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"Flash backs,"



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"I'm so bored," a 19 year old man said as he stretched back in a chair in front of a desk filled with signed paperwork. "Not even Kage Bunshin is making this process go any faster," the man said as he stopped stretching and lurched forward so he could put his head on his desk.

"Now, now Naruto you know better then to fall asleep on the job," Naruto heard someone say at the entrance of the door. When he looked over there he saw Shizune his secretary walk in with what seemed to be another stack of papers that needed to be signed. "You're not as old as Tsunade-san and yet you're starting to pick up her bad habits," Shizune said as she put down the stack of papers in front of Naruto which caused the desk to shake a bit.

Over the past 3 years since Naruto had come back from his training trip he had finally shown himself worthy of becoming Hokage. Just 2 years ago he along with Kyuubi's power defeated Akatsuki ending the Biju extraction and Akatsuki's plan on making a super weapon. Although this helped Naruto become Hokage as he is now people still feared him which was one of the major reasons why he was still a bachelor. 'When will I get a girl,' Naruto thought as he saw Shizune come closer.

"Aw come on Shizune nee-chan I'm the strongest ninja in the village and they expect me only to do paper work? Why can't I get someone else to do it for me?" Naruto asked in a whiny voice.

"Whining won't work on me Naruto so I suggest you get started on your paperwork," Shizune said as she started to leave the room. "Oh and don't you dare think about running away," Shizune said in a deadly voice which was laced with killer intent scaring Naruto a bit.

"H-Hai Shizune-san," Naruto said in a shaky voice as he saw Shizune leave the room. "Ha… I'm finally Hokage and now I have nothing to do," Naruto said as he sat back in his chair and started to just think.

"Oi kit if you're that bored why don't you use that one scroll that had Sukebe on it… that one seemed interesting," Kyuubi said in Naruto's mind in a neutral tone.

'Oh that scroll… maybe I should look into it… thanks for the idea Kyu,' Naruto thought to the giant fox inside of him. 'Now where did I put that scroll,' Naruto thought as he got up from his chair and started to look around in the office for a scroll.

"I think you last left it in your robe pocket," Kyuubi said as he sweat dropped a bit.

'Yup it's there,' Naruto thought to Kyuubi as he did a quick hand seal causing a small poof of smoke to appear around his cloak before a small scroll which was labeled Sukebe on it appeared in Naruto's hands. "Now time for this, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," Naruto said creating some clones around him. "I want you guys to start signing my paper work now!" Naruto said.

"Why should we sign your paper work?" One of the clones asked.

"Do it yourself we're too tired of paperwork," Another one said not noticing Naruto pull out a kunai from his pocket.

"I'll get to work," one of the clones said as he saw 2 of the clones disappear, curtsey from Naruto's kunais.

"Good," the real Naruto said as he opened the scroll that was in his hands. "Interesting," Naruto said as he started to read deeper into the scroll. "Apparently this Sukebe man is some kind of mage or something and he was able to come from another dimension," Naruto said rubbing his chin while thinking.

"Another dimension huh? That sounds interesting let's go there," Kyuubi said enthusiastically knocking Naruto off guard.

"Since when are you enthusiastic about anything other then sex and carnage?" Naruto asked Naruto.

"Staying in one dimension is boring… I've done almost everything possible in this lame world… and besides you might find yourself a potential mate there, unlike here when nobody even wants to go near you," Kyuubi said causing a figurative arrow to go through Naruto's body.

"I'm not that bad with girls am I?" Naruto asked as he stood up from the arrow blow.

"Well since you asked there was the time with Hinata and the Hot spring which labeled you a pervert," one of his clones said making another arrow hit Naruto.

"Then there was the time when you accidentally spilled your ramen onto Sakura while talking to her," another clone said causing another arrow to go through Naruto again.

"There was also…" another clone began only to be cut off.

"I get it already!" Naruto shouted causing the clones to shut-up. "But what are Pokegirls?" Naruto asked as he read further into the scroll. "It only talks about some kind of research as in…" Naruto said only to get a nose bleed. "Gah did Jirarya write this or something?" Naruto asked as he pinched his nose to cover the blood coming from his nose.

"I don't know but this guy is amazing… I mean look at how accurately he drew the…" Kyuubi began only for Naruto yell out causing Kyuubi to stop.

"I get it… this guy is a pervert… but why would he need something like this?" Naruto asked again as he stole another glance at the scroll. "Hmm… new Pokegirl to army Kunoichi?" Naruto read getting more confused. "Kyuubi do you understand this?" Naruto asked Kyuubi while scratching his head.

"Don't know but maybe you should read the bottom of the scroll," Kyuubi said as he pointed something out at the bottom.

"Blah blah blah… huh Dimension travel technique? Place hand over scroll and concentrate your chakra over the scroll. After that a tear in the dimensions should appear in front of you to allow travel between dimensions," Naruto read as he looked over the scroll. "This sounds like a bunch of Bs to me," Naruto said as he looked the scroll over to see anything other then the naked women drawn on it.

"Hey you have nothing to lose so why don't you try it out?" Kyuubi asked in a eager tone.

