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Link was dancing and singing and smiling, but he was also watching Tracy Turnblad. She helped him smile bigger.

Ever since Tracy had joined the show, Link had watched her. She was so new, so different, that he found himself transfixed by her curvy figure. He loved the way she moved her hands, legs, hips. How her whole soul was in her dance. How her eyes lit up when she sang.

Link didn't know it yet, but he loved Tracy. He thought he loved Amber, but he was wrong. His heart knew so. His head wasn't sure yet.

Everybody loved Tracy on some level of course, and Link could completely understand why. She was radiant. And she gave the best hugs.

When Tracy hugged you, you wanted to pour out your life story and all your fears, and you knew she'd like nothing better than to listen to you talk. She made people feel loved and accepted. She could warm a frozen penguin with her smile.

Link easily attributed his feelings for Tracy to these things. That was it, really, wasn't it? That she was such a magnetic person, he couldn't help but like her. After all, he was head over heels in love with Amber Von Tussle, right?

He didn't think so. He thought he needed to rethink his priorities.

Why was he with Amber? Because…because……

He couldn't think of a reason that made him sound good. The honest one was that he wanted to look cool, which made him about as shallow as a kiddie pool during drought season.

He desperately wanted to think of a good reason that he was dating Amber. There was none.

Why would he date Tracy?

She was fun, outgoing, warm, happy, huggable, and overall the best person he'd ever met. And her lips looked soft.

So, as Link danced and sang and smiled, he made himself a promise. Next time there was a chance for him to hang out with Tracy away from Amber and the council, he was taking it. He would hate himself if he didn't.

He knew his priorities now, and number one was Tracy Turnblad.

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