The Final Chapter Has Arrived!

Bowser and Charizard were looking up at the night sky. They were both smiling, and they sighed in unison.

"Oh, it's so beautiful, isn't it, Charizard?" Bowser asked, glancing at Charizard.

Charizard nodded in agreement. "Oh, I know what you mean, Bowser. I mean, look at the-" He gasped, and stood up, slapping Bowser across the face. "Hey! I know what you're up to!'

"What do you mean?" Bowser curiously asked, as he started to eat a watermelon with his feet.

Charizard growled, flames burning in his eyes. 'You're trying to get me to buy an X-Box 360 for seven hundred dollars, are you not? WELL?" He then took out Meta Knight's sword.

Bowser stood up, and he appeared behind Charizard's back, rubbing the red, fire-type dragon Pokemon. "There there, my son, everything will be all right-"

"NO! It will NOT be all right!" Charizard snapped, as he grabbed Roy and body slammed the red-haired swordsman to the ground, and then burned him with an intense Flamethrower attack.

Roy screamed in pain from the flames, and he then died.

All of the Smashers, except for Bowser and Charizard, gasped in horror. They screamed, and they started to beat each other up with wallets and toilet paper.

Bowser and Charizard looked at each other. They both smiled, and gave each other a hug.


Charizard opened his eyes. "So... errr... what now?" He asked.

Bowser grinned evilly, his eyes shifting. "I got the perfect thing..." He cackled evilly and pounced on Charizard, beating the red, fire-type dragon Pokemon up.


Bowser sipped some nice, cold orange lemonade as he read his newspaper. "So, how's them oranges, Charizard?"

"I am NOT Charizard, you infidel!" Lugia snapped as he screeched loudly and went after Bowser, chasing him all over the peaceful meadows, on a small, green planet in the middle of space.

Mario can be seen flying with no care in the universe up above in the deep vessel of space, with Toad, Pikachu, and Yoshi all flying right behind the red plumber. Charizard suddenly pops up in front of the computer screen, staring at you.

"Merry Birthday, and a Christmas New Year!" Charizard shouted, as he opened his mouth, and released a Flamethrower attack at the computer screen, burning you until... until... oh screw it. You died.