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Previously on Only You:

A couple minutes go by, and he somehow manages to pull his hands off her wrists then he falls to the ground beside her, veins shooting out from underneath his skin. He held on for at least a good two or three minutes; Cody only lasted 25 seconds and he was in a coma for three weeks! Bobby watches, pizza crust in hand, in absolute shock. She raises herself to her knees beside John. Bobby, still completely stunned, drops the crust and runs over and crouches near his friend, whose veins are still visible on his face.

Bobby looks over at Rogue. She looks back up at him completely terrified. "It was an accident. I didn't mean to…" Rogue says tears building up in her eyes

He looks back down at John. "Dude, you okay?" Bobby asks not really knowing what to say, while trying his best to help.

"Oh god!" Rogue says, starting to cry. She despises her mutation; it's the reason why she can't physically have a playful time with her new friends, or anyone, without her power getting in the way and quickly turning her happy little time into a nightmare in a matter of seconds.

"John! Oh God, please be okay," she says desperately.

"I'm gonna go get Dr. Grey," Bobby says while standing up. She nods at him, and with that he opens the door and starts sprinting down the hallway, looking for Jean.

"Oh God, John! I didn't mean to, I'm so sorry!" she sobs, while rocking back and forth beside him, warm frightened tears running down her cheeks, anxiously awaiting Bobby's return.

5:30 PM

She sat there, still in shock while waiting for Bobby to arrive with Jean. Her sobs were interrupted as John moaned and started to move slightly on the ground by her feet.

"John? Oh god... are... Are you OK!?" Rogue said, stumbling over the words, not really knowing what to say as she hovered over him.

It was just like with Cody: the same horrible feelings she had experienced back then starting all over again. It was just like before – her worst nightmare, her worst fear come to pass.

"Eh... I've been better.." John said wryly as the black veins on his skin started to disappear. He looked up at her concerned and terrified face; her watery red eyes, tears settling and drying on her cheeks.

"Stop crying Rogue, I'll be fine." John said, thinking to himself that she was blowing this way out of proportion.

She smiled and tried doing what he said, sniffling back the tears.

She had to admit, John was taking this a lot better than Cody did. And that helped put her worried mind to ease, if just for a second.

At that time, Bobby came bursting into the room with Jean beside him. Their entrance had both Rogue and John dart their heads towards the doorway.

"Sorry it took me so long, I couldn't find Jean." Bobby said while looking at Rogue who was still crouched down next to John, tears now fading in her eyes.

"Okay, John, how are you feeling?" Jean asked while looking down at the young man, who was still lying on the ground. Jean crouched down above him, mirroring Rogue's position on his other side.

"You guys are overreacting, I'm fine. A little weak, but I'm fine," John said, pleading his case the best he could while watching Bobby, Rogue and Jean all look at him.

"Okay well, I would still feel a lot better if you came down to the med lab so we can check over things and make sure you're in good health," Jean said

"You need help getting up?" Bobby asked

"Yeah okay, dude. Just to get to my feet though, I can walk on my own," John replied.

Bobby extended his hand to John, who took it and lifted himself off the ground.

"See? I told you guys. I'm fine."

Then, just like clockwork, right after his self assured claim of being fine, John took a few dizzy steps and promptly staggered, almost falling.

Bobby barely caught him before he hit the ground. "Alright, I'll help walk you to the med lab, 'cos you're obviously not stable enough to do it on your own," Bobby said.

John, grudgingly realizing his friend is right, gave up and let Bobby help him.

"I still think I can walk.." John said sarcastically while smirking, knowing full well that at the moment, he was wrong. Jean opened the door and Bobby started to help a dizzy and a little confused John down the stairs and to the med lab and then started after them.

"How did this happen?" Jean asked curiously, waiting for one of the boys to answer as they walked down the halls.