"Fine…" Naruto said reluctantly as he stuck out his arm and started to channel chakra to the scroll. "See nothings happening," Naruto said as he turned around to face his clones. When he did he didn't see his clones only a swirling blue portal in front of him which seemed to suck him in. "Oh shit," Naruto said before he was sucked into the portal which disappeared as soon as he entered it leaving the room with only Naruto clones.

"… So who wants to go out for ramen?" one of the Naruto's asked getting me from every one of the clones. "I'm not paying though," the one Naruto clone said causing a dispute to happen between the clones

(Sorry about the first part of this chapter… I know its really choppy and everything but please bear with me)


"Why did I trust you?" Naruto asked as he felt himself fall into some kind of darkness which surrounded him.

"Look at it this way kit, no more paperwork," Kyuubi said getting a chuckle out of Naruto.

"I guess you're right you big old fluff ball," Naruto said getting a growl from Kyuubi and some kind of rant of being the strongest there is. "Looks like we're about to exit," Naruto said as he saw a white light start to come closer to him as he fell even faster.

"Be sure to land on your feet," Kyuubi said before Naruto was engulfed in the white light.

When Naruto opened his eyes he found out that he was over what seemed to be rice fields with some people in them. "I wonder if this Sukebe guy did this on purpose," Naruto asked as he quickly flipped in mid air to have his feet facing the ground. "This is going to hurt," Naruto said as he neared the ground. When Naruto did land he created a 2 ft crater thanks to his chakra which was able to cushion his fall a bit. "THAT HURT!!!!," Naruto shouted grabbing the attention of a guy who walked over to Naruto.

"A-Are you alright?" the guy asked as he came closer to Naruto. As Naruto got out of the crater he saw the man in front of him to be someone around the age of 30 years old around 6ft tall. He hand on a white lab coat and carried around a huge duffle bag which seemed to be stuffed with scientific equipment.

"I guess you can say that," Naruto said as he sat down and started to massage his legs which absorbed most of the impact from the landing. "I've been through worse so I'll survive," Naruto said as he continued to massage his leg.

"You've been through worse…" the man said causing a sweat drop to form on his head. "As long as you're alright," the man said as he extended his arm for Naruto to grab. "The names Professor Woods," (Making up some random name)

"Thanks, Names Uzumaki Naruto" Naruto said as he grabbed onto his arm pulling himself up. As Naruto got up he looked around to only see another person in the same area. It was a girl around 25 years old. She looked like a normal girl only that she had cat ears and a cat tail. 'Is this some perverts idea?' Naruto asked as he stared shocked at the girl seeing that her tail and ears were moving on their own. "Can you tell me where I am?" Naruto asked, momentarily getting over his shock from seeing the girl.

"Seeing as you fell from the sky I guess you wouldn't know where you are. Right now you're in the Edo league near my research center… although it's still small," Prof. Wood said as he put down his equipment. "In case you're wondering my research deals with the evolution of ronins… so far I haven't gotten that far," Wood said as he sat down dismayed. "But I've gotten farther then most other researchers! I even know of a ronin supposedly in this area right now," Wood said in an excited voice.

"Eh ronin… edo league… girl with cat ears… what's going on here?!?!?" Naruto yelled out as he grabbed his head which was filling with too much new information at one time. 'Kyuubi do you have an idea what's going on?' Naruto asked Kyuubi.

"Actually, I got lost the moment the man started to talk about research," Kyuubi said in an embarrassed voice.

'Great help you are,' Naruto thought sarcastically to Kyuubi who only stuck out his tongue childishly.

"Are you alright?" Wood asked with a look of concern on his face. "And what do you mean you don't know what's going on here?" Wood asked purely confused now.

"How do I say this," Naruto said as he started to ruffle his hair while trying to think of a good answer. "How about I start like this, I'm not from here and I come from someplace really, Really, far away," Naruto said stressing the really part.

"I'm sure you can explain to me where you come from at my lab, Sufi lead the way," Wood said as he picked up his equipment.

"Hai Professor Wood," the cat girl apparently named Sufi said as she walked in front of the two and started to lead them across the rice fields. Going the way Naruto looked around and saw things he saw in his old world. The regular trees, grass, and such, but what he didn't see in his old world were things such as weird girls such as Sufi. The weird things he saw were occasional tamers, as Prof. Wood put it walking mostly with half naked girls. What intrigued him was that not only did they walk with barely enough clothes but they seemed to be used to it as they didn't falter or look around.

'Don't say a word or bring up images,' Naruto thought to Kyuubi as he fought really hard as not to get a nosebleed from walking past another women wearing a really tight ninja suit showing her assets quite easily.

"BAHAHAHAHA you should see the look on your face it's priceless… if I were you I would just enjoy the sight right now," Kyuubi mentally ranted in Naruto's mind.

'Just shut up Baka-kitsune,' Naruto said as they continued walking.

"Speaking of Kitsune look at that," Kyuubi said as he mentally pointed to another girl that walked by.

'What?' Naruto asked as he, on reflex, looked towards were Kyuubi pointed to see a girl that was coming straight at them. The girl in question had fox ears and a fox tail which were red in color, she also had a bit of fur around her body making her look more like a fox. 'A Kitsune?' Naruto thought to Kyuubi.

"I think she is... although she looks like a human also… hot but still confusing," Kyuubi said with mixed emotions.

"Um what?" Naruto asked nervously as the girl stood in front of him and started to sniff him. "Professor Wood?" Naruto asked as he saw the man looking at Naruto with a confused look and a bit of an amused one.

