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The next time you open your eyes,

The world might have already changed.

-Vampire Knights Chapter 33


"Yuuki, are you alright?" Kaname asked, worried.

"Y-You are…that's why…why you were there…" Yuuki mumbled quietly.

"Yes. You should rest Yuuki. Go back to sleep." Yuuki nodded and lay back, mumbling something incomprehensible. She closed her eyes and fell asleep almost instantly. Sora walked in a few minutes later.

"Who are you?" Kaname asked harshly. He turned around to face her, his eyes angry.

Sora bowed flamboyantly and, with her head down, said, "Wow, vampires really must be getting bad at this. I am Kalo Sora, the first vampire." Kaname's eyes widened and he bowed deeply to her.

"Forgive me, Sora-sama. I did not know." Sora stared at him for a second, then burst out laughing.

"Stand up. Y'know, it was fun, not having to always be the 'first vampire'. You guys didn't treat me like I was special." Kaname straightened out. Sora giggled. "I do see why Cross-san likes you. Kuran-san, take care of her."

"Of course. Why were you doing this, Sora-sama?" Sora raised an eyebrow.

"Two things. One, don't call me 'Sora-sama'. That makes me feel old, but I stopped aging when I was your age. Two, I wanted to do something useful and helpful. Do you have any idea how boring it is being 'oh-so-wonderful-and-exalted vampire lady'?" Sora sighed and turned away, waving her hand dismissively. "Oh well, it doesn't matter."

Sora started to walk out of the room, but she fell, unmoving. Kaname rushed over to her, his eyes wide. After shaking her slightly to wake her and getting no response, he lifted her up and carried her to the hospital, where he laid her on a spare bed.

Sora opened her eyes a little and blinked at him. "I'm glad I got to meet you, last of the Kuran clan. Don't give in to anyone. And don't give up your precious Yuuki. That's my last wish, Kuran. Don't let the purebloods become as cruel as I was."

Sora's eyes closed and the rhythm of her chest stopped. Kaname placed two fingers to her neck, but the pulse wasn't there.

She was dead.

Kaname stood up and walked out of the room. He walked back to Yuuki's room and sat down in a chair next to her. Exhausted, his eyes closed and he fell asleep.


"Kaname?" Kaname opened his eyes. Yuuki was sitting in bed, staring at him.

"Yes?" Kaname asked quietly.

"Where's Sora-san?" Despite having seen death before, Kaname's chest tightened a little at the sound of her name.

"Sora-sama's dead.


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