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Summary: Rogue's brand new to the X-Men, trying to fit in and adjust. Then she meets John and Bobby. A few other characters will become involved as well.

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After what happened at Liberty Island, Rogue became very distant and scared of everyone around her except Logan. After first discovering her power by touching Cody and her parents disowning her soon after, he was the only one who she felt connected with and trusted.

Then she arrived at Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters: A place for mutant teens just like her; a place where she didn't feel like she had to hide who she was or what she could do. It was a place where she could just be herself.

Then all of a sudden, Logan decided to leave to try and put the pieces of his past back together, leaving her there. Left her in a place where she didn't know anybody yet.

Gee thanks for convincing me to come here and then leaving, Logan… she'd thought.

Monday - 12:40 AM

She is walking down the hallway and up the stairs of Mutant High heading to her new room. Dropping her bags of things at her feet to open the door, she gives the doorknob a turn, opens it, and then picks back up her things and walks in. She looks around the room.

'It looks pretty plain.. ' she thinks as she makes a sweep of the room.

The first thing she notices is the beds: two twin beds with pillows, nicely made and looking like nobody had touched them before. Then she notices a window that has a beautiful wooden window ledge below it, to sit on and enjoy the view. The room has a white walk in closet with two sliding doors, as well as its own bathroom.

'I guess it has some perks to it after all.' she thinks.

She puts her bags down on the floor, thinking: 'I'll unpack later…' and then walks over towards the bed. She dives onto it backwards, throwing her arms and legs out as she falls, and lands on the bed, letting out a sigh.

She has just closed her eyes and started to drift off to sleep, when she hears a knock at the door. She opens her eyes and starts sitting up and walks over to answer. She opens it to find Professor Xavier.

"Hi Professor," she says with a hint of her southern accent.

"Hello Rogue," he answers. "I just wanted to inform you that your first class with Ms. Munroe starts at 1:15."

She gives him kind of a confused look then remembers 'oh that's right I gotta get ready!' She looks over at the time, 12:57, and then turns back to Xavier.

"Welcome Rogue, I hope you have a wonderful stay here," he says while smiling

"Thank you." She smiles sweetly back at him.

She shuts the door and prepares to get ready for class. She takes a shower, blow-dries her hair then puts on her outfit: a black top with a red scarf that she wraps around her neck, her long sleeved black jacket, and then some brown gloves underneath and some jeans. She smooths out her outfit while looking in her bathroom mirror.

"I'm ready"she tells herself, trying to make herself look less nervous.

1:07 PM

She walks down the halls of Mutant High holding her books, mentally getting ready for Ms. Munroe's class. She's almost there then she hears two boys bickering back and forth at each other by the classroom door.

'What are they fighting about?' she wonders as she walks closer to them and the classroom.

"Dude, give me the money! You lost the damn bet!" the boy with piercing blue eyes says while trying his best to reach for the 20 dollars held protectively in the other boy's hand.

"Well, you'll just have to get it from me first" the other boy says sarcastically. He has chocolate brown hair that's combed back and sleeked with gel and a devilish smirk spread across his face.

She walks closer to the two and unexpectedly grabs the cash from his hand. He manages to let out a "Hey!" as she looks at the two of them standing there with dumbfounded looks on their faces.

She smiles "Here, I believe this is yours," she says while turning to the blue eyed boy and giving him the money. The two boys still looked shocked; this beautiful girl just came out of nowhere and took the money from one and gave it to the other. Who was she anyway?

"Thanks."The blue eyed boy says, while gazing at her, a smile slowly making its way on to his face.

The brown haired boy looks away, arms crossed. He seems to be mad that the girl took away his money and spoiling his fun teasing the blue eyed boy before giving it to him. Still, he peeks over at her curiously every now and then. Then he pulls out a metal Zippo lighter with a shark design on it from in his pocket and starts clicking it and igniting it to watch the flame burn.

Rogue can't help but look over at him, a little mesmerized by the flame. He notices her looking at him and gets a satisfied look on his face. Then their looking back and forth gets interrupted when the other boy speaks.

"I'm Bobby,"the blue eyed boy says, looking at her.

Motioning to his 'friend' he continues: "And this sore loser here is John."

John just shrugs while looking down, still playing with his lighter as Bobby introduces him. Rogue turns her eyes back to John, and sees him closing the Zippo and opening it again. Then she looks back over at Bobby.

"I'm Rogue," the southern girl says while smiling sweetly.