"That's a Feral Kitsune… why would one come here especially this close to a human?" Wood asked a he brought out a note book from his bag and started to scribble madly.

"Um… can I help you?" Naruto asked as he stared at the Kitsune who looked at him in his eyes. For a second Naruto felt his eyes change to the color red before they turned blue again. 'Kyuubi why'd you do that?' Naruto asked as he saw the girl stare at him more intensely now.

"It wasn't me… surprisingly you did that on your own," Kyuubi said a bit shocked.

'I will come back later my lord,' the Kitsune said in a language that Naruto could strangely understand before she started to run off the road and away into the trees nearby.

"What just happened?" Naruto asked as he looked Wood again.

"Don't know but this might get me a bigger laboratory if I can get more information off of this phenomenon," Wood said eagerly as he jotted some more notes down.

"You should stop doing that, you're starting to scare him," the cat girl Sufi said as she walked over to Naruto. "I'm not sure how, but why do you have a similar scent to those of a kitsune?" Sufi asked in an interrogative manner.

Naruto visibly stiffened as he heard this question asked. 'I wonder if I'll be persecuted here also?' Naruto thought to himself as he prepared to speak. "I'll explain it as best as I can when we get to this so called laboratory of yours," Naruto said as he dismissed any more signs of conversation.

"Very well… Professor lets go," Sufi said as she pulled the professor by the neck as she led Naruto to their laboratory.


After 20 minutes of walking through a forest like road they arrived at a 2 story house which was of moderate size. It was surrounded by the woods and the only way to civilization seemed to be through the trees and onto the main road. Now inside of the house Naruto as sitting at the living room on the couch looking around. The house was filled with books and random pieces of paper around the house with half scribbled notes. Other then that the house was pretty clean with now stains or anything anywhere.

"So can you tell us about you then?" Wood asked as he pulled out his note book and a pencil to write with.

"I'm not sure if you guys would believe me even if I told you of me," Naruto said with a defeated voice.

"As long as it's not too farfetched, such as coming from another dimension because you were bored or something then we'll believe you," Sufi said causing Naruto to sigh and slump into the couch even more. "Is it something like that?" Sufi asked causing Naruto to nod.

"The only part that I disagree with a bit is the part of boredom… I came here half because of that and the other half is the reason you smell the scent of a fox on me," Naruto said as he hesitated a bit. "I'm not sure if I should tell you this but… if you guys don't like it I can just leave," Naruto said as he mentally prepared himself to get shunned. "You see in my world I was used as a sacrifice to stop a giant nine tailed demon fox from attacking my village. The problem was that I had the fox sealed inside of me and most people thought I was a living reincarnation of the fox. In the end I was mistreated by most of the villagers and even beat up…" Naruto said as he told the rest of his story to the two (just go with the story of his life, if I wrote his story it would be too long)

"I can understand if you want me to leave," Naruto said as he got up from the couch ready to leave.

"On the contrary Naruto I think you should stay with us since I've just found some great research material," Wood said surprising Naruto a bit. "I mean I could…" Wood began only to stop when Sufi hit him hard with one of the notebooks that lay around the couches.

"What he means to say is that we won't look at you any different just because you have a fox inside of you… In case you're wondering most people wouldn't look at you differently since we've had our share of demons both good and bad," Sufi said while keeping Wood's head down.

"Really?" Naruto asked in a small voice still unsure if they were telling the truth or not.

"Really… now since you're from another world I guess you're wondering about what I am right?" Sufi asked getting a nod from Naruto. "Well since you come from another world… which is kind of hard to believe, I guess is should start how pokegirls came to be. We came to be when a pervert scientist and mage by the name of Sukebe came to be," Sufi began.

"Sukebe… hey that's the name on the scroll," Naruto said as he brought his hand to his cloak and brought out a scroll with the name Sukebe on it.

"Naruto, how'd you get this?" Wood asked in a serious voice.

"It was in my world… and it was the reason why I'm here… I apparently followed the instructions and it caused me to land in this world," Naruto said as he opened up the scroll again. "All it has is some notes and profiles on some women which there are in my world," Naruto said as he held the scroll in his hand.

"Can I see that?" Wood asked as he extended his arm to get the scroll.

"Sure," Naruto said as he tossed the scroll into Wood's hands which fumbled the with the scroll clumsily. "What's the big deal anyway?" Naruto asked as he saw Wood carefully open up the scroll and examine it, without blushing.

"Amazing… these are some of Sukebe's notes before he created some of the Edo type pokegirls," Wood said enthusiastically. "Although some of the print is illegible I should be able to get more information on the pokegirl Ronin," Wood said as he rushed off going off to someplace in the house.

"Eh hem… sorry about that he always does that when something that can help him comes along… and if that is a scroll from Sukebe it should help him out greatly," Sufi said giggling a little. "Oh yes where was I… Ah I was talking about Sukebe… he had created pokegirls, as you today, to go out and kill the human population. Of course the people retaliated and soon a group of people were formed called tamers. They were able to tame the feral pokegirls and use them to help them in the battle. After a while though Sukebe also released a killer disease into the world and that killed millions of people. The bad part of the disease was that women could not reproduce after the disease.