"We were having a little fun... And so I... My hand slipped and she wiggled.." John said. Obviously he needed a little recovery in Jean's eyes, considering he couldn't successfully get a sentence out right.

Iceman seemed to agree with her unspoken assessment and took over the narration.

We were having pizza in our room and we invited her, and then we kept teasing her about this habit she has with her pizza... And then before we knew it, we were in a food fight... And well, so... She tackled me and started tickling me, and John helped get her off of me, and they managed to get in a roll out rumble and... Well... John had her pinned because he won, and she wiggled and his hand slipped and then that's when it happened, Bobby confessed to Jean.

Jean just giggled. "You teenagers.." She shook her head, smiling. They finally reached the infirmary, and she opened the door. "Alright John, sit down for me," she said to him while prepping the examination table.

Where did Rogue go? Bobby thought.

"I'll be right back guys." Bobby said while turning to leave.

"Alright, don't go too far." Jean replied while settling a semi-confused John on the table.

6:12 PM

Rogue, who was still in their room, was in the middle of finally getting up to follow the three others, when she felt a sudden sharp pain in her head. Then suddenly, some of John's memories struck her, one after another, in rapid succession.

John as a young boy coming into his trailer home after school while holding his 1st grade books in his arms. 'Mom I got an A- on my grades!' he says with a bright smile on his face while his mom is busy with a rubber tie around her arm, shooting a needle containing brown cloudy stuff in it into her arm. 'John, honey, can't you see your moms busy? Go watch some TV!' she says while completely ignoring him. Then he hears someone at the door: his father's home. He drops the books in his arms, then gasps slightly and runs and hides in the tight space behind the couch where his mom's sitting. His father busts through the door and starts yelling in a drunken rage at his mother. John starts crying as his father cusses at his mom, and he covers his ears as his father starts hitting her, making the couch shake beside him as his daddy drags her up off the couch and hits her again.

Rogue fell to her knees and closed her eyes tightly, clutching her head in her hands, as John's memories shot through her mind like lightning bolts.

John as a young teenager sitting on the living room couch in the mansion watching a scary movie with his arm around a girl for the very first time, she screams at a scary part and fumbles with the popcorn and tosses small pieces of white fluffy corn everywhere, and they both laugh. Later on he walks her to her room in the mansion, up the stairs and down the hall and up to her door, the third one on the left. They reach her room and come to a stop. 'So, I guess I'll see you tomorrow?' John asks while his palms are starting to sweat. She looks up at him sensing what he's about to do, then says 'Yep, that sounds good to me.' Silence stretches for a second or two before he realizes this is his move and leans in to place his lips against hers; the two of them share their first romantic kiss.

John as a young boy striking a match in his room and watching it burn with passion in his eyes. His father comes into the room. 'Don't be lighting those damn things around here; you're gonna burn our house down to the ground!' he says aggressively, while walking over and taking the match from John's hands 'Now go play with your brother!' His father spits the words at him while turning and walking away. 'He's not my brother!' John replies angrily. His father turns around. 'Excuse me?' he says and starts to walk back towards John. 'Did I say that you could mouth off to me!?' He grabs John's arm, but is interrupted when John's little step-brother comes into the room. 'Put him down dad!' the young boy says. His father releases John's arm and turns to the young boy by the door, who is clearly terrified but hiding it, standing strong. His father walks over to the young boy. 'Oh? And are you gonna do something about it?' he says looking down at his little kid who's about to break out in tears. 'No, but i am.' young John speaks up. His father turns around and sees John with a match in his hand. John strikes it and watches the flame dance. The fire starts flickering back and forth between him, his father, and his little step-brother. He calmly moves his hand over the flame, settling it in his palm – a small fireball.