Bobby holds out his hand to shake hers, but she jolts and sucks in a little bit of air while jumping away from him. At that, John stops playing with his lighter and looks up at them wondering what the hell just happened.

Even though she has her gloves on, she's not used to such gestures; no one has tried to shake hands with her since before Cody. Her family feared her; made her feel like she, her mutation, was an easily transferred virus and they all would catch it. She's been terrified of hurting anyone else since then, and she's had her family to partially thank for convincing her so well that she was a dangerous weapon, just waiting to go off every time she gets close to someone, killing them.

"What's wrong?" Bobby asks a confused and hurt look on his face.

"It's nothing personal; it's just that when people touch my skin something bad happens." Rogue says, still a little shaken up.

"Like what?" John asks immediately, sarcasm clear in his voice. Then, realising he sounds exactly like a little kid asking a magician 'how'd you do that?' he curses himself silently.

Rogue looks over at him and says"I don't know how; they just get hurt."

The awkward silence is interrupted by Ms. Munroe on her way to start today's class.

As she walks towards the classroom and the three teens, she looks curiously at the newly formed trio and says: "Aren't you guys supposed to be in the class room waiting for me?"

John replies in a cocky tone: "Why? Are you waiting for us to roll out the red carpet for you..?" He grins, congratulating himself for his witty, smart-ass remark.

Storm just gives him a 'If you don't shut up, you're gonna regret it' look and says: "That's enough John."

She then motions to them and says: "Come on, let's go and head on in." Bobby and John follows at once; Rogue hesitates for a second and then does the same.

The four of them enter the class room, Storm takes her position at the front of the class, and Bobby takes his position at his usual appointed chair. John sits down in the chair diagonally in front of Bobby, and Rogue… well she just kinda stands there, looking confused.

Then Storm says "Alright, students, listen up!" and all the students stops bickering back and forth at each other and look up at Storm.

"We have a new student here today that I'd like to introduce you to." Everyone fastens their attention on Rogue and then back at Storm when she starts speaking again.

"Her name is Rogue, she's from Meridian Mississippi. She's new and doesn't know anyone," Storm says. "Now, I would like for all of you to be on your best behaviour and welcome her to Mutant High with open arms."

Rogue is a little embarrassed by her teacher's speech and blushes as all the students look at her, including her new friends Bobby and John. Then Storm continues: "If you have any questions, stay and ask me after class. Now, all of you please turn to page 96 in your history books." All in all, Storm's introduction has done nothing but leave Rogue feeling embarrassed and out of place.

John looks at her and wonders if she'll sit next to him or not, then reminds himself he doesn't really care where she sits.

After all, she's the one that had to ruin my fun earlier, he childishly thinks to himself, still a little mad at her because of her actions earlier.

Bobby looks over at Rogue and motions her to sit next to him. Breathing a sigh of relief, she smiles sweetly and starts heading that way with her books and sits down next to Bobby.

Throughout the class, John keeps hearing Bobby talk to her and her giggling. He shrugs and tries to ignore it. Then he hears Bobby whisper:

"After class do you want to hang out in mine and John's room?"

John kinda jumps a little at that, surprised at the thought of her in his room. Well his and Bobby's…

Stupid Xavier … 'We're running out of rooms, you guys are always hanging out anyways, why don't you guys bunk up?' he mocks in his mind. He's so tangled up in his own thoughts that he doesn't even notice her answer to Bobby's question.

Wait a second… why do I care?" he thinks. "That's right, I don't" he reassures himself, babbling on in his mind as the boring class he never pays attention to anyway goes on.

3:30 PM

Later that day, John is in his and Bobby's room lying on his back, sprawled out on his bed listening to his iPod. He's listening to 3 Doors Down's "Life Of My Own", one of his favourite songs. He's clicking his lighter back and forth, igniting it then closing it, then repeating.

Bobby is out getting pizza for them, it being his turn this time. John smiled at that thought. He then realizes that Bobby's probably paying for it with the money he owed Bobby for that stupid bet earlier

Dammit! I may as well be paying for it… John thinks irritably, while snapping his Zippo shut.

Rogue didn't come by to see Bobby earlier, so John figures she said no to him.

Haha, poor Bobby… he thinks smiling at the thought that she rejected him.

He slowly stops playing with his Zippo and closes his eyes, starting to fall asleep listening to the music on his iPod.

A small knock at the door is ignored. One: John is listening to his iPod and two: he's asleep and therefore pretty much dead to the world.