Thankfully there were pokegirls which could reproduce with humans to create either pokekits or regular humans. Because of this humans were able to continue on living even after the disease. Everyone in this world now has pokegirl ancestry which comes along with blood gifts, abilities that help us, and blood curses, abilities that harm us. Then there's how human girls in this world can turn into pokegirl through a process called threshold. This happens to any girl with pokegirl ancestry and tends to happen during their puberty. Some girls get it some girls don't. Now because of the past events pokegirls are part of the norm as you can see and are used in multitudes of contests or battles," Sufi said as she stopped to catch her breath. "Any questions?" Sufi asked as professor Wood came out of one of the rooms with some more notebooks in his hands.

"I heard a few terms that I was unfamiliar with such as feral and taming, can you tell me what those two are?" Naruto asked a bit confused while he heard Kyuubi laughing in his head.

"Well feral pokegirls are ones that were born in the wild and not domesticated. Most are deemed as a threat to society as they can attack bystanders and such. They are less intelligent then tamed pokegirls and act more like a beast then their domesticated counterparts. As for taming, its just another way of saying the word sex," Sufi said in a plain tone which caused Naruto to choke on his own spit.

"S-Sex?" Naruto asked as he tried to regain his breath.

"If that's what you call it in your world," Sufi said calmly. "It's the only way for us Pokegirls to stay tamed and not become feral… either that or we can just have sex with other pokegirls to slow down the process of becoming feral," Sufi said not noticing Naruto pinch his nose and bring his face back.

"This is the perfect world for any man," Kyuubi said in an amazed voice.

'I'm glad that you're enjoying it,' Naruto thought sarcastically as he tried to ignore the images Kyuubi kept sending him of the pokegirls he saw before.

"So any other questions?" Sufi asked as she looked at Naruto.

"No… I think I'm fine," Naruto said as he got up from the couch still pinching his nose. "I'll just walk outside for a bit," Naruto said as he started to leave the building.

"Watch out for ferals," Sufi said as she saw Naruto leave the building.


"What is with this world?" Naruto asked as he started to wander around in the nearby forest.

"Don't know and don't care… I say you should grab yourself one of those pokegirls and have sex with them," Kyuubi said while laughing and sending more images to Naruto's head.

"Just shut up," Naruto said as he leaned against a tree thinking of what had happened. 'At least there's no persecution going on so far,' Naruto thought as he closed his eyes and fell into deep thought.

"Just grab one of those girls, it'll be a chance for you to stop being a bachelor, and from what I've heard it seems you can have more then one," Kyuubi said in a perverted voice.

"Not listening," Naruto said as he used most of his mental shields to block out Kyuubi's rant. While doing so he didn't notice something approach him until he felt something on his shoulder. Opening his eyes Naruto immediately saw a fox girl like the one he saw before. "Gah," Naruto quickly said as he jumped sideways away from the girl who had her head on his shoulder.

'That wasn't very nice,' the girl said in the same voice as last time.

"Who are you and what do you want with me?" Naruto asked calmly as he tried not to stare at her assets which she was blatantly showing off.

'As I said before I have come back my lord,' the Kitsune said as she bowed in front of Naruto. 'You have the scent of a fox and a strong one at that. Not even a Dark Kitsune has as much power as you do,' the girl continued.

"And you know all this from just smelling me?" Naruto asked a bit skeptically.

'Your scent just gives you off as a kitsune… it's the aura you admit that makes me know you are stronger then most,' the girl said as she moved closer to Naruto. 'It's also very hard to resist,' the kitsune said as she started to make suggestive moves towards Naruto.

"Just to tell you I'm no tamer and right now so I don't think I can tame you or anything… besides I don't even know you completely," Naruto said as he put his hands in front of him while stepping backwards.

'Aw you're no fun… well anyway I was one of the kitsune's sent to test you,' the kitsune said as she got into a battle stance, 'let's see if you can match my speed,' the kitsune girl said before she dashed forward at a pretty good speed.

'Pretty good speed if I do say so myself,' Naruto thought as he saw the girl approach him. 'Too easy,' Naruto thought as he sidestepped to avoid her charge. As she came by Naruto then tried to punch her in the stomach, only for the girl to jump over him and land behind him. Reacting quickly Naruto then jumped up, but not fast enough as he received a scratch which ripped through his pant sleeves and into his flesh. "That stings," Naruto said as he landed on a tree branch while looking over the wound done to his leg.

'Then react quicker,' the girl said as she jumped up to Naruto only to see him smirk.

"Gotcha," Naruto said as he jumped straight at her. As soon as he was in distance Naruto disappeared causing the kitsune to go off balance. Looking up she saw 4 Naruto's come straight at her from above. 'What the?' the kitsune said before she felt all four ax kick her sending her flying down to the floor. 'He is strong,' the kitsune thought before she blacked out before she even reached the floor.

"Save," Naruto shouted as he appeared below her catching her while the 4 other Naruto's appeared around him before disappearing in a poof of smoke. "Strongest Kitsune huh?" Naruto said as he gently laid the girl down by a tree before heading back to Wood's house. "I think I'll give this tamer thing a shot," Naruto said ignoring the congratulations and other things Kyuubi was giving him.


"Taming for dummies?" Naruto asked as he looked at the book in front of him. "Am I supposed to read this?" Naruto asked as he then looked at Prof. Wood.

