I watched the episode again two nights ago and noticed that Jim and Pam had pushed the 'twin' beds together at Dwight's farm... and that was just too cute for me to pass up... Pam's POV.

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Dwight read us through chapter 4 of Harry potter and the Goblet of Fire and then left with an unconscious Mose slung over his shoulder. I was still reclined against Jim, so I turned a little and looked up, smiling at his look of wonder as Dwight banged Mose's head against the wall, which unfortunately just seemed to make him snore louder.

"I almost expected to be tucked in… it's a little disappointing."

He smiled back down at me and motioned for me to get up.

"I think I can manage that Beesley."

He got up and looked around for a minute; then, seeing what he was looking for, he unplugged the lamp that sat on the small table in between the saggy twin beds. Darkness filled the room; I heard some scraping and footsteps and a minute later he reappeared across the room plugging the lamp in with the nightstand in tow.

"Is it fung-shui hour Halpert?"

"Yea, this table is disturbing my chi, and…" he crossed the room and quickly pushed his bed into the space left by the night table, flopping down next to me on the makeshift queen, "there's no way I'm going to sleep in a room filled with rusty pipes and freaky stuffed birds with you all the way over there."

"You forgot the one-in-six chance of us being murdered by Dwight and his mute Amish cousin."

He laughed and gathered me into his arms again.

"You know, like I told the camera guys, I imagined our first night away a little differently."

I knew how he felt. "Yea I know. But isn't this so much more fitting? We have had such an unusual past, mostly because of Dwight's existence, so what more should we expect of the future? And I can't think of a second better way to spend the night with you than goofing on Dwight."

"Second better?" He said with an impish grin and an 'innocent' look.

"Yea, but first better is going to have to wait until we're well off Dwight's property." I answered with my best seductress smile ran a fingertip across his chest.

"Beesley, you're such a tease." He grinned and drew me in for a kiss.

A few minutes later we were interrupted by a loud banging noise coming from somewhere outside, I disentangled myself from the lanky salesman and moved towards the door with the flashlight from my bag.

"You're seriously going out there?"



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