Raising Phoenix

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Summary: Severus and Hermione are now married and must begin to fulfill the Ministry's requirements to the Marriage Law. But of course things do not go smoothly, as with most marriages. There is still quite a bit that must happen before they can become parents and there is that little issue of a once powerful wizard that feels that he did now get what he deserved and now wants to give others what he thinks they deserve. There are also the problems that arise from a pair of Phoenix and the consequences that arise from having a nesting pair in the dungeons. A tale of dealing with the demons of the past, the vengeance of the future and the blind, and the self absorbed and deluded visions of a son on the edge.

This is the much asked for sequel to 'The Phoenix, The Raven and Prince Charming? This story is not Half Blood Prince or Deathly Hallows compatible. It is building off of my first fanfiction The Phoenix, the Raven and Prince Charming? So in this story Severus is a Pureblood and pretend that Deathly Hallows didn't happen. Also if you are reading this without reading the first fic, then most likely you will see some of the characters as being out of character. Please don't flame me for that, I have brought them to this place and they are perfectly in character for the story. It is your fault for not reading the first fic.

This fic is a bit bipolar; it has a lighter side dealing with Hermione and Severus and a darker side that involves the villain. The darker side will get darker as the fic goes along, I will include warnings if the chapter warrants such a label, I know that there will be at least one near the end if things evolve like I think they will.

Thanks to all that contributed to the great and wonderful plot bunny warren. I must mention my wonderful beta, fan fic sister and sounding board, Skydancinghobbit for help with 'Draco's quest' and the formation and thought process that brings him to the villain's position in the story. I will also thank lotus elise, Heidi191976, Oracle, ahmo21, and oscarxena, in the order that they sent suggestions that I will most likely be using in some form or another in the story. I will not be using anything straight from the suggestions I don't believe, but I figured I would at least give credit where credit is due. Without all of your wonderful ideas my poor plot bunny warren would be very barren, haha (ok so the joke was bad anyway). Thanks to you all.

The first chapter is set the day before Severus and Hermione's wedding.

Once again, this is written from an American point of view, so if I get something terribly wrong than sorry.

Chapter 1

The Unsatisfied Suitor

Draco sat nursing his sniffer of brandy seething. He sat in a large plush leather chair clad only in his boxers in front of a roaring fire, despite the warmth of the evening outside the window of his small country home on the outskirts of London. A small house elf dressed in a grubby tea cozy was flitting around, spreading healing salve on the large number of burses, scraped and cuts that he had acquired on his failed quest for Hermione's hand.

He was absolutely livid with the fact that he had been unable to secure her. He was not used to not getting what he wanted, at least for the most part; the last few years had been a trial in that area, but everything wasn't exactly how it seemed.

Draco had gone back to Hogwarts for the first time in nearly six years only two days before. He had not wanted to go back there after the War. There were some unpleasant memories that he would rather have avoided remembering. He had left the school at the same time as Severus when he had killed Dumbledore, something Draco himself should have been able to do. He had endured quite a powerful punishment from the Dark Lord upon returning to him after failing. He gave a small unintentional shake at the memory.

But he had overcome and he had come through for his Master. He had made sure that he stayed in the Dark Lord's good graces. He had also made sure that he could beg himself out of responsibility much as his father did after the first Voldemort War. He had managed to get out of taking any major responsibility at his trial, despite the Dark Mark branded into his forearm. Now he had taken himself back to Hogwarts with the express intention of gaining Hermione as his bride.

As a Pureblood and follower of Voldemort he had always believed that he was superior to anyone of muggle birth. He had not changed in his views. The very thought of marrying and producing children with a mudblood was appalling. It went against everything he had been taught and believed. He did not have much choice in the matter any more though, he was once again under the direction of the Ministry wither he wanted to be or not. He was a survivor much like his father, and preferred to be on the winning side. He had to at least appear to be following the laws.

Draco had chosen to get Hermione for his own. She was the one nasty mudblood who had managed to upstage everyone, half bloods, other mudbloods and Purebloods alike. He had always been one who believed that he deserved the best. If he was now forbidden to marry another Pureblood and keep the family line pure, he was going to get the best of what he could get. He felt that if he was going to have to pollute the blood line, he might as well make sure that it came with some sort of advantage. Now that he was forced to produce an heir, than he wanted it to be one that would be able to surpass even her know-it-all attitude and excel among the heirs of his peers. But that was not the only reason he wanted to get Hermione.

All through his years at Hogwarts he had to live in the Golden Trio's shadow. He was supposed to have been at the head of the class, showing that Purebloods were the best of the Wizarding World. He would have been the shining example that his father had always wanted him to be. It had been placed upon his shoulders to show all the inferior mudbloods that they had no place in the Wizarding World. It was what was expected of him by his father and as such from himself.

He had learned on the train to Hogwarts however that the famous Harry Potter had made a reappearance into the Wizarding World. He had attempted to sway him to his cause before Harry knew what was what in the Wizarding community, but had been unsuccessful and they had become fast enemies. This had proved to be a major blow to his ego and to anything that could have helped Voldemort regain power.

The worst part was the fact that Hermione had been at every crossroads that Harry had managed to successfully navigate, getting himself one step closer to defeating Voldemort. She had even punched him in their third year, breaking his nose.