Rogue knocks again, but nobody answers. "Bobby?" she calls. "You there?" She knocks a third time. Still nothing, so she twists the door knob and, to her surprise, it turns out to be unlocked. She walks in slowly and sees John passed out with his Zippo on his stomach.

Wonder why he keeps playing with that thing? she thinks to herself, noticing he seems to be listening to what looks like an iPod.

She briefly smiles and then looks around to see if Bobby's anywhere in the room. Not seeing him there, she heads back towards the door. She has her hand on the doorknob getting ready to leave when she hears a semi-awake voice mumble "He's not here."

John manages to surprise her really well. She heaves in a gasp of air, and jumps around to see him still sprawled out on his bed looking up at her, now with lighter in his hand, earphones still in place.

"My god! You scared the shit outta me!" Her southern accent peeks through clearly as she gathers her breath.

He smirks, looking down at his lighter and starts flicking it open and shut as if she was never even there.

Damnit! I wanna know, she thinks. Finally she asks "Why do you keep playing with that thing?"

He looks up at her shutting his Zippo, and she starts to get a little nervous. Then he takes a deep breath and says "You really wanna know?"

She nods her head, so he put the iPod on 'pause' and takes off his earphones, moving to the side of his bed.

"Sit down," he tells her, so she does and takes a seat on Bobby's bed that's next to John's. They're sitting across from each other, their knees a couple inches short from touching. John flicks his Zippo open. She watches, unsure about what's going to happen, waiting nervously.

He strikes the wheel on the lighter, igniting the flame. "You're about to find out why people call me Pyro." He moves his hand over the flame and she watches, wondering what he's going to do, wanting to say something like 'Are you crazy!?' but she doesn't. Instead she keep watching as he moves his hand over the flame.

He then starts to control the flame and manipulates it into a fireball in his hand. Rogue looks on in amazement, her jaw starting to lower a bit in awe. She's never seen anything like that in her life. He moves the fireball into small shapes, like roses and hearts and then says "The only reason I'm doing this gay shit is 'cause I know you're a chick, so know that this is a one time thing."

She smiles and nods. Seeing her smile, he can't help but pass off a little smirk of his own as well as she continues to watch him make shapes and objects.

After the impressive tricks, she says: "That's truly amazing." She watches as he shuts his hand extinguishing the flame.

"Yeah well, now you know what I can do." He then looks down at his feet. Silence goes by for a bit until she can't stand it anymore. Finally she speaks up

"So, what does Bobby do?" she asks.

John looks up at her and says "He can create ice, that's why people call him Iceman." Then she smiles a bit, recognizing the difference between the two, appreciating the irony of those two living in the same room.

Before she can come up with anything to say to hide her smile he says: "Yes… I know. I'm fire, he's ice, our powers are the complete opposite, and yet here we are."

At his words, she lets out a soft giggle and feels a little embarrassed that he seemed to know exactly what she was thinking. Then John lets out a soft, but short snort of amusement.

A second or two goes by then she decides to speak. "So, where did Bobby go?" she asks curiously while looking over at him.

"He went out to get some pizza," John says. Not being able to resist, he decides to continue "He's probably paying for it with the 20 dollars you were so intent on grabbing from me earlier," he says, while smirking at her. She looks up at him and smiles."Well, you weren't playing fair," she says while smirking right back at him.

"Yeah yeah yeah.." he replies.

Another moment of silence goes by. Then she finally breaks it again and says "Well, I guess I'd better go and get back to my room and start unpacking my things." She smiles at him briefly.

John looks at her as she starts to move in front of him, and then gets up. He wants to ask if she needs any help but decides not to. It would ruin his reputation of being a smart-ass, listen to nobody tough guy right?

"Alright…Hey don't you have to share your room?" he says while looking her way as she starts walking towards the door. She turns around and says "I don't… think so, not to my knowledge anyways." she shrugs, honestly not really knowing.

He nods. Then she smiles and turns back around and starts heading towards the door again. She puts her hand on the doorknob and finds it hard to open, so she keeps wiggling it, a confused look on her face.

"Having a little trouble there?" John says in a cocky tone while trying not to chuckle. "Yeah… a little bit."she replies in frustration while jiggling it. Then finally it opens, and there is Bobby on the other side of the door, trying to open it with his pizzas in hand.

Bobby looks up and smiles at her, a little surprised to see her there. "Hey guys." he says while stepping in.

Rogue, who's in the doorway next to Bobby, says: "Hey Bobby, I was just asking John where you were." Looking down, she sees the two boxes of pizzas in his hand.

