Chapter 4

It has been about a month and a half since then. Nothing much happened really! Just the usual fight between Mitsuru and Natsume (A/N: Never physical though), the tree never talked to them anymore, and Natsume always felt that he was forgetting something.

It was also the worst day of the year for our fire-caster… (A/N: Insert doom song of choice here) his birthday (A/N: I don't know when his birthday is, so I'll just insert it here!).

Mikan awoke with a start that dreadful day, completely unaware of what was going to happen, as she changed back into Mitsunu. She hasn't had any missions since THAT time (A/N: Chapter 3, I'm lazy, so I didn't write about it. Basically, Mikan just had to protect the Headmaster as he went to a party. Nothing special.)

Pushing that thought aside, though, she did her morning rituals and was about to leave when a certain fire-caster came barging in, sweating and panting as if he ran a marathon.

"Oi, Kuro-chan!" she said mockingly, "What brings you to my humble abode?"

"Shut (pant) the hell (pant) up (pant) fox," he said, panting.

"What's wrong? It looks like you ran a marathon out there," she asked, a tad worried.

He just looked at the 'boy' and slapped his forehead with his hand whilst giving an exasperated sigh, "Now I know why you and Polka-dots get along, your both dense AND useless."

"HEY!" she exclaimed, "Why can't you call me- Mikan by her first name huh?!" 'Aw shit…!' she mentally slapped, 'Way to almost spill, again!'

"What I call her has nothing to do with you fox," he said icily, which is usual, completely ignoring the fact that she said 'me'.

"Fine, anyways, what are you doing here, looking as if you ran from the other side of the earth?" she asked again.

"Do you own a calendar," he commanded, he never asked questions, "If you did, it would have been obvious."

"I do! And today is- oh…" she said, realizing that it was, gulp, Natsume's birthday.

Natsume just sighed, "So, finally realized what happened huh."

Just then, there was banging on the door followed by girls' voices coming from the other side, muffled by only a piece of wood separating the predators from their pray.

"So, I guess you need my help to get out of here alive. And don't even try jumping out the window," she stated right as he thought of that, "They're down there too, and on the trees, so you're surrounded!"

"Exactly, YOU can't escape either," he said, irritation penetrating his voice.

"On the contrary, I can. All I have to do is make my ice a platform above the trees and tada! Easy escape," she said in a as-a-matter-fact tone.

"Tch," was all Natsume said as a reply, 'Damnit, now what's better, have him help me, or be stuck here till I die?'

"I'll help you though… on one condition," she said slyly, "You give me your alice stone AND Mikan's stone if you don't want to be engaged without her consent nor knowledge."

'Hmm, he strikes a hard bargain… but maybe I should. I do want Polka to- STOP!!! Shoo bad thoughts! I'll make one none the less though,' he thought to himself.

Mikan just waved a hand inches from his face as he was thinking, "Oi, Kuro-chan! Stop daydreaming and make it if you want to be on time for class! It's in 10 minutes and we might not make it!"

Just then, a read glow appeared from his hand, but it wasn't fire. He then lifted his hand and opened it to show that he had made the stone.

She stared at it incredulously, admiring its stunning crimson color. Getting impatient, he took the multi colored 'boy's' hand (A/N: O.o) and put the stone in it.

Just as he did that, a bright blue glow surrounded her! Natsume backed away, wondering what was happening, as Mitsunu's form was steadily disintegrating into a girl's form… 'Mikan…' was his thought as she appeared from the glow, a smile plastered on his face.

"Happy Birthday, Kuro-chan!" she said as she jumped up and hugged him. 'Finally,' was both of their thoughts as they held each other in that embrace, hoping for it to never end.

7 YEARS (A/N: And some odd days) LATER

It was the gang's final day in the academy, so let me tell you what's happened! Natsume and Mikan have been dating the whole time, making love once (A/N:... i dun wanna tell! ), Ruka and Hotaru got together as well (A/N: Don't ask how THAT happened!), Youichi and Aoi aren't together, but they both secretly love each other, and right now, Natsume is wondering how to ask… a certain question to his favorite burnet.

He's currently laying on one of the branches of his and Mikan's beloved sakura tree, when he had heard her coming while calling his name.

She had long since left the pigtails and left her hair flowing gracefully down her back, suggested by Natsume. She had also grown curves in the right places, earning tons of requests for… things by guys (A/N: ALL REJECTED! MIKAN IS NATSUME'S ALONE!).

"Ah! There you are, Natsume!" she said smiling, "Mou, this is our last day here and all you can do is sit on your lazy butt! What are you going to do out there on your own?"

Her smile now faded a bit, 'I'm not going to be with him anymore…'

He just looked at her and fingered the small black box in his pant pocket, 'This is it.'

"Out on my own? What are you talking about?" he asked sarcastically, Mikan just looked baffled. 'She's as dense as ever,' he thought.

He got up off of his 'lazy butt' and did something she wasn't expecting. He embraced her, letting her out just enough to kiss her passionately. She knew once he started to nibble her bottom lip, he wanted entrance, a request that she couldn't deny.

They stayed like that for a long, and I mean a LONG time! So long, that they were panting when Natsume broke it off.

Once they regained their posture, still hugging, Natsume got the box out and showed it to Mikan.

She took it, and slowly opened it, she then let out the crystals of water that fell relentlessly from her eyes as she took out the gold ring adorned with half her and half of his alice stone, joining together perfectly on it.

"Mikan Sakura, will you do me the honor of spending the rest of my life with me?" he asked sweetly, a rare smile adorning his handsome complexure. (A/N: OOC I know! But it's been 7 years… and how else is he supposed to ask?)

"Y-Y- Do you even have to ask!? Yes! Oh Natsume!" she exclaimed as she slipped it on her ring finger while hugging him tightly.

From then on, they knew that their lives were perfect. They were together, and nothing would ever change that!

Meanwhile, a faint clicking was heard and the glint of a camera lens came from the bushes near the couple. 'Hotaru' written in purple adorning the rim.

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