away so she could face him, but he held on firmly.

"What were you yelling at Zero about? Why did you say that you let Zero feed off of you?" Yuuki tried to turn to look at him, but a sudden wave of dizziness hit her and she almost fell over. The only thing that kept her standing was Kaname's firm grip on her.

Silently he took her to the headmaster's office where the headmaster was conveniently out and cleaned out the wounds. Before he put a band-aid on her neck, he noted about a dozen scars, all resembling bite marks.

"Kaname, you still haven't answered my question."

"It's just to protect you. I'm sorry; I need to get back to class. The smell of your blood has probably excited their senses." He straightened out and left, with Yuuki still sitting dumbly on a chair.

Kaname walked slowly back to class, not really wanting to see his peers. He wanted to hurt Zero for making his precious girl worry. She was all he really cared about, and Zero was just hurting her. Kaname would have killed Zero, but he wouldn't, he couldn't, hurt Yuuki.

Yuuki stumbled back to her bedroom, not really caring about her guardian duties. She was angry with Kaname for hiding things from her, and her head was pounding. She fell into bed and was almost instantly asleep.


"Yuuki, wake up. C'mon Yuuki, wake up." Yori said, trying to shake her roommate awake.

Yuuki rolled over and groaned. "No. Just leave for class."


"Just go."


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