"Yeah, sorry it took me so long. I bumped into one of our students there while waiting for the pizzas, so we talked for a little bit."

Rogue gives him a curious look, wondering who he's referring to, feeling out of the loop, then again she is new to the school so she still doesn't know anyone except the two boys.

"Well, quit with the chit-chat and hand me the damn pizza! I'm starving." John carelessly interrupts while smirking and looking at the two standing there in the doorway.

They both break from their conversation and look over at him. Bobby looks back at Rogue and says: "You wanna eat with us?" while gazing at her with his bold blue eyes.

Rogue meets Bobby's eyes. Damnit! Now she couldn't say no… Both boys were looking at her awaiting her decision. She could've sworn they both were making cute puppy-dog eyes at her.

Then.. finally she gives in. "..Alright, but right after I gotta get to my room and start unpacking my things."

At her answer, Bobby smiles and sets down the two pizzas, one on his bed, and one on John's. They don't have much furniture in their room, just two beds, a stereo, and a computer.

Crap.. Where am I gonna sit? she wonders while looking around the room.

"You can sit in the computer chair if you like." Bobby says while looking at her.

"Oh... well why didn't I think of that?" she thinks to herself, then says"alright" as she sits in the computer chair then starts to wheel over between their two beds.

John's already ripped open his box and started digging into his pizza. She looks over at him and smiles.

"Guys..." she thinks, exasperated.

"Well, sorry, but I guess you're gonna have to share a box with lil ol' me," Bobby says sarcastically while smiling at her.

Rogue immediately catches on to his flirty sarcasm and then sweetly smiles and says: "Well, I guess I will."

Bobby lifts the lid on the pizza box and they each grab a slice.

John, having already downed two slices of pizza, pauses while getting another when he looks up and sees Rogue munching on the cheesy part of her pizza, stopping at the crust then continues to grab her second piece.

"Do you always eat your pizza like that?" he asks curiously, smirking at her while he grabs another slice from his own box.

She looks up at him and gives him an evil glare which he isn't quite used too, considering he usually does all the glaring.

Then her glare turns into a smile that she tries and miserably fails to hide. "Yeah… I hate the crusts," she says while finishing her piece.

Bobby manages to churn out a little chuckle while looking at her. "What..?" she asks, while looking between the two boys.

"Oh… and I suppose you guys don't have any weird habits, now do you?"she said sarcastically while still looking at the two of them.

John mumbles in a low tone, but purposely loud enough so she could hear. "..Say whatever you want to make yourself feel better…" And she does hear him, once again she sending an evil glare in his direction.

A few minutes pass by and she's now completely full, slowing her pace down on her last piece, so it doesn't seem weird that she's done before them. She just sits there watching the others eat.

John is about done with his piece, but he slows down as he gets to the crust, making sure she's looking, and then puts the crust back in the opened box which now has three pieces left in it; just to mock her little habit and to get a rise out of her. And sure enough, it works.

"Alright… that's it," she calmly says while dusting the crumbs off her hands. She then proceeds to get up out of her chair. John is silently hoping he didn't piss her off too much, when he sees a big smile spread across her face, and he wonders what she's up to. Before he knows it, a pizza crust is thrown his way. She misses, though, and instead hits the wall behind him.

Bobby looks up to see what happened then sure enough she does the same thing to him and hurls a piece his way. Both of them are clearly shocked at her actions. Then before John has time to say anything, another crust comes flying his way and hits him in the stomach. He let out a "Hrhh" sound as it smacks him. Rogue really wants to get John the most, considering he was the one that was teasing her most about it.

Finally, as she doesn't miss John this time, she starts giggling then it turned into a heavy burst of laughing. John finally realizing what she was doing, picks up his own left over piece of pizza crust, and chugs it her way. Rogue sees it coming and ducks, and it just barely grazes her head. She then proceeded to perform a 'haha, you missed me' dance.

"Ha!" she says while grinning over at John.

Bobby, finally realizing that this is a pizza food fight, takes a left-over piece and throws it her way, hitting her arm. She lets out a soft "Oof!" Set on revenge for his successful hit, she returns the favour and runs over to take a playful lunge at Bobby and knocks him down to the ground.

Caught in a laughing fit she pins him down, her knees on either side of his chest and starts to tickle him. Bobby manages to let out a "John! Ah ha ha help me!"

