This story begins in the land of Kiath were the Centolves live. Centolves are a crossing of horse, human and wolf.

Nova, a young Centolves, walked out onto the balcony on the second floor into misty air of early morning as the rooster crowed in the distance. Her light and dark blue fur and skin were a nice sight. Her human skin of light tan was marked by light blue lines slashing here and there up her human torso, she opened her wolf mouth and yawned. Her face was human but her nose and mouth were that of a wolf.

Tuk, Nova's pet fox, jumped onto the railing next to her and yawned too.

"Good morning Tuk, sleep well?"

Tuk looks up at her and jumps into her arms, Nova gently stroked Tuk and tickled him, she then nuzzled him as she placed him back on the ground. She eased her horse body to sit next to Tuk as they watch the sun peek over the mountain.

"Today Acjeth comes home from war with the Naga. Oh look, a shooting star!"

They watched the star fall out of the sky, it scares them as it crashed into the valley on the other side of the mountain.

"Now it's a falling star. Well, we better make a welcome home meal for him."

Nova stood up she then trots to the stairs and carefully walks down them, Tuk hitched a ride on Nova's back which made Nova smile. Nova and Ajceth parents both died in battle a few years ago, they died protecting their future. She enters the small kitchen as the light of the sun enters, the glass panes in some of the walls lit the kitchen up even more.

"What to make?"

There's a knock at the back door, Nova walks to the door and opens it to see no one.

"Down here Nova."

She looks down to see Tesh, a miniature of the Centolves. His fur was of orange and medium orange, his human skin light tan.

"Morning Tesh, I was just getting ready to make Acjeth a welcome home dinner."

"Oh! Mind if I taste it?"

"Of course not, you always love my cooking."

Nova invited Tesh in a ferret scurries in after him.

"This your new friend?"

"Yes. Uals died in battle he was a good friend. This is Swift my new animal friend." Tesh picks Swift up and Nova strokes his head.

"Hello Swift I'm Nova and this is Tuk my friend."

Tesh puts Swift on the ground, Swift and Tuk sniff each other and soon began to chase each other like little kids.

"They like each other. Oh Tesh did you see that falling star not to long ago?"

"No but I did hear a loud crash, I hope no one got hurt."

- - - - Late Afternoon

Nova and Tesh wait at the entrance to their small town with everyone they knew, they could see the small unit approaching.

"Nova! Tesh!"

They look to see their friend Alex, she ranged from grey to black, her human skin was lightly tanned just like the others.

"Alex, hey how you've been?"

"Killing Ogres here and there, you? Are you still hunting out in the Mountains of Time?"

"Yeah, I know the dangers but it's good training. I did find this necklace up there, pretty no?"

Alex looks at the gold and obsidian gemstone necklace.


A trumpet sounded in the distance and in the small town, the small unit enters. The Centolves ranged from different heights to miniature to great ones. A handsome red and dark red Centolves lead the unit, a bandage over his right eye, his red and dark red mohawk was a sight. A hawk lands on his shoulder.

"Company halt!" he shouted.

They all stop and the towns folk cheer. Soon everyone was reunited with their loved ones, the leader rubs the bandage that's on his eye.


He looks at Nova and smiles.

"Nova! Tesh! Alex!"

He gallops to them and hugs them all.

"I'm back."

Alex nuzzles him and gives him a small lick, showing her affection to him.

"We missed you." Alex said holding Acjeth's hand.

"Tesh where were you? You left pretty early during the battle."

"I was ordered to go back home and defend the town in case they broke through. "

"Brother what happened to your eye?"

"Damn Naga archer, shot me right in the eye. No worries, I'll get used to seeing with one eye."

They talked for hours sharing stories of what they did and of this war they are having with the Naga. After eating the fancy meal Nova prepared everyone went to bed. Tesh slept in the living room while Alex slept with Acjeth. Nova walked out onto the balcony on the second floor and gazed at the mountains. Tuk jumps onto the railing and looks too.

"Tomorrow we're going to see that comet. I hear that you can make many medicines from comet powder even grow things and heal all types of injuries with it. If I can get some maybe I can help Acjeth."

Nova walked back inside and readied her stuff, laying out her ax and a pair nunchaku (two of them) she soon laid down in bed and slept dreaming of when she and Acjeth were little.