"It would be helpful for you to read that book although I could just register you as a trainer because of my status. But just in case start reading that book," Wood said as he went to another part of his house before tapping away on a computer.

"This is stupid," Naruto said to himself as he started to read the book which he found out was a almost like Icha Icha which received from Jiraya when he became Hokage. "Maximum number of pokegirls until a storage test 6… more junk," Naruto said as he continued reading, not noticing Wood come back with a pokedex and a few pokeballs.

"Catch," Naruto heard Wood say as he turned around to see 7 red objects come his way.

"Gah," Naruto said as he dropped the book he was reading and quickly jumped towards the 7 objects grabbing them with some difficulty. "Why'd you do that?" Naruto asked as he put the 7 objects on the couch next to him.

"Well I thought you were a ninja, and aren't ninja supposed to be able to do stuff like this?" Wood asked in a taunting like manner.

"Ha ha, very funny," Naruto said as he looked at the red machine which looked like a small notebook. "I'm guessing this is the infamous pokedex?" Naruto asked as he held it up.

"Yup, fast reader aren't ya… well you don't need to do anything more to the information since I set it all up thanks to my skills," Wood said as mischievous glint appeared in his eye. "You don't need to know how but I registered you to be a tamer since I thought you wouldn't want to stay idle while in this world. Also I marked you out as one of my helpers who'll help me with my research a bit," Wood said in a proud voice.

"Thanks I guess…" Naruto said as he felt a chill go up his back from Wood's smiling face. "So your research requires a ronin?" Naruto asked as he looked up at Wood.

"One of them, so I would much appreciate if you'd go out and find one… being a ninja you should be able to subdue one quite easily. You'll know if you find a ronin by using your pokedex so you don't need my help now, oh and here take this," Wood said as he tossed to Naruto a cell phone. "I already put my number on it so you can contact us any time. I'd appreciate it if you'd keep us up to date on your travels since I know you're going to go. Also be sure to catch a ronin." Wood said in a happy cocky manner before receiving a hit from Sufi.

"What he means is that he knows you're stronger then you say you are so he won't follow you… technically I don't think I can even go against a ronin since I was mainly trained to do house work," Sufi said as she grabbed Wood by the neck of his shirt and pulled him away. "We'll be busy for now… so come back in a little while," Sufi said in a seductive manner as she pulled Wood into a room.

"Yeah I'll leave for now," Naruto said as he quickly exited the house.

"Aw what's with you? You could've seen a great show," Kyuubi said as he berated Naruto for leaving.


"So where do you think a ronin is?" Naruto asked as he started to go down the road to the area where he had previously met Wood.

"Don't ask me I'm as new to this world as you are," Kyuubi said as he started to stretch out in his cage. "What I do know is that you should get as many sexy pokegirls as you can and have them all service you," Kyuubi began only for Naruto to shut him out.

"Why am I surrounded by perverts?" Naruto asked a he walked down the roan ignoring the passerby's who stared at him curiously. Why he was still wearing his Hokage's robe which was white all around except for the bottom which had a fire design around it. He also had on his bamboo hat which had the words Kage on it in Kanji. As he was walking down the road with only a few other tamers he was soon stopped as a girl in a ninja outfit appeared in front of him with a guy in a similar outfit.

"Fight me," The guy said as he pointed a kunai at Naruto, which shocked the other few tamers who were walking around Naruto .

Naruto unfazed just stared at the guy just judging him. The guy who challenged him was around 15 years old with a cocky face. Although he hid it with a face mask Naruto still saw it in his eyes which were a green color. As for his hair it was jet black and short. He was around 5ft 6in and from his clothes held more weapons underneath them.

"Why should I fight you? I don't even have any pokegirls," Naruto said as he lifted his hands to open his cloak and show his belt which indeed had no Pokeballs.

"I didn't mean your pokegirls I meant you," the guy said as he threw his kunai in front of Naruto's feet. "My kunoichi tells me that you are strong which is strange for a tamer, so I want to test you out," the teen said as he got into a taijutsu stance.

"Look I don't have the time right now… I've already had a rough day so I would be thankful to you if you just moved out of the way," Naruto said getting a little pissed by the attitude of this teen which reminded him of Sasuke.

"You're just scared… looks like my kunoichi was wrong," the guy said as he stared at the girl next to him giving her a death like glare. "Wimps like you couldn't even match the might of the Kazashi clan anyway," As soon as this guy said this most trainers around him stepped back some more while some whispered in low voices which Naruto heard.

"Kazashi clan that's that one clan that specializes in pokebattle's with the trainers. I heard anyone that went against them usually ended up in broken bones and sometimes dead," one person said to another.

"It's that super rich clan… as suspected another clan member is just as spoiled as the others," another said in a spiteful voice.

"Tch… I bet he's just putting on a show," another said as he spat on the ground next to him.

"Well member of the Kazashi clan I'm sorry but I have to go and help Professor Wood in his research by catching a Ronin so I have to hurry," Naruto said as he moved into a jog past the guy and his girl. "Oh and don't go challenging people like that… it can be dangerous," Naruto said as he threw a kunai at his direction which no one saw. Thankfully to the guy his pokegirl did see it and quickly grabbed the kunai in mid air and stashed it away which no one saw.