John, reacting to his friend about to be thrown into a laughing coma, gets up off the bed and sprints over to put his arms around Rogue's waist, holding on tight. He then completely lifts her up off of a now red faced Bobby, and she is quite surprised by his strength. She wiggles her entire body, trying to get loose, still in a giggling fit. With everything that's happening, John can't help but let out a few chuckles as well.

"Haha… Rogue… Calm down!" he pants while trying his best to keep her stabilized in his arms. "Never!" she barely states in between laughs. This bull still has a lot of energy left in her, and she kicks up with her feet one more time, making John finally loose his footing. They both fall backwards to the ground with her still clasped in his arms as he hits the ground. He lets out an "Hghh!" sound as the wind gets knocked out of him; being on the bottom he took most of the fall. She lands backwards on top of him in the horizontal version of where they were when they were up-right.

Bobby recovers from his tickle attack and looks at the two of them laying there, John looking a little in pain. Rogue wiggles free from John's grip and then gets on top of him and pins his chest down with her knees just like she did with Bobby. It happens so fast John doesn't even know what hit him, literally. Bobby is curious as to what kind of tricks John has up his sleeve, so he then decides to watch how it all boils down. Some friend he is, right?

John looks up at Rogue, her hair now messy, and she is panting "I win!" while smirking at him.

At her victorious statement, he decides he's let her have her fun, and now it's his turn. He then says: "I don't think so Roguey." She's a little distracted by the new nickname he gave her, and with an "Agrh!" sound to gain strength he then completely lifts her off of him.

She rolls to the ground, and he quickly flips on top of her and pins her down with his knees then holds her wrists down with his hands, careful not to slip up and touch her newly exposed skin where her glove ends and her sleeve's slipped up.

He then smirks at her while they both are sitting there panting. "Are you done with your little crust chugging, tickle doling escapade?" he says. She gazes at him and starts giggling mildly

"You started it…" she teasingly says then grins. He won't admit it to himself, not in a million years, but he likes how this girl smiles. He looks over and hollers across the room. "Well Bobby, what do you think we should do with her now?" then turns back to her and smirks.

Bobby gets up and starts heading over to the two on the ground, and looks down at them. "Hmm, she did shoot pizza crusts at us… and tackled us both."

She's amused by them but still tries to snake free and starts wiggling. "Hmm, maybe we should get some of those left-over pizza crusts. You know, to force feed it to her …" John says teasingly, while having the biggest devilish smirk spread across his face.

She grins. "Ohh, you wouldn't…" she says in disbelief.

"Bobby, will you please assist me by handing me a pizza crust?" John continues, not done teasing her. He really wants to see her squirm. He gives Bobby a 'C'mon man, play along' face, so his friend does, walking over to the other side of the room and crouches down to get a piece of thrown pizza crust that's on the floor.

Rogue starts wiggling intensely as she watches the mischievous grin on Bobby's face. She moves around enough to knock John's hands out of place. Unfortunately, her move makes his hands slip down her arm towards the exposed bit of skin between glove and sleeve. Before he realizes what's happened, her mutation starts to pull on him. His mouth opens in an 'o' of surprise as she starts drawing all the thoughts and memories out of him; she's in complete and terrified shock as she takes the life out of him.

A couple minutes go by, and he somehow manages to pull his hands off her wrists then he falls to the ground beside her, veins shooting out from underneath his skin. He held on for at least a good two or three minutes; Cody only lasted 25 seconds and he was in a coma for three weeks! Bobby watches pizza crust in hand, in absolute shock. She raises herself to her knees beside John. Bobby, still completely stunned, drops the crust and runs over and crouches near his friend, whose veins are still visible on his face.

Bobby looks over at Rogue. She looks back up at him completely terrified. "It was an accident. I didn't mean to…" Rogue says tears building up in her eyes

He looks back down at John. "Dude, you okay?" Bobby asks not really knowing what to say, while trying his best to help.

"Oh god!" Rogue says, starting to cry. She despises her mutation; it's the reason why she can't physically have a playful time with her new friends, or anyone, without her power getting in the way and quickly turning her happy little time into a nightmare in a matter of seconds.

"John! Oh God, please be okay," she says desperately.

"I'm gonna go get Dr. Grey," Bobby says while standing up. She nods at him, and with that he opens the door and starts sprinting down the hallway, looking for Jean.

"Oh God, John! I didn't mean to, I'm so sorry!" she sobs, while rocking back and forth beside him, warm frightened tears running down her cheeks, anxiously awaiting Bobby's return.

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