The sun was hiding behind the mountains painting the sky bright red, its last rays fading leaving the earth to the darkness of the night. A great silence fell upon the lands as if the world itself lamented the tragedy that had taken place that day. The sky filled the bright red of blood, blood that spilled innocently. The soft breeze touched her skin drifting with it cries of pain and sorrow for those who had left the world to join the mourning souls in death.

It was cold. She could feel it, but it was a different kind of coldness: coldness of death. She looked at her surroundings feeling her heart to skip a beat as she walked slowly through the deep forest. Grey trees raised tall to the sky, the red light of the hiding sun making them look hollow in the dark shadows. Corpses laid spread on the ground; their eyes staring blankly at the sky, some of them still with the pained expression on they're faces. Both elves and orcs laid death on the floor. The still red blood spilled among them, elven and orc as one pool of bright liquid.

Naeraviel felt the sorrow in the atmosphere, the pain, the suffering. The air was heavy and she had a knob in her throat. How many had died innocently in that battle. How many lay dead on the ground, their souls already gone to the world of the dead. None of them would ever see the sun rising again in the horizon, nor see the stars shining at nights. She found it hard not to cry as she saw that not only warriors had been victims of the battle. There were ladies and children among them. Children. A tear rolled down her cheek as she saw the innocent faces of the children, she could see the fear in their empty eyes. there were no survivors. Not even one.

For what she could guess the elves had been attacked by the orcs while traveling somewhere. The battle had taken place just hours ago, the blood was still fresh.

The nearby village where she lived had heard of the battle and had come to aid the injured but found just the scene she was seeing now. They arrived too late, nobody still breathed. They had gone back to the village taking the news to the king but she had stayed a little longer.

Naeraviel had never seen elves before. She had always imagined the moment. She imagined herself looking at those majestic creatures full of grace. Elves were not meant to die. For her elves had always been a symbol of life and glory, they were immortal. But now, looking at them dead, all sing of life gone form them made her heart grieve.

A soft cry was brought by the wind. Naeraviel stopped to listen at the sound. It was unmistakably the cry of a baby. She noticed that the sound came form some bushes at her left. Quickly she made her way toward it. Behind them laid a baby wrapped in a white blanket. The baby stopped crying when she saw Naeraviel and waved her tiny fists at her.

Without thinking it twice she picked the baby in her arms. The tinny form of the little girl comforted her heart somehow. A tinny form of life among the dead.

She took a look at the child. It was elven. Her few golden locks shined at the fading light of the day and a pair of bright green eyes stared at her.

"have faith young one" she said. More to herself that he child for she doubted that the little girl could understand what she said. "you were blessed with life when others were forced to leave us forever. Although cursed for you lost everything you had today. Unfortunate child who was chosen to see what would cause her grieve and pain for the rest of her life."

She sat on the ground placing the child in her lap. "you'll be brave little one" the child looked at her. her saddened green eyes made her heart fill with sorrow. The elven child left out a cry of joy as she looked over her shoulder. Slowly and excitedly she started to move toward a dead body using her little legs and arms. The child reached the body and crawl into a ball against it.

"nana!" she said smiling. Naeraviel felt the knob in her throat tighten. The corpse was that of a fair elven maiden. Her golden locks, identical to the child's ones, fell lifelessly on the ground, her green eyes staring blankly at the sky: Dead.

"nana!" called the child again, waiting for her mother to hold her in her arms and comfort her form the awful things she had seen that day. The child didn't know death, she didn't know that her mother would never talk to her again, never again would she hold the child in her arms and comfort her. she had passed away.

"come here child" said Naeraviel picking up the child again and rocking her slightly.

"nana" said the child again. Tears formed in those green eyes. Maybe she didn't know her mother was dead but somehow she knew her mother was not coming back. Nana. The only word the child could say and the person that had been ripped from her.

"your mom is not coming back child" she said. Her voice braking and more tears running down her cheeks. "She left. She's not coming back"

The little girl raised her tinny hands to Naeraviel's face and slowly whipped away her tears. A small laugh left Naeraviel's lips at the gesture. How could this child love? How could she comfort the crying woman who hold her when was she who had lost her parents that day? How could she be strong and show hope to her when had been cursed with all those looses? She found she couldn't leave the baby there.

"you need a home" she said. "and a name" the green eyes stared at her again. Then she made a choice. She would not take the child to the orphanage. No. she would raise her as her own, sow her all the love her parents could have shown her if they had lived. Luckily she would forget the tragic events of that day and would be able to live happily and untroubled.

" what do you say about going home with me? I can find you something to eat and drink" the baby girl inclined her head to one side a confused looked in her eyes.

"nana?" se asked pointing at Naeraviel with one tinny finger. Se could help but smile at the child.

"yes, I will be your new nana"

"nana!" exclaimed the child happily. She hold her closer to her body. Night had already fallen; she saw the stars bright in the black sky, showing their light to the world.

"you need a name" she said to the child. At the stars light the green eyes of the girl shined with a beauty that could not be described by words. Her golden locks shined as fit the stars form the heavens had been placed on her head like a crown. How beautiful was the child, she had never seen something so graceful. The it occurred to her, the perfect name for the blessed child.

"you'll be Elerrina. 'crowned with stars'"

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