- - - - Next Day

Nova opened her eyes and looked around her room, it was still dark out, she knew sunrise will be here very soon. She climbed out of bed and got ready. Tuk jumped onto Nova's back as she left her room, she opened Acjeth's room door and peeked inside, he slept soundly next to Alex.

Love always heals one soul, that's what they say. Nova thought to herself.

She quietly walked down the steps, Tesh was snoring on the floor with Swift snoring on top of him. Nova giggles silently as she walked into the kitchen. She quickly wrote a note saying that she was going out to the mountains to hunt and search for anything. She placed the note under a paper weight, grabbed an empty leather pouch and a pouch of jerky and walked outside closing the door silently. She walked a good distance from the house and into the forest. She began to gallope, Tuk hanged on as Nova picked up speed leaping over anything to stretch her legs. The cool air of fall was very nice but it gave signs that snow was coming ever so soon.

Nova would stop every now and then to rest and get a drink from the many streams that marked the forest. She was still a good bit from the mountains she looked up at the beautiful sunrise, she knew that the Ogres were in their caves sleeping, they dare not be out in the sun or they'll be turned to stone. That's what the stories tell.

"Come on Tuk."

Tuk looks up at her and follows as Nova walked through the Forest of Jade. Named after the many Jade Blooms, a flower that's the color of jade. The flower has many healing abilities, Nova loves to nibble on them, their taste was very sweet.

She picked a few and placed them inside the jerky pouch and walked onto the ancient stone path leading up the mountain. Nova picks up Tuk and gallops up the stones path trying to to step on any cracks. She stepped next to one and it falls apart.

"I really wonder how old this path is."

She finally reached the top and looked into the beautiful valley, she looked back at her home and town, she could hear the rooster crow in the distance. She smiles at the beautiful sight, she then looks into the other valley.

"Beautiful, we have such beautiful mornings and sunsets. There it is, it's still smoking."

Nova eased her way down the mountain, being careful not to trip over any of the rocks and stones that littered the path. When she reached the bottom she sat Tuk down and pulled out her nunchucks.

"Gotta be careful, Naga could be around or monsters."

Nova and Tuk walked through the forest keeping their ears and eyes sharp, drakes are known to hunt in this valley. Nova and Tuk stop at a deep creek and they look it up and down.

"No way to cross, I guess I'll have to either swim or jump. What do you think Tuk?"

Tuk looks up at her giving her the 'I don't know' look. Nova smiles and picks him up placing him on her back. She backed up from the creek and reared on her back legs.

"Here we go!"

She slams her feet to the ground and gallops at full speed, she reached the creek and leaps over the cold water only getting her tail wet. She slowly down and whips her tail around in the air getting it dry, doing so she got Tuk wet. He jumped over and shook himself off.

"Sorry Tuk, let's go."

- - - - Ten minutes later

They encountered no one, no signs of monsters or anyone. She was near the comet crash, the trees and ground were marked, smoke and steam still rose from the ground and the trees.


Nova and Tuk followed the path they soon see the comet sticking out of the ground. Nova gallops to it and looks at it.

"This is no comet, it's a space ship."

There was a huge gash on its side rising from the bottom to the top of the ship.

"Something happened. Hello? Anyone in there?"

Tuk began to growl which caught Nova's attention she quickly runs to him nunchakus at the ready.

"What is it Tuk?"

Tuk went into the bushes and Nova parts them to see someone, his luminescent green blood marked the ground and his body. Nova walks into the bushes and checks him.

"What kind of alien is this? Green glowing blood, reptile looking skin."

His skin was dark green strips marked by sickly yellow. She rolled him onto his back to see that he was wearing a mask, she carefully took the mask off, it wasn't latched. She looked at his face, he was missing half of his lower left mandible and was cut up. He was banged up pretty bad.

"Oh man Tuk we got to help him."

Tuk began to growl again, Nova heard something in the trees. She readied her nunchakus, the injured Yautja slowly opened his eyes to see Nova. She leaps out of the bush and stomps the ground.

"Come out!"

She looked around the trees carefully and listened intently, she felt something heavy land on her back digging sharp claws into her skin. Nova howls in pain and whips her nunchakus behind her hitting the creature off her back. The creature quickly gets back up hissing at her.