John as a young teenager in the girl's room sitting across from her and looking at her as she yells at him. 'I just can't be with someone who's so distant and self centered as you are!' she says as she paces back and forth between the coffee table and her bed. Pure rage rises in the back of his throat, the familiar emotion closing up his airways. 'I don't have the patience for you anymore! What could be so fucking bad in your life!?' she spits. He regains his composure and gets up from off the chair across from her, burying his hurt under layers of anger. 'So fucking what!? You don't have to know every detail of my fucking life; you don't need to know!' John shouts defensively. She stops pacing and looks at him, still slightly angry. 'Look, you know what!? I don't care anymore! I give, and give, and give to you.' She says as he looks at her with pleading but anger-filled eyes as she continues to speak. 'John... I can't do this anymore.' she finally says, her tone becoming calmer. John keeps looking at her looks at her pleadingly, anger starting to fade into sadness. He wants to beg her not to do this, but his pride gets the best of him. 'You wanna leave? Then leave.' John says coldly, holding back every bit of emotion inside of him.

John's memories seemed to fade within her when she noticed Bobby crouched down beside her. "Rogue, are you okay!?" he franticly said waiting for her to answer.

Rogue opened her eyes again while breathing heavily. She looked over at Bobby, crouching beside her, looking worried. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just... I got a little dizzy there," she said, placing her hands on her brow, trying to hide the fading effects of John's memories that were still playing across her features.

She fully expected to get memories of John, since that's exactly what happened when she touched Cody that day. But she didn't expect them to be so violent, drastic, or as intense. That day with Cody, she just had minor memories of how Cody would flirt with other girls from school and how he would always brag to his friends on how we was gonna win this 'bet' that they had made on her, and how they would talk about how she was hopelessly falling for him; then they would laugh.

"Do you need help up?" Bobby asked while still looking worried. No, I'm fine. she said as she smiled briefly then worked her way up off the floor.

"Is John okay?" Rogue asked Bobby.

"I think he'll be fine. Dr. Grey was still checking out his condition when I left." Bobby replied while staring into Rogue's eyes, now she was standing right across from him. She looked down as she started to remember what she did to John.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Bobby decided to speak. "Rogue, don't blame yourself for what happened," he said with all sincerity and a hint of concern.

Rogue looked up at him. "How can I not blame myself, Bobby? I was the reason for all of this," Rogue hissed, full of guilt and worry.

Her response made Bobby look at her with worry filled eyes.

"I'm sorry," she said, feeling kind of bad for snapping at him. She continued: "This just wasn't how I planned my first day here." She smiled a little bit at the irony of the situation.

Bobby was still staring into her eyes, understanding why she would be so frustrated and mad at everything that just happened.

"It's ok." Bobby said forgivingly while a smile crept onto his face.

A moment of silence passed, and then Bobby decided to speak. "Do you wanna go visit John with me and see how he's doing?" he asked.

Rogue looked up at him. "Okay.." she said and nodded her head.

They made their way to the door together, and started walking down the hallway to the med lab.

6:25 PM

John and Jean were still at the med lab. Jean had completed all of the tests on him, and each one had been close to positive, except for one except for one more test.

"John. Quit being such a baby!" Jean said with slight amusement as John wriggled around on the examination table below her.

"We have passed all of the other tests, and they all have come out positive. Why do we need to do this one anyways?" John said nervously as Jean pulled the cap off of the needle.

Jean smiled. "Relax John, this is the last test I'll have to do. I just need to take a sample of your blood." John looked at Jean holding the needle and swallowed nervously.

"Yeah John, quit being such a baby." Bobby said sarcastically as him and Rogue reached the med lab door entrance.

John looked over at the doorway, surprised that they heard everything. "Phht. I was just messing around. You know I can take that stupid needle," John said while smiling as he looked up at the two still in the doorway. Bobby entered the room, and Rogue, who's still standing in the door way, looked down at the floor as she smiled a little.

Then without warning, Jean poked John's skin with the needle, making him jerk his arm in response. "Ow! I didn't mean literally!" John whined.

