Nova and Sky Dreamer took shifts watching outside, nothing but cold wind and snow. Nova begins to hum, Sky Dreamer looks at her.

"What are you doing?"

"Humming. I love to hum, it's another way to sing without saying the words. Do your people sing songs?"

Sky Dreamer looks outside, he swore that he could see his homeland in the shifting snow.

"Only on special occasions."

"Like weddings?"

"No. Honorable Occasions."

"Oh. That doesn't sound like fun."

Sky Dreamer sighs and continues his watch. He has never heard of someone talk like this to him. He looks at Nova, she was sleeping now at the doorway leading to Tobi, the human scout. Sky Dreamer has encountered many humans in the past but never expected to make one his friend.

Sky Dreamer yawns and his eyes became heavy. He soon fell asleep standing there, outside the window someone was looking in, a Naga.

"Ssssleep now. Heh heh, sssleep and dream, for ssoon your people will bow down to ussss."

The Naga scout slithers away from the lodge to an opening in the ground, he slithered inside and all the way to another opening, there more Naga's were waiting. A tall, long and broad shoulder Naga slither over to them, he a had Chimera with him. He wore red and green armor to match his scaly body, he has four arms, the second pair pets the Chimera. Some Naga have four arms and are the most dangerous ones.


"Sssir, there sseemss to be a sscout Centolvessss and a human ssscout asss well. Asslo there isss another creature there, I never ssseen it before."

"Go inform Mistress Slia. We have a new visitor to our world."

"Sssir, maybe that thing came with the falling ssstar."

The leader looks at the younger Naga, he rubs the two huge fangs sticking up from his lower jaw.


Soon another Naga entered the cavern, he was bigger and longer than the others, even the leader of the group. They all look at him and lower their heads.

"Master Kanos, what brings you here to this nothing of worth outpost?"

Kanos looks at everyone, his skin was marked with black spots, his scales dark blue and burnt orange, he had two dark blue and black bat wings on his back, his bright green snake eyes studied everyone. Kanos slithers over to the group leader and places a hand on the Naga's shoulder. Only selected Naga are born with wings and are also very dangerous.

"What's the news?"

"Master, the Centolves have regrouped. Those in the last battle all have returned home, the village near here is unaware of us being in this vicinity."

"Good. You men doing well?"

"Yes, sir!"

Kanos smiles his toothy smiles and yawns, two fangs extend out then in when he closed his mouth. His venom is very deadly, a direct bite can kill in a matter of minutes. Only a few Naga have these fangs, some have two large teeth on their lower jaw that sticks out of their mouth and others have normal teeth.

"Sir, permission to speak."

The group leader looks at the young one, his scales were yucky yellow and dull red. His scales continued up his human torso up to his neck. His eyes are blue snake eyes, his human ears pierced with gold loops. Snow was still on him, he shakes some of it off.


"Sir, I'm from Vincent's squad and we found signs of something not of our world."

"What do you speak of?"

The young Naga reached into his satchel and pulled out a Xenomorph head, he holds it out to them.

"We don't know what these creatures are, their blood is acidic and they are extremely quick. This one fell into one of our Centolves pits and Vincent managed to kill it. He gave order to me to bring this to you Master Kanos. Vincent said that you might know."

Kanos silthers over to him and takes the head. He studies it and looks at the inner mouth.

"They have a second mouth, interesting. What area was this?"

"Near Yuja River."

Kanos looks at him as does the others.

"Near Yuja Cave?"

"Yes, sir."

Kanos slithers over to the group leader still holding the xenomorph head, he looks at the group leader and hands the head to him.

"Laou, you and your men study this head and try to figure out what this thing is, if you please you can follow him to find the rest of the creatures body. If you encounter any kill at will, I'm going back to report to Lord Kan."

"Yes, Master Kanos."

Kanos slithers down a joining tunnel disappearing into the darkness. Soon a really small Naga enters the cavern with a scroll in his hand, his scales vomit green and indigo blue, he wore black and grey armor for he is a body guard. A huge knife was on his belt, he opens the scroll.

"All bow their heads to Mistress Slia, daughter of Lord Kan!"

Mistress Slia slithers in, her scales dark blood red and medium brown. Her wings were muck black and dull red, she wore half a cape that only covered her right shoulder and right arm. Around her waist pouches contains various items and other trinkets. She wore a necklace that held a huge oval mirror. Her hair was actually small snakes like Medusa. On her human torso, head and arms, dull blood red posts marked her. Her human nose pierced with a red ring. Most Naga don't have hair and if they do they are outcasts, normal Naga either have snake-lings for hair or a fleshy membrane that sticks up and extends back, many would say that the Naga have crossed with Merfolk, that fleshy membrane is found on Merfolk.

"Mistress Slia."

All the Naga is the room lower their heads but the body guard, he checks all of them for anything that might harm Mistress Slia.

"Yobol, please."

He looks at her and slithers to her side. Slia looks at Laou then the others, she was taller than them but Laou. They were the same size.

"You called for me, so tell me what you need."

While they talked, an outcast named Janas, watched and listened in secret. Usually outcasts join either the humans, Centolves, or just themselves. The Naga will not have any connection to them even if they are family. Janas listens closely as they talked and when they finished he knew that its best he leave, if he was caught now he'll be killed. He scratches his head messing up a bit of his human hair and he rubs the small yellow wings that was on his head as well. His yellow eyes couldn't leave Slia but he soon took them away as he slithered outside, he rubs his arms as the wind blew even harder. His grey scales didn't match well with the white snow, he soon rubs his ears, three gold earrings on each ear. He soon silthers off into the snowy forest, he knew this place extrememly well.

An outcast my whole life yet no one even notices me. This war is drawing closer to our hideout, I better warn the others of the coming threat.

As Janas made his way to a small cave entrace he could smell blood. He entered and looked around, fellow outcasts were dead, their chests ripped open.

"What the hell?!"

He slithers over to one, he can't believe they're dead, he just left ten minutes ago and they were fine. He could see a blood trail going to the back of the cave, he slithers back there to see an opening that was never there before and he found shed skin as well. He picks the skin up to hear a hissing noise from inside the opening. Janas not taking any chances backs away as a long tail emerges from the opening, the creature stood tall on its snake tail, it stood over fifteen feet, its eyeless head long sleek and black hissed at Janas. It opens it mouth showing a second mouth, it clenches its hand.

Janas never seen a creature like this before, he slowly backs up close to the entrance. The thing slowly follows and when it shrieks Janas quickly flees outside, he had no weapons. He slithered far away from the cave till he found a human hunting lodge, he looks in the window, the fire was going but no one was inside. He quickly goes to the door, opens it and enters. He quickly goes in front of the fireplace and gets warm, the coffee and food smelled good so he helped himself. He eased himself on one of the chairs.

He ate and drank in peace but his mind told him to stay on alert, something is dangerous and is nearby. After he finished he went back to the door and barricade it as well as the back door. He soon closed the curtains on the windows and slithered into a bedroom and fell asleep on the soft material.

Nova woke up and swore she heard something, she looked around. Nothing different except that she was next to Tobi. She stood up and looked at him, he still slept with Tuk next to him. Sky Dreamer was on the other bed, Nova shook her head, walked into the living/dining room and saw that the doors were barricaded shut and the curtains closed.

"Sky must of closed them so he could sleep, figured he couldn't handle staying awake for that long."

She then notices the slither tracks on the floor.

"Naga, here?"

She followed the track to find Janas sleeping on a bed. Nova's eye shot wide open and she stomped the ground and yells out.


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