"Hell, it's some kind of demon from Hell!"

Nova swings her nunchakus around her taunting the xenomorph while taking careful side steps. The xenomorph leaps at her, Nova dodges and hits the xenomorph hard on the head cracking the protective armor that surround the brain, it's blood seeped out dripping to the ground burning it.

"Blood that melts the ground? A wrothy challenge!"

Nova howls and charges at the xenomorph ramming it into a tree at the same time she pulled out her ax and chopped off one of its arms. Tuk bites the xenomorphs leg making it shriek out, Tuk quickly retreats and stands beside Nova.

The injured Yautja leans against a tree beside the bushes and watches Nova and Tuk battle the xenomorph. He has in fact never seen a race like Nova's before, he has however seen Tuk's back on Earth.

"Tuk keep back, this might cause a splatter."

Nova spins her nunchakus and combines the pair together, she throws them at the xenomorph knocking it back against the tree she then charges swinging her ax cutting the xenomporph and the tree in half. Tuk scurries away quickly leaping onto Nova's back as she picked up her nunchucks, she strapped her ax back on her back and nunchakus on her skull belt. She looks back at the dead xenomorph, bending down to it she studied it.

"What kind of creature is this? Demons would of disappear if killed, this is some kind of monster."

She hears movement and she looks in the direction, the injured Yautja was looking at her with a knife in his hands. Nova pulls out her nunchakus ready to strike, she spins them around. The Yautja watched and was a bit surprised to see this strange weapon used so easily.

"I don't want to hurt you, you're hurt enough but if you attack me I will strike you down."

The Yautja staggers out and soon collapses to the ground, Nova walks to him kicking the knife away from him, he reaches for it but Nova pulled him back. She rolled him onto his back and looks down at him.

"What's your name?"

The Yautja looks up at the sky and closes his eyes. Slipping into unconscious, Nova looks up at the sky with Tuk.

"He looked up at the sky, Sky Dreamer?"

She looks back at him.

"Well can't leave him here to the drakes and other monsters. His fellow crew were probably killed, I hope that there isn't any more of those black creatures around."

Nova picks up Sky Dreamer which she calls him, laying him on her back and carefully walked into the forest, she knew that there is an old hunting lodge around in these parts somewhere, she couldn't take him home with her if there are more xenomorphs were around.

Nova found it a few miles away from the crash sight, she went inside, cleared one of the beds and lays Sky Dreamer on it. Nova lays down next to the bed, she quickly mixes a Jade Blossom with a piece of jerky, gently tilting Sky Dreamers head back she was able to get him to eat it. She then gave him some water to drink trying not to let him choke on it which was no easy task. She never taken care of a Yautja before or even met one.

Tuk whimpered at Nova and she looks at him.

"You're right, I should go see if there are more survivors. You'll watch him okay?"

Tuk stared at her then jumped onto the bed.

"Good boy. I'll be back."

Nova stood up and walked outside into the forest.

- - - - Back home

Acjeth heaved himself out of bed, his body ached but his eye hurt the most. When the arrow was in his eye he ripped the arrow and eye out together, he then ate his eye. He wanted to keep what his mother and father gave him.

He walks over to a mirror, he slowly takes the bandages off and looked at the empty socket. He then picks up a small package given to him by General Scorch. It was a metal eye patch that would take up most of the upper right of his face. He works it on and looks in the mirror, it looked pretty good on him, his red eye stared at the still sleeping Alex, she was wonderful last night.

Acjeth looks at her and smiles, he loves her greatly as she loves him. He then looks out the window at the sun rise. He then watches Alex as she sat up, Acjeth gives off a small wolf whistle, Alex smiles at him and stands up.

"Morning sleepy."

Alex walks over to him and licks him on the cheek in affection.

"Morning to you too."

They walked out of the bedroom and down the steps to see Tesh and Swift still sleeping.

"Sargent Tesh!"

Tesh jumps to his feet grabbing his crossbow and Swift growls in anger.


Acjeth and Alex laugh at Tesh and Swift, Tesh and Swift look at each other then sat down.

"They tricked us."

"Good morning you two."

"Yeah good morning."

Tesh and Swift both yawn and stretch, Acjeth walks into the kitchen and finds Nova's note.