Jean slowly started pulling the blood from his arm, and then removed the needle. "Alright, we're done!" Jean said as she put a cotton ball over his needle mark to stop the small amount of blood that might escape from the needle puncture.

"Do I get some juice and a cookie?" John said sarcastically.

Bobby and Rogue both laughed at John's little pun. After all that had happened, that laugh felt good.

Jean just smiled."Alright,I'll test this out and make sure everything is okay. I'll be back shortly," she said as she walked out of the room.

Rogue looked up at John who was still sitting on the examination table "How you feeling?" Rogue asked curiously as she nervously rubbed her arm then looked up at John. "I'm doing better. My ass still kind of hurts from your linebacker tackle earlier though.." he said jokingly as he looked back at her with a smirk.

Rogue smiled at him then looked down at her feet, obviously still upset from touching him earlier.

"Rogue, why are you still in the doorway? Come on in here" Bobby said while looking over at her and smiling.

"Oh, sorry" she said as she smiled and walked over towards John and Bobby.

By this time, Jean walked back into the room. "Alright, I looked over your blood samples; your blood level seems fine and is back to normal," she said.

"See, I could have told you that," John said wryly, still smirking.

"Well, the only reason you're not dead, or severely hurt, was because of your white blood cells. They are 10x stronger than a normal human's white blood cells, making your immune system adapt better to strong illnesses, such as what Rogue's power can do, and making it easier to heal whatever diseases that may occur, faster. So, consider yourself lucky John. Any longer, and you would've been in worse condition then you were," Jean said clearly, making sure the kids were fully aware of the danger someone with Rogue's power posed and remembered to be more careful.

"And I do however, think that you should take it easy and get a good amount of rest, just to be safe." Jean suggested.

"Aww, come on!" John complained.

"Hey, do what I say John." Jean boldly said while jokingly pointing a finger at him and smiling. John just shrugged.

"Alright, well I guess you guys are free to go!" Jean said.

John hopped off of the examination table. "Well, let's go ladies!" John smirked at them both. Rogue looked at John and giggled. "Ah...Ha-ha... That's real funny John," Bobby replied jokingly as they walked out of the med lab.

7:00 PM

Rogue, Bobby and John walked up the stairs from the med lab towards Bobby and John's room. Rogue couldn't help but think of John's past memories that invaded her mind so easily earlier. "Wonder if that girl is still here..." she wondered. "Wonder if he got any memories from me?" she wondered even more.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Bobby started to speak. Well, since Dr. Grey suggested that John should rest... "Do you guys wanna watch a movie or something?" He suggested.

"Fine with me... According to Dr.Grey, I'm not going anywhere." John replied.

Rogue looked over at them and was about to say yes, then remembered.

"Oh! You know what? I just remembered. I still gotta unpack my things in my room." Rogue said as she came to a stop in the hallway and shrugged. Bobby and John came to a stop right next to her.

"Well, how about tomorrow?" Rogue asked. Hoping she didn't sound too desperate.

"Oh, sure Rogue." Bobby said while casting a smile her way.

"Sure, fine with me." John said while looking at Rogue, then smirking.

"Ok. Great!" Rogue said as a smile crept onto her face.

"Do you want me to walk you back to your room?" Bobby asked, hoping that his flirting hint and his desire to get to know her better didn't come off too strong.

"Oh no, you don't have too. I'll be fine. "Rogue said while still smiling.

She started walking backwards while still facing the two, heading in the direction of her room which was now just a few doors down. "So, I'll see you guys tomorrow?"

"Sure!" Bobby said while smiling at her.

"Yeah sure, just don't run into anything!" John replied soon after Bobby, smirk still firmly in place.

"Got it," Rogue said happily, then turned around and continued heading towards her room.

"Do you want me to walk you back to your room?" John said in a high pitch, mocking Bobby's earlier words, and then started to laugh.

"Shut up dude." Bobby replied while punching him on the shoulder and smiling as they starting walking down the hallway to their room.