He decided that the Marriage Law was the best way to get his revenge. In the law there was no stipulation as to how a husband should treat his wife or the other way around. All that the law stipulated was that the wife was to bear six children, with the first child born or on the way preferably by the end of the first year. What better way he thought, than to acquire himself his own mudblood broodmare. He could do anything he wanted to or with her and it would be perfectly legal. All he had to do was impregnate her. He could always get rid of her and the child at the time of birth and claim that she had died in labor and the child with her.

It was the best revenge he could image. He would be subjecting one of his greatest enemies to a humiliating servitude, taking her when ever he felt inclined in whatever manner he desired. Then he would force her to carry his child and then kill both her and the dirty mudblood result, and it would all be perfectly legal. He would get revenge on Potter and the arrogant self absorbed mudblood all in one fell swoop.

He would also acquire whatever she had once she was dead, mainly a large sum of money that had come with her Order of Merlin, boosting his own bank account and making a large deposit into his Gringgots account seem inconspicuous. In the mean time he could help lobby for a repeal of the law so that he could get himself a real bride, one of Pureblood decent and preserve the Malfoy line unpolluted. He could get everything he wanted and it would all be legal.

But then things had not gone as he had planned. He had gotten an owl about a week before the deadline for her to choose a suitor. It informed him that he would have to pass a test before he would be allowed to claim her. The clue was that there was a test of 'charm'. Well if it was charm that she wanted, well it was charm that he would exude and thus in the 'fair lady's' heart, so that he could then rend it apart.

What he had not counted on was the fact that Severus had also been at the party celebrating the downfall of Voldemort. Draco felt that he had been able to make quite the headway against what ended up as the competition. He had also made sure that his minions had applied for Hermione's hand as well. He figured that he would look like the best choice when compared to the dimwitted muscle heads. And even if she had chosen one of them over him, he had made sure that he would have access to her body whenever he felt like it. Past privilege and power still had its perks.

Severus had interrupted his 'seduction' of Hermione with a thinly disguised death threat after he had told him to leave him and Hermione alone. He had faltered then. He had seen the ruthlessness and unforgiving manner that Severus had attacked in the raids. He also knew that he had been one of the more elite of the Death Eaters, at an equal power in the inner circle with his father. He had known enough to leave while he still could. He figured he would get what he wanted the next day when the rest of the test was to occur.

He was surprised when Ginny had led the small group of suitors to the lower lawns on the property the next day. They had not been told what this test was going to entail, but he soon learned that it would include riding a horse from one end of a corridor to another. It really was not such a hard test and was surprised that Hermione was going to leave her fate up to a mere horse. But he had been wrong. The horse must have been cursed or charmed or something because it would attack each man that got near it with a vengeance.

When it was his turn he decided that he would mainly ignore the horse until he was on it. He had spent some time on horseback when he was at home on breaks. He had also spent some time on a few green broke animals, his father claiming that it would teach him a lesson in balance and discipline. He decided that he would use what he had found out to his advantage. Once he approached the horse though, it had gone after him with a bigger vengeance than any others. He was sure that he was going to die. He was then saved by Severus, the very man who had threatened to kill him the night before.

He had watched with the rest of the crowd, in shock (and horror) as Severus suddenly decided to make a bid for Hermione's hand. He did not know how it happened, but the mudblood had not only accepted, but accepted willingly, he could see, from the smile on her face. He would not let this stand. Once a Malfoy set his sites on something he was sure to get it. It did not necessarily matter how what was desired was acquired, just that it was made his. He had decided that he wanted Hermione as a play thing, and that is what he was going to get.

Rising from his chair and punting the poor house elf (like an American football) that got in his way, still healing the abrasions on his body, Draco began to pace in front of the fire place. He wanted to acquire Hermione and he was going to need a plan if he wanted his vision to come true. He knew that there was going to be a wedding in the morning for Hermione and Severus. This meant that there was very little that he could do to get Hermione before her wedding. This meant that there was only one way that he could have Hermione for his own. He would have to take out Severus. There in laid the problem.

Severus was a very powerful wizard and had been, as he had pointed out at the party, Draco's superior in the Dark Lord's ranks. This meant that not only was he supposedly more ruthless than himself, but he also knew more powerful and deadly spells than Draco did. Although, his father had been keeping records about what the inner circle did and had secretly taught him some of the more powerful and devastating spells used by the inner member circle members. Lucius had been grooming him to one day join the inner circle beside him. Draco figured that Severus did not know the power that he was capable of using, even though his wand use had been restricted by the Ministry. There were ways to change the restrictions and there were ways to circumvent them.

Coming to a stop in front of the fireplace Draco threw back the remainder of his drink and then smashed the glass into the back of the hearth, feeling satisfied with the sound of shattering glass. "Today you have made an enemy Severus. Today is the beginning of the count down to the end of your life. I will kill you and I will take your wife however I see fit until the time comes when I can kill her and eliminate her filthy blood from the breeding population. You will rue the day that you defied the Dark Lord and you will rue the day that you took away the spoils of War that should have been mind. Very soon I shall stand over both of your dead bodies in triumph. Very soon I shall have everything that should already be mine." He snarled and stalked from the room leaving the house elf to clean up the mess.

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