Acjeth looks outside, he could see snow clouds in the distance.

"What's wrong Acjeth?"

"Nova went to the mountain."

"What? She knows that fall snows this time of year are very unpredictable."

Tesh walks in and looks at them.

"What did I miss?"

"We have to go get her, I was given a report that the Naga are making their way to the mountain. Alex I might need you to stay here."

"Forget it, Nova is my friend and sister-in-law, no way I'm leaving her out there to the Ogres!"

Alex trots out of the kitchen to the weapons rack, she strapped on her Ogre dagger and picked up her mallet. Tesh got ready too, he strapped his quiver around his waist, he then puts on his bow and hooks his crossbow to his back with the bow.

Acjeth smiles, he walked to his weapons room. He took down twin blades, the handles both marked with a dragon head. He puts on his belt with his whip hooked to it. He then takes down a medium size scythe with a chain on the handle.

"You ready?" Alex said walking in with her squirrel pet on her shoulder. He matched Alex, same colors.

"Sur and I are ready waiting for you, Tesh is trying to find his arrows."

"I had them not to long ago! Swift help me look!"

Acjeth walks to the window, opens it and holds out his arm. His hawk lands on his arm.

"Hunter you ready?"

Hunter squawks, Ajceth walked out of the room and looks at Tesh.

"Found them!"

"Let's go!"

They exit the house and trot into the forest.

"It's getting colder, we better find Nova before it snows."

They all began to gallop, Tesh and Alex had their animals riding on their backs while Acjeth's flew in the air.

- - - - Back with Nova and Sky Dreamer

Sky Dreamer sat up in bed, which was a bad move his chest burned in pain. He looks at the floor beside the bed, Tuk sat there growling at him.

Why did that creature spare me?

He looks out the door to see his fellow comrades bodies laid out with Nova walking to each she was saying something to them. Sky Dreamer eased his way out of bed, staggering to the door he looked around. The fire place was going, above it was a drake's head. A Naga skin rug was laid out before the fire place.

A wooden table and a few wooden chairs, above them was a bone chandiler lit with candles.

"Tuk, come here boy."

Sky Dreamer watches as that fox runs to Nova, she wasn't like any creature he has seen before.

What is that creature? It looks like it's part Ooman, horse and wolf. Strange.

"Tuk go catch some mice or rats, well need something to eat."

Tuk licks Nova's hands and runs through the doggy door. Sky Dreamer looks at his comrades, they all died in the crash.

Damn hard-meat! If we checked the reading's this wouldn't of happened.

Nova sees him and was startled.

"Oh Sky Dreamer, I did expect you to be up."

Sky Dreamer looks at her in surprise.

How did it know my clan name?

He slowly walks out into the room and looks at his comrades.

"I'm sorry, they died on impact."

Nova grabs a Naga blanket and covers the six bodies. She then looks at him and smiles.

"My name is Nova. What about you?"

Sky Dreamer hasn't learned to speak any other language yet so he looks away from her, he needs to listen to her talk in order to learn.

"You're shy, I get it."

Tuk came running in with three live mice in it's mouth holding on to them, by the tail, Nova takes two letting Tuk to have the last one. He trots off and the mouse squeaks in pain, Sky Dreamer looks at Nova as she eats hers alive too, she holds the other out to him.


Nova carefully walks to him holding the mouse by the tail, Sky Dreamer looks at it then Nova.

"All you have to do is savor the taste, they're really good for you. Try it."

Sky Dreamer takes the mouse and looks at it then Nova. He felt weird but he ate the mouse and it did taste good. He gave her a thumbs up.

"Oh you know the human finger sign, that's good."

Nova looks out the window at the sky.

"Brr it's going to snow soon. Oh Sky Dreamer I did get everyone out but I'm afraid that what ever you guys had in the ship escaped."

Sky Dreamer looks at her in shock.

I thought the crash would of killed them. C'jit, that means the young Queen escaped as well. Not good, I have to get in contact with the Elder.

Sky Dreamer staggers to the door only to be stopped bu Nova.

"Hold it buddy, going out there is a really bad idea especially in your condition."

Sky Dreamer looks at her.


"Hey you can speak! Only a small bit, are you learning?"

