AN: I am sorry guys. But I cannot finish this story like I intended, time and other constraints prevent me from finishing in the manner that I would like. I have tried in vain to finish in the manner that I would like but it is not to be. I don't know if I will ever finish this story in the manner that I desire, but in all likelihood not.

Despite the fact that I will not be finishing this story like I want to I will fulfill the promise that I would not leave you all hanging indefinitely and I will provide for you a quick outline of how the story was to progress and finish.

Severus and Hermione have their night alone, return to get children and then upon return to the castle all witness together the birth of the two phoenix chicks.

The phoenix chicks end up being one yellow and one purple, their other color of plumage is yet to be decided.

Severus and Hermione continue letting the Weaselys take their children once a week so they can get at least one night alone in a week as school resumes and continues

Draco learns about the family's routine and makes plans. Hattie conceives again.

Draco and His father or one of his minions finds a way to steal away the twins from out from under the Weasley's nose ~ Christmas time.

Severus goes postal, Hermione is not much better, now that the eggs have hatched the Phoenix can go and find out more information and learn about Lucius being back though they don't quite understand it, and between Severus knowledge and that of the phoenix they figure out what is going on. Takes two days. Hattie manages to keep children safe and alive while the 'men' are plotting, helped greatly by house elves more loyal to her than to Draco and father. Draco is seemingly going closer and closer to insane Lucius is way worse.

Severus and Hermione as well as some of the other Order members work at attacking Malfloy manner. Because Phoenix keepers they are able to more easily break in, possibly in animagui form modified by Phoenix fire.

Young phoenix join the fight too, Severus and Hermione know but don't have enough time to figure out meaning.

Fight and battle Draco and father, both at or fast approaching complete insanity, Hattie is lucky they have been too busy to go after her or notice that she is doing her best to keep babies safe.

Lucius is defeated and physically falls apart mentally already gone, perhaps a black gooey stinky mess that looks similar to acid eaten Dementor or something equally as icky. Draco's mind, or what is left leaves him and he dies and semi rots disintegrates to something similar to Lucius because of how connected he was to him because of potion, making as well as being covered in stuff when cacoon broke.

Severus and Hermione save their children, some tense moments with Hattie but things get smoothed over because of phoenix. The two young phoenix, slightly older than large chicks have each settled over their chosen twin, which colors go to which is still undecided and parents very happy and relieved to see children safe and proud and surprised that they are phoenix keepers too.

Hattie is released from marriage to Draco because he is dead and is able to keep the house and what money is left because the heir is her son.

Severus and Hermione return to the castle to find out that Madame Pomphery has been looking for them to tell them they are once again pregnant, single this time, sex undecided.

Happy ending for all.


Hattie finds a nicer and much better relationship despite marriage law with some pureblood whose wife had died because of childbirth. A made up person. She has a daughter by Draco, finishes and has 4 -6 other kids by her nice and loving husband, name unknown.

Severus and Hermione have 1 more set of twins and the rest are single babies. Only the first two are Keepers quite a handful. Other names of their children undecided eventually retire to mansion and enjoy company of their grandkids and great grandkids.

Story ends on a very happy note with possible reference back to first and second chapter of the phoenix the raven and prince charming.

As you can see I have quite a bit more that I would like to have written, but once again I am very sorry that I can not. This is not a choice I have made easily or lightly but it was something that had to happen. There was something that had to be cut out of my life and fanfiction was the item, all other options were unthinkable and uninhabital. I truly am sorry for being unable to finish this as I would like, but I can say it is now much easier to walk away when I have at least go the last bit of the story out to be seen even if it is not fleshed out. I promised to finish and not leave you hanging and now I have written it, even if it is not up to what I want.

I wish all of you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do. I know not if I will ever write any more fanfics or finish this story to its fleshed out end.

God Bless. ~ Dragons Quill