7:15 PM

Rogue walked back to her room. She started thinking of everything that happened today, good and bad. The fact that she almost killed John filled her with sadness. She then realized she was outside her door. 'Wait a second... My door is the third door on the left...' Rogue thought, remembering memories of the girl that was with John that day, realizing that her room was the same room she was in. She turned the door knob and walked in. To her surprise there was already someone inside.

"Who are you?" Rogue said curiously as she walked further into her room to see a Chinese girl on the bed, painting her toenails.

The girl's head darted up to look at Rogue. "Oh, I'm sorry." We haven't been introduced yet! said the mysterious Chinese girl as she hurried to put the lid back on her fingernail polish bottle, so she could get up to meet her better.

Rogue just stayed there still looking dumbfounded and kind of confused.

"I'm Jubilee," the young Chinese girl said with a smile as she stood up, careful not to smudge her toenail polish. I'm your new roommate.

Rogue looked kind of shocked. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to be rude but, I didn't know I was gonna have a roommate," she said, still a little confused.

"I know. I'm sorry about that. Xavier like just told me today that I was gonna have to move in with a new student," Jubilee said in minor discomfort, not feeling welcomed.

Rogue felt like she said something bad, and said: "No no, it's ok. It's always nice to have a roomie to chat with. I'm just glad it's not a guy." Rogue laughed.

"Yeah, that would be kind of creepy." Jubilee giggled.

"Well, welcome my new roomie!" Rogue said while smiling.

"Thank you!" Jubilee said. "You too!" Jubilee smiled sweetly.

Rogue looked around the room and took a deep breath. "Well, the hard part is gonna be unpacking all of our stuff and making this boring room look like a girl's room!" she said excitedly, exhaling.

"Yeah, this room definitely needs some major style to it." Jubilee added.

9:30 PM

Rogue and Jubilee found themselves talking about a lot of things that they found they had in common with one another, as they decorated their room. They gossiped about all of the students, and since Jubilee had been at the school for quite a while, she explained little factual details about different students. They felt like they have been friends since day one.

Rogue packed her last dressing drawer. "Well, I don't know. Do you think the room's starting to look good now?" she said, smiling as she shut her dresser drawer and took a few steps back to survey the room.

Jubilee tucked in the end of her pink fluffy comforter at the foot of her bed and smoothed it out. "Yep, I think it's looking good already!" she agreed as she too took a few steps back and looked around the room.

They had added cute decorations everywhere. From Jubilee's fashion accessories, to Rogue's stuffed animal, that she's had since she was a baby, sitting on the bed. Everything that Rogue threw into her bag when she left home was now decoratively placed around the room, of course along with Jubilee's newly added things.

"Well, now that our room situation is taken care of, and is totally awesome, you wanna go downstairs and get some ice cream or something?" Jubilee asked.

"Sure!" Rogue replied.

10:35 PM

So, she and Jubilee trotted down the stairs and rounded the hallway and finally found the kitchen. They were kind of surprised when there was already someone in there, but still went in. Jubilee went into the freezer to get them some ice cream, while Rogue sat in the chair next to the island table with the other guy diagonally across from her.

"Hey, aren't you that new chick?" said the mysterious guy, who was about her age, with blond hair.

Rogue looked over at the end of the island table where he was sitting "Yeah, I am." Rogue said while smiling, not really knowing what to say.

This mysterious boy got up from his seat, and walked over towards her, and sat down next to her. "I'm Calvin. But people call me Mimic," he said with a smile while looking at her, clearly interested.

Jubilee turned around with her cookie dough ice cream container that she was scooping into two bowls, and saw Calvin parked up next to Rogue, and Rogue looking a little uncomfortable.

"I'm Rogue," she said, as he looked into her eyes and smiled.

"It's very.. Nice to meet you," he said, seeming quite interested in Rogue.

