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In the various hallways and rooms of the large mansion, silence reigned; the crickets outside playing their lullabies to those who resided in the enormous white house. Towering trees remained in a calm stance, for the lack of wind was peaceful. However, Rosalie was currently conflicted as she gazed at herself in the mirror—lush golden locks framing a beautiful face, perpetual onyx orbs, and rosy orbs. But at the moment, madness coursed through her solid veins; overpowering sense.

"Damn it," she curses harshly through gritted teeth. Even from such a distance, the terribly wonderful scent of that human swirled to her bedroom from the living room. "Why hadn't I gone out hunting with the others?" After all, one of them was forced to keep the human safe, and Rosalie had agreed purely for the sake of "bonding" with the human who saved Edward's "life".

The insanity increases.

Shoving the chair back, Rosalie stormed out of the bedroom and down the hallway; moving at inhuman speeds until she was situated near the bottom of the staircase, her eyes traveled to the piano. Bella sat on the bench, her delicate fingers hovering above the porcelain keys; her eyes closed as—most probably—sweet memories of Edward drowned in her mind.

The blonde's jaw strained; self-control dimming.

"Rosalie?" Bella was now staring intensely at her, a mixture of confusion and irrational fear chained to her frail human body. Rosalie nodded once, showing that she was very much in a control of her anger—a bitter lie that calmed the human down. "Is everything okay?" she continues, her words flooding into the blonde's awakening senses.

The blonde makes a move; she sprinted across the room and stood by the human. Bella gasped, startled, and leapt up from her place on the bench; the bench toppling over in the process. Blood rushed into her body; snapping Rosalie's senses in half. What is it like to be human? The question haunted Rosalie's head, and with that, she leaned forward…

Her lips crashed coldly onto Bella's as she tasted the human; her sharp tongue darting into her mouth. Bella whimpered; her entire stance rigid and unmoving. The vampire clutched both the human's wrists and pinned them to her sides. Chocolate-colored eyes are nothing but shocked, repelled, confused, and… almost pleased with the feel of a real kiss.

And then, Rosalie pulled away, her eyes wild. Bella is quivering; crimson staining her creamy cheeks. "Why?"

The vampire places her lips on the human's neck; lips pressed on warm flesh that could so easily be punctured by teeth. The whole entire drama centering on the human would end. But that's why Rosalie likes Bella—she's human and so tempting and pretty to play with and daydream about.

"Because I wanted to taste what being a human is like."


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