'That guy is stronger then my master for sure,' the kunoichi thought as she stared at her master with disgust. 'These days people like him give the Kazashi clan a bad name,' the girl thought again as she saw her master about to do something stupid again.

"Well you better run you coward, form the all mighty Jin next successor of the Kazashi clan," Jin yelled only to see Naruto out of sight. "That bastard…" Jin said as he turned to his kunoichi. "Prepare for some torture for lying to me, that is your punishment," Jin said as he gave his pokegirl a kick before grabbing onto her. "Get me back to the manor quickly," Jin said arrogantly.

"Yes master," the kunoichi said in a neutral voice, although her body language said another as they disappeared in a column of smoke.

"Hey didn't that guy say he was going to catch a ronin?" one of the trainers asked as he finally got over his shock of seeing the quarrel.

"He's got to be lying… there hasn't been a feral ronin here for decades… even if this area is the Edo league none have been seen so far. Even tamers with ronin these days are a rare sight," one of the bystanders said.

"So if he does find one and catch it he'll be one of those rare sights," another said.

"As if that will happen," the one who tried to act tough before said before everyone around him started to agree in a murmur.


"Man those kind of guys just get me so pissed off," Naruto yelled as he jumped through the trees, long since abandoning the road.

"Still angry about the Sasuke thing?" Kyuubi asked as Naruto increased his speed jumping around in the trees.

'Its just that his attitude… I guess you can say it gives off this I'm more superior then you because I was born this way, and you can't be as superior as me,' Naruto thought as he jumped down to the forest floor. 'And he had to be that way when we defeated Akatsuki… girl hog,' Naruto thought as he remembered the girls flocking towards Sasuke. Then there was that one time when Naruto was about to enter the hot spring with Sasuke to relax when he heard Sasuke scream and run out with a bunch of rabid fangirls after him. Thinking about it closely Naruto actually didn't want to attract girls… to Sasuke's degree. Naruto thought as he started to laugh.

"I gotta agree… girls are all right but once you have your own fan club with rabid girls that will chase you everywhere that's no fun," Kyuubi said as he sighed. "If only I was free," Kyuubi said as he looked a the bars that barred his freedom.

'No can do Kyuubi… at least not until I figure out a way to control the seal more,' Naruto thought as he reached into his cloak and undid a seal causing a katana to come out. "You gotta admit Tenten's good at choosing weapons," Naruto said as he held the 4ft Katana in his hands. It was lightweight thanks to some seals that Naruto had put on it while another seal made it radiate a bright blue color. "I haven't practiced in a long time," Naruto said as he started to do some practice swings with his katana.

"I wonder if I'll find a ronin here? The professor did say there was one sighted here," Naruto said as he practiced some more. 'An attack?' Naruto thought as he turned around and held his sword up to block a downward slash aimed at his head. When Naruto got a good look of his attacker he saw a girl no older then 17 with a bokken. She had on a white kimono shirt with a red kimono bottom and was around 5ft 7in. Her hair was dark black and was tied in a single ponytail which reached to her waist. As for her other assets from Naruto's eyes he saw her boobs were around a B-cup but Naruto could see a bit of bandaging around them. "A ronin?" Naruto asked as he jumped back and pulled out his pokedex.

Ronin, the Sword-Fighter Pokegirl Level 17
Type: Very Near human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare in Edo League, unknown other leagues
Diet: human style diet
Role: warrior
Libido: Low (increases when they find a Tamer that they like and trust)
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Bonk, Slash, Cut, Sword Dance, Focus Energy
Enhancements: Increased speed and stamina. Can summon weapons.
Evolves: Samurai (mechanism unknown - may be unique)
Evolves From: Slicer (normal)
Ronins are among the best pokegirls when it comes to fighting with weapons. The role of Ronins in Sukebe's army was part of a special striking group, it was small in numbers, but very quick and strong, which made them hard targets and excellent fighters at the same time. After the Revenge War, however, the majority of the surviving original team of fighters relocated somewhere in the Edo League.
These pokegirls were eventually found by the first generation of Edo-league Tamers to go out into the world after the end of the war. Most of these Tamers were found to be unworthy of Taming the Ronin, however, and a few Tamers were killed before the League got the idea. The Ronin dispersed, taking their training and ways to other parts of the league. A few may have even left the Edo league as well, but no matter where they go, Ronin are rare.
It wasn't until sometime in 254 AS that Slicer pokegirls were discovered by a Researcher to evolve into a Ronin. Even after so many years, few Ronin ever bothered to show themselves to even worthy Tamers. With this revelation about the much more common Slicer's evolution into a Ronin, many Tamers have begun to tame and train their Slicers in an effort to evolve her into a Ronin. The Ronin, being rather legendary when it comes to their training and abilities with bladed weapons, are an honored addition to any Harem.
Depending on the level of the Ronin, it can summon different weapons. From levels 1 to 15, a Ronin can summon a shinai (a bamboo sword). From levels 16 to 30, they can summon a bokken (a wooden sword). From level 31 and up, a Ronin can summon a katana. When they can only use a shinai or a bokken, Ronins don't have access to the slash and cut attacks. A Ronin can only summon one weapon at a time. Ronin do not bother to use anything other than eastern-style medieval swords, finding other weapons to be inferior to any others that they might have used when they used to be a Slicer.
Ronins have an innate rivalry with Kunoichi. It is likely that because the Kunoichi were more successful during the Revenge War that this rivalry exists. However, it is also speculated that the reason is more mindset-oriented than anything else. Ronin live by their own code of honor, and believe that the Kunoichi's more 'sinister' and 'stealthy' ways are more dishonorable than anything else. Kunoichi, on the other hand, don't seem to see anything wrong with doing what they excel at. Ronin are direct, Kunoichi are subtle. The few confrontations between the two breeds have shown that the Ronin actively pursue this rivalry, whereas the Kunoichi try to let it slide. And so, the rivalry goes on.