Jubilee walked over with their ice cream bowls and looked at Calvin. "Did I say you could take my spot? Get up!" Jubilee bickered while holding her two ice cream bowls, hinting for him to quit the game before it started.

Calvin looked at Jubilee "Yes ma'am!" he said sarcastically as he got up out of her chair.

Calvin, now standing up, looked down at Rogue and said: "I guess I'll see you around"

"No you won't." Jubilee replied for Rogue as she grabbed a spoonful of her ice cream.

Rogue couldn't help but laugh at how bold Jubilee was becoming with Calvin. He shrugged off Jubilee's comment and walked out of the kitchen.

"Wow," Rogue said, seeming blown away while digging her spoon into some ice cream and giggling.

"Yeah, don't worry about him. He just gets a little high on himself sometimes." Jubilee said while looking at Rogue

"So I've discovered," Rogue replied while smiling, then looking down at her ice cream.

Silence stretched for a few moments, while they ate their ice cream, and then Rogue decided to speak again.

"So, I'm guessing you know Bobby and John, right?" she asked.

"Yeah, they're nice guys." Jubilee replied with ice cream in her mouth.

She then swallowed and then continued: "I think they've both been here since before I was. Or at least I know John has."

Rogue looked at her with curiosity. "How long have they been here?" she asked.

"Hmm, I moved in when I was about 16, and I'm 17 now. And I heard that John has been here since he was 14, and he's 17 now. And Bobby got here around the same time I arrived; he was 16, and he's also 17 now," Jubilee replied seeming out of breath.

"So, they probably know this school like the back of their hands," Rogue said, smiling.

"Yeah, they probably do..And just why do you seem so interested in them, huh?" Jubilee asked teasingly, with the biggest grin spread across her face as she waited for an answer.

Rogue developed a huge grin of her own, which she tried to hide, succeeding horribly. "I don't know, it's just, they were the first people I met here, and I like them. They seem nice," she said, hoping Jubilee wouldn't pick up something from that to tease her more about.

Jubilee let out a giggle. "I knew it… It's those pretty big blue eyes isn't it? she asked, and then decided to continue. "Or wait, maybe it's that unforgettable lighter, and that amazing smile?" Jubilee laughed, totally teasing her.

Rogue started blushing." Oh shut up! I barely know them," she joked back while having the biggest smile plastered on her face.

Jubilee giggled. "I know. I'm just messing with you," she said then smiled.

Although it did get Rogue's mind working, she easily shook off the thoughts. She knew how it felt to have a boyfriend and now that she was aware of what was running through Cody's mind then (thanks to her power), she didn't want another one. She just wanted to be friends with them. 'Just friends' she kept repeating in her mind, knowing that she never wanted to be in the position she was with Cody, ever again.

"Yeah, they're the biggest goof balls though," Jubilee said.

Rogue seemed amused "Like what do you mean?" she asked.

"Like yesterday in class, John bet Bobby that John could get Storm so aggravated at him, that she'd start cussing at him. Kind of stupid, but yet it was sooo funny the way John tried," Jubilee confessed while giggling.

Rogue joined the giggle, and then remembered. 'So that's what they were arguing about when I met them. They were finishing up the IOU's to that bet,' Rogue thought while scraping the bottom of her ice cream bowl, then looked up at Jubilee.

"They both seem like they could definitely get me into some trouble, I know that much," Rogue joked while shaking her head, smiling.

"Yeah, they're definitely rebellious at times, so I'd watch out," Jubilee said, returning the light joke, but knowing it to be 100 percent true.

Rogue looked at her empty ice cream bowl. "Well, I'm done," she said, smiling at Jubilee.

"Yeah, I am too," Jubilee said "You ready to go back to our room?" she asked while returning the smile.

"Yeah sure, I could use some sleep," Rogue replied

They both got up off of their chairs by the kitchen island table and headed for the sink to wash out their bowls, then started heading back upstairs to their room.

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