"Ah... I am insane." What rational answer could there be? The Hyuuga was standing before him.

He was an absolute failure as an avenger, he wasn't able to get the useless feelings and lock them away, he wasn't able to grasp his hate as motivation.

It was fear.

Fear was what compelled him to such degrees. Fear was what made him remove himself of people. He was afraid of losing the people he cared about, he was afraid of getting people to care about.

It was people like the dobe and the Hyuuga, that realized his weakness and wormed themselves into his cold, worn heart.

"Your not insane, Sasuke." Hinata said kneeling before him.

Whether it was an illusion or not, -he wasn't too keen on caring anymore- he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him.

"S-sasuke?" His arms wrapped around her waist and he set his forehead to her shoulder.

"I am weak." Sasuke muttered, tightening his grip on her. She started to protest but he wouldn't have it. "I don't understand the feelings of the human heart. My own confuse me, there is no way people should stand to be around me... but be with me." It was clearly a command but he seemed so broken, his voice too dreary for it be anything but a plea.

"Okay." There were so many other things she wanted to say yet every word got stuck in her throat and all she could do was hold him.

They held each other for what seemed like forever -at least to her- but Sasuke seemed to freeze and his breathing, which had she had clearly listened to before, quieted.

"Sasuke?" She leaned back to get a better look but he turned his head away from her. Yet the red tint that flashed across his face was impossible to ignore and a giggle escaped from her mouth.

And though she had not gotten a response the first two times, she called his name one more time.

"Sasuke." But it came out breathless, portraying a few of the emotions she felt. Frustrated, surprised, happy, in love.

"Hn." Though his blush had left, he refused to look at her, appalled at his weakness, and the fact that she knew exactly what he felt.

As if reading his mind, Hinata did something she would have never done, if it wasn't so much fun to see Sasuke so flustered.

She put her hands on his cheeks and forced his head to face her head on. She stared him in the eyes and proclaimed her love.

"I love you. Really, seriously, in love, with you." She said, clearly. A flash of of insecurity passed through his eyes but was immediately removed when she boldly kissed him.

It was quick and awkward but sweet and addictive all the same.

Without a moments hesitation, Sasuke pulled her closer to him, the hunger that he so easily ignored for the past few weeks, exploded through him but in an entirely new and different way.

They parted swiftly, both breathing heavily. Hinata's face grew red and it was her turn to look away from him.

I-I can't believe I just did that.

But she didn't regret it. Despite all the pretenses Sasuke put up, he needed people in his life. People to fill the void, of which she was glad to fill.

"I need to get out of here." Sasuke muttered. He was positive that he was claustrophobic by now and he would forever have a hatred of white sterile walls... not that he liked them so much in the first place but still.

He stopped and let his eyes roam Hinata's body, suddenly remembering his first meeting with her was in the white sterile walls of the hospital.

Maybe hate is not the right word...

"I don't think its that easy." Hinata said, and grabbed courage from deep within herself and looked straight into Sasuke's eyes. The blush, however, seemed to have stubbornly plastered itself on her cheeks.

"Tsunade seems to be very annoyed with you right now." Her blush seemed to redden the longer she stared and her eyes involuntarily looked down.

Sasuke smirked and used his right hand to grab her chin and pulled her to him so that they were less than an inch away from each other.

"Bring me food... everyday." Sasuke muttered, letting his eyes briefly glare at the untouched food a little ways off. The amusement returned as they settled themselves on Hinata's face. He liked it better this way. When he took the initiative. He didn't like being taken off guard.

There was also something about her embarrassment that made her so cute...

"Umm... o-okay." And now she was stuttering. A sudden chuckle brought them back to reality and Sasuke looked above her head to find Naruto by the door. Hinata tried to look and failed, Sasuke's hand preventing her access in that direction.

"What." Sasuke muttered, glaring. Naruto coughed and tried to regain his composure.

"I can get you out as long as you eat and listen to Tsunade. It might take about a week to convince her though, she's pretty pissed." Naruto said grinning.

There was something about how they were. Though he would have never seen it coming they just seemed to fit each other. Something about the position they were in and the words he had eavesdropped on was just so damn cute. He put his knuckles to his mouth in a vain attempt to hide his grin. Whatever he had been feeling for Hinata was stupid- it must have been the worry about Sasuke.

"But I'll leave you two love birds alone." Naruto said, laughing as he closed the door. The clattering of a tray hitting the door made him laugh harder and he informed the Anbu to leave the two alone until they were ready. They nodded and he headed to the hospital.

He couldn't wait to tell Sakura.

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