What was her name?




That was her name. She was the Hyuuga heir. He remembered her as small, weak, shy, and had a crush on the dobe, last time he checked. So that was over 6 years ago, he could be still right.

Sasuke was as handsome as ever. He still had his white suit (A/N: sorry, can't remember what the white thing he wears is called, mind telling me, pretty please.) with his purple sash around his waste. They had taken away his chokuto (A/N: sorry again but thats what his sword is called.) and was somewhere with Tsunade. He'd been in Konoha jail for a couple of months and was let out a few days ago. He was going to have constant check ups by the Hyuuga. Always watched by Anbu and haven to be escorted by someone. He had cuffs around his wrist that constantly drained chakra, in case he tried to attack.

Pshhh. Whatever.

Thats were he was headed at the moment. The hospital. Although he didn't have an escort. He didn't care, the Anbu were still there.


Anbu here was pathetic.

He wondered how Naruto just didn't kill everyone. The way he was being stared or glared at was really annoying. Naruto had to take it all his life. He could do it too. Dobe. He cold of sworn he was holding back, back at the fight at the Valley of the End.

He entered the hospital and was aggravated at the whiteness of the walls. He also hoped he didn't see Sakura. She still had that stupid infatuation with him. It annoyed him to no end. Hopefully...what was it...Hinata, didn't annoy him. She used to stutter...annoying. So he went up to the receptionist and asked for the Hyuuga. It took him longer than necessary to get her office. The stupid receptionist kept blushing and messing up on the stupid computer. Baka.

So he eventually got her office number and walked away, ignoring the attempted ask for a date. You would think that after betraying your village, the girls, or woman, as they are now, would fear you. Not want you even more, thinking they can change him. Speaking of which, right when he saw the Hyuuga's office, a pink blob glopped him.


"Hey Sasuke-kun, did you miss me?" Sakura asked. She had grown up. She kept her hair short and wore a pink shirt and black shorts that were slightly revealing. Though her chest...not so much. She wore an unbuttoned white coat, with a name tag, signifying that she worked at the hospital.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted. Naruto had earned his respect but Sakura was still weak compared to him. They maybe friends but that didn't mean he would admit it or ever show it.

"Ah, Uchiha-san, your here for your appointment." Hinata said as she opened her door.

Sasuke although not a man of many words, was speechless. The shy girl that he remembered was no more. Hinata had grown up. She no longer had the over sized jacket and wore a form fitting black tank top, with a small white sweater, small black shorts that reached to right above her knee and black zoris. Her dark bluish hair, reached all the way to her buttocks, (which by the way was very nice) and was tied in a low pony tail. Her face was round, innocent, and...dare he think it...cute. But none of what he was thinking was given away, for he had perfected his mask in the past 6 years. The only thing that slipped past his mask was the slight glare that was given to the oblivious pink blob that was latched on to his arm.

"Hey Hinata-chan, try not to hurt my Sasuke-kun." she said giving Sasuke a wink and a slight push toward Hinata before walking away.

"Ano...how about we get inside and then I'll give you your check up." Hinata said walking back inside the office. Sasuke merely shrugged and wordlessly followed her inside. She motioned for him to take a seat and she grabbed a clipboard and read it's contents. Then she put it down and activated her Byakugan. Sasuke merely sat there as she studied him. Her eyes lingered on his curse seal for a moment and then she picked up her clip board and wrote something down.

"Do you ever feel any discomfort from the curse seal, Uchiha-san?" she asked.

"It burns." he said. It did. It was constantly throbbing, but he just shrugged it off and ignored the pain. But lately he had been feeling it more intense than usual.

"Alright then...Uchiha-san, I'm going to seal off the tenketsu around your shoulder so it's going to feel numb for a while but it will relieve the pain you have been feeling and I'm going to need you to take off your shirt." she said gathering chakra into her right hand. Sasuke merely nodded his head and took it off. He was expecting her to blush and stare but instead she quickly tapped different tenketsu points in his shoulder, he felt slightly offended but then looked at the curse seal. It instantly felt numb and he couldn't feel anything, just like she said. He rolled around his shoulder and stood up. She wrote something down again and looked at him as he put his shirt back on.

"Well, Uchiha-san, I'll see you next week." she said with a nod of her head. Sasuke nodded and headed for the door.

"Oh and Uchiha-san..." she said just before he closed the door.

"It's good to have you back." she said with a small smile. He searched her face for any ill intent but found none and closed the door.

-I guess they're not all idiots- thought Sasuke as he exited the hospital.

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