"Wow a Ronin actually came," Naruto said in a shocked voice as he stared at his opponent. "Wonder why?" Naruto asked as he saw the girl approach him again wielding her bokken at a level that pared with most Jounin Ninjas. Naruto not wanting to be outdone charged at her also with his katana ready to meet her. When they were 4 feet apart Naruto slashed horizontally, surprisingly for Naruto the girl blocked his slice and the bokken was still in tact.

"Strong sword," Naruto said as he continued on the offensive by trying to slash at her side. The girl in question flawlessly defended against his attacks although she struggled against the force that Naruto used behind his attacks. Pretty soon Naruto cornered her against a tree as she kept on back stepping to reduce the impact of Naruto's attack. What Naruto didn't expect was for a few swords to surround her and spin knocking Naruto back a few feet.

"Opening," the girl said as she dashed towards Naruto at a faster speed then before and went on the offensive forcing Naruto into the defensive.

'This girl is pretty strong,' Naruto thought as his hands actually started to get raw from the vibrations the girls bokken sent through his sword.

"Brat stop holding back and show her whose boss," Kyuubi said in an agitated voice as he saw his container continuously get pushed back.

"Fun times over," Naruto said suddenly confusing the ronin for a split second giving Naruto enough time to jump back far enough so the girl wouldn't reach him in time. "Reduce gravity to 4X," Naruto said as he held out his hands. Soon blue letters appeared on his clothing which moved around a bit before they disappeared. While Naruto was doing this though the ronin was not idle as she had steam rising from her body. 'Focus energy?' Naruto thought as she saw the girl with a more lively expression.

"This blow ends it I guess," Naruto said as he held his katana with both hands before putting it in front of him which the ronin copied. The two stood still as if waiting, not caring about anything as they just stared each other down. As if given an invisible signal both dashed at each other at considerable speeds before they appeared on the other side of each other with their swords raised. They held this positing for a few seconds before Naruto leaned on his knee, his chest bleeding a bit. "I win," Naruto then said as the ronin fell down to the ground, her shinai cut into pieces and her clothes frayed a bit.

"Nice fight," Naruto said weakly as he walked over to the girl, who had on a submissive face. "Hope you don't mind too much but I'm going to capture you now," Naruto said as the girl put on a face of understanding. As soon as Naruto said that he pulled out one of his pokeballs and tapped the girl with it. As soon as both the ronin and ball made contact the girl turned into some kind of red beam which shot into the pokeball.

"Caught a Ronin… nice," Naruto said as he sat down resting a bit. "She damaged me quite a bit," Naruto said as he touched the gash he had across his chest. 'Is this going to leave a scar?' Naruto thought.

"A small one, it will still be there but small," Kyuubi said not concerned at all.

'All right,' Naruto thought as he got up and started to stretch a bit. 'That book about taming did say something about pokecenters… it should be in a town… where is a town though?' Naruto thought as he looked around only to see more trees. "I guess I can travel in the trees to save some time," Naruto said as he jumped up and started to jump in the direction in where he though he had come from.


"Where's the Pokecenter?" Naruto asked a bystander as he entered a town called Shinto.

"It's that building with the orange roof top," the man said as he pointed to the building which was in front of him and said Poke Center on it.

"Oh," Naruto said embarrassed a bit for not noticing a building like that. "Thanks," Naruto quickly said as he entered the building. Inside he saw a few people around, some with their pokegirls that were inadequately clothed. 'Perverted world,' Naruto thought as he reached the desk which apparently was the one he had to go to.

"Hello what kind I do for you?" a women asked with vivid pink hair.

'Pink hair…' Naruto thought as he stared at the women before snapping back into reality. "I would like this pokegirl to go into a healing cycle please," Naruto said hoping he said the right words.

"Can I please see your pokedex and the pokeball?" the Nursejoy asked as she held out her hand.

"Oh sure," Naruto said as he gave the two items to nurse who opened up his dex and looked at his information.

"So you're the boy that Professor Wood told me about… I see you've caught the pokegirl that he needs, I hope you take good care of her," the nursejoy said as she handed back the dex to Naruto. "Please wait for a few moments after I give you back your pokegirl since Professor Wood asked me to give you something," Nursejoy said as she went to a back table to put his pokeball on something.

"Alright," Naruto said as he sat down on a couch ignoring the stares he was receiving. 'When will people learn not to stare?' Naruto thought as he closed his eyes and relaxed.

"Um… are you all right?" Naruto heard a guy say right next to him.

"Huh?" Naruto asked as he opened his eye to see a teenager around 16 years old looking at him with a bit of concern.

"Why do you ask?" Naruto asked as he lazily lied back again to relax.

