Bowser and Charizard in The Box

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Disclaimer: All of the characters in this story belong to Nintendo, as well as the term Super Smash Brothers.


One day in the gigantic metropolis of Nintendo City, within the center of the high-technological city was the small private park of Oval Park, and within the very center of it was the location of the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, Bowser and Charizard were hanging out with each other, looking up at the sky.

"Hey, Bowser."

"Yeah, Charizard?"

"You think that the Super Smash Brothers should have something new?"

"Hmmm...I don't know. What do you have in mind?"

"Well...I think that we should build something."


" about...a cardboard box!"



"...IT'S GENIUS!!!!!!"

A few minutes later, both Bowser and Charizard were still outside the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, inside a cardboard box under an Oak Tree.

"I like being in this box," Cheerfully muttered Bowser, smiling.

Charizard smiled, giving Bowser a thumbs up. "Yeah! Now I'll pretend to be Tom Nook, and you be Mayor Tortimer!"

Bowser smiled, until he heard what Charizard said and fumed. "Heeeeeey! Why do YOU get to be Tom Nook and I have to be Tortimer!?"

"Because you're a turtle," Charizard pointed out, wriggling his right index finger. "Besides, I just LOVE being a fox!"

"I'll tell you what you can be. A DIRTY KRITTER!!!!!!!" Bowser then grabbed a wooden chair out of nowhere and used it to whack Charizard on the head.

Charizard fell unconscious in the cardboard box.

Bowser smiled, and he then frowned.


"Hey, um, Charizard, are you okay, buddy?"