Sky Dreamer nods his head Nova takes his arm leads him to the couch.

"Listen to me, going out there is bad. A storm is coming plus you don't know this land. There are many dangers out there."

- - - - With the others

Acjeth, Alex and Tesh eased their way up the mountain path as the wind blew ferociously at them. It began to snow and freezing rain, Tesh grabs Alex's tail.


"I can't see!"

"Alex grab my tail I will lead us up the path."

Alex grabs Acjeth's tail, he makes sure they had a firm grip.

Let's see how well my new eye works.

Acjeth taps the side of the eye patch, he could see the path.

"Hang on."

He pulled them along trying not to slip or fall.

Nova you knew better!

As they reached the top they looked into the valley, is was getting darker every second and they would be lost very soon to the darkness.

"We're going down now!"

As they made their way down the mountain Tesh slipped knocking Alex who then knocked Acjeth down. They sild down the mountain very fast at the bottom they hit a rock separating them from each other. Tesh bangs his head hard on a tree.

Acjeth slowly stands up and looks around.

"Everyone okay? Sound off!"

"I'm fine!" Alex said removing branches from her hair and tail.


Acjeth trots over to Tesh and lifts him off the ground tossing him onto his back.

"This once Tesh."

They walked further into the cold valley and soon came across the ship.

"We can take shelter inside."

Alex went in first clearing it out, she then poked her head outside.


Acjeth enters with Tesh and they looked around.

"Some kind of space ship, looked like they crashed."

"I didn't find any bodies but I could tell Nova was in here. Her scent is still strong."

- - - - Now with some humans

"Where are we?" shouted a human to his ten man party.

"I don't know!"

"We'll take shelter inside this cave!"

They unlucky humans enter the cave and venture deeper inside to discover eggs.

"What kind of eggs are these?"

"Don't touch, mama might be around."

"Hey guys check this out!"

They hold up their torches up shining the light on the walls.

"This is gross!"

They look at each other and they all heard something. They ready their weapons and look in the direction to see some of the eggs hatching.

"Oh shit..."

Outside the cave the howl of the winds canceled out the screams of the humans.

- - - - Nova and Sky Dreamer

"Okay Sky Dreamer I guess I'll have to teach you some of my language."

"No need, you spoke... a lot.. To me."

"Yes you are smart!"

Nova stood up and walks to the pot that hung over the fire, opening the lid she stirred the hot water and bandages, using tongs she grabbed a few bandages and carried them to the table.

"What are you"

"Nova right. I'm a Centolves. A crossing of horse, human and wolf. We are a unique race, we range from all kinds of heights and colors. We're a beautiful race, fierce in battle and loving at home. We have many pets, from rats to bat, bears to griffins, lions to tigers. What about you? What kind of race are you? Never seen your kind before."

"We call ourselves Yautja, hunters and warriors. My name is Sky Dreamer."

"You don't have to use the name I gave you."

Nova removes Sky Dreamer's old bandages which cause him to tense.

"Sorry... Nova my name is Sky Dreamer."

He makes a fist as the hot bandage is put on him.

"That's nice. The hotness from the bandages will kill any infection."

Sky Dreamer looks around the room.

"Where am I exactly?"

"You're in a hunting lodge used by humans, they are monster hunters like my people as well as warriors. They are a smart race yet they are greedy. Some of them are not but most of them are, it's a shame, they are a unique race. I hear that they are every where in space. Humans didn't exist on this plant till a few hundred years ago they appeared. There are many races on this planet, Centolves, Drakes, Dragons, Naga, Humans, many others."


"Naga, they range in many looks. To me they are a strange crossing of human and snake. That blanket over there is made from one."

Sky Dreamer looks at the blanket, his comrades were under it.

"Don't worry Sky, they will be preserved in the ice outside in the spare shed. I'm going to take them over there now, if you're hungry food is in the pot on the left and hot water on the right, the pot in the middle has your bandages."

Nova walks to the bodies.


Nova looks at him.


"Why did you spare me?"

Nova smiles at him and picks up a body, she placed it on her back.

"You were hurt badly, there was no honor killing an injured one that is not even able to stand for a second while fighting. Anyway you're cute."

Nova walked outside leaving Sky Dreamer speechless.

"Cute? What the?"

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