"Well your torso is covered in blood, and you have a slash mark on your shirt," the guy said as he pulled out a pokeball. "I could get out my Megami to heal you," the guy offered.

"Nah I'm fine… the names Naruto by the way," Naruto said as he stood up shocking the guy.

"I'm Tom, a watcher," the guy said as he pulled out a notebook.

'Another Prof. Wood...' Naruto thought as he saw him look through his book.

"By the way how did you get that?" Tom asked as other tamers started to scoot in to listen to what Naruto had to say.

"Eh… this slash, I received it from a ronin," Naruto said which caused mostly all the tamers in the poke center to surround him.

"Where did you meet her?"

"How did you survive?"

"Did you loose any pokegirls?"

"Did she look hot?" Were some questions asked by the crowd that surrounded him as each were eager to get his question answered.

"Gah… get away," Naruto said as he felt uncomfortable with how the guys started to surround him. (You would too if 10+ guys started to surround you and pester you). "Don't you have anything better to do then ask questions like this?" Naruto asked as he saw their eyes which clearly said no.

"A poke center is a place to gather information… and most of these tamers here gathered here to catch that one ronin that was reported to be around this area," Tom said as he too had come here to catch the elusive ronin. "Most tamers that went out to find her came back with frayed clothes or worse," Tom said as he remembered tamer after tamer coming in all bloodied up.

"Well good luck trying to catch her then," Naruto said as he saw Nursejoy done with the healing cycle. "If you'll excuse me," Naruto said as he pushed his way through the crowd of tamers to reach Nursejoy.

"Your pokegirl is completely healed… although I would recommend that you put her through a level 3 taming cycle," Nursejoy said as she handed the pokeball back to Naruto.

"Nah… she didn't seem that feral enough that she lost her ability to speak or know who's boss," Naruto said as he put the pokeball by his belt which stuck to it. "So what am I to receive?" Naruto asked as he looked at Nursejoy expectantly.

"I told the Professor of what you did and he congratulates you… he sent some money into your pokedex which you can access and you've been given access to the rooms in the pokecenter," Nursejoy said s she bowed.

"Do you have sleeping areas?" Naruto asked which the Nurse just smiled at.

"Trying to tame her already? Alright, right this way," Nursejoy said before Naruto could protest that he was going to tame her.

"Alright," Naruto said as he let out a sigh and followed the nurse to the room. It was quite a spacious room, larger then the one he had as a kid. There were some basic commodities and even a Tv across from the bed… the only bed in the room.

"Don't worry, we clean the rooms in the pokecenter everyday so you don't need to worry about it. Now I'll leave you two alone," the nurse said as she smiled and left the room.

"Even the girls are perverted here," Naruto said as he sweatdropped.

"This is the perfect world!!!!" Kyuubi yelled in Naruto's mind as he started to sing in joy.

'Kyuubi, shut up,' Naruto thought to Kyuubi before he cut the connection so Kyuubi couldn't bother him anymore. 'Might as well get some information out of this new pokegirl,' Naruto thought as he reached to his belt and through the poke ball in front of him. There was a red light before it manifested into the ronin in which he had fought before. She stood before him with a small puzzled look, but other then that she stood innocuously.

"Are you well my lord?" Naruto heard the girl ask shocking Naruto a bit.

"Lord?" Naruto asked as the girl nodded and kneeled in front of him.

"There are not many tamers in this area who could match up to your skills. All the other tamers I have fought used pokegirls, when they were defeated most just ran away in fear," the ronin said as she paused for a bit. "You are the first who stood up to me and actually beat me in a sword fight, my lord," the ronin said a bit slowly.

"I see…" Naruto said as he rubbed his chin. "So how come you don't display what feral girls usually display as they said in this book?" Naruto asked as he pulled out the 'Taming for Dummies,' book.

"I…" the girl started before blushing a bit. "I sometimes visit the shrines which have shine maidens in them and with them lower my need to release myself," the girl said as he face turned an even darker shade of red.

It took a while before Naruto understood what she said and started to blush. "Well putting that aside what are you going to do now?" Naruto asked as he blushed a bit.

"I will follow you my lord, but first I will see how you are," the ronin said as she quickly regained her composure.

"Oh so you're going to judge me? Fair enough… by the way the names Uzumaki Naruto," Naruto said causing the girl to blush again.

"Uzumaki-dono gomen nasai, my name is Motoko," the girl said as she lowered her head expecting some kind of punishment as she heard that tamers give to misbehavior from one of the shrine maidens who had a tamer before.

"None taken, besides even I forgot to introduce myself," Naruto said as he stuck out his tongue and rubbed the back of his head.

'Is this guy really a tamer?' Motoko thought as she looked up at her new master with confusion and bafflement. 'This is not what the shrine maidens described tamers to be, they said they were cruel, and mean. Why is he so different?' Motoko thought as she saw her tamer turn on the T.V.

"You can take the bed if you want, between you and me I don't want to go with the whole taming thing yet so we'll wait I guess," Naruto said as he sat in a chair and started to surf the channels.

'That's good,' Motoko thought a bit disappointed at not getting tamed since she had always wondered what was so good about being tamed by a human. 'I'll just take a quick nap,' Motoko thought as she climbed into the bed and soon fell asleep.

"They're not so different from us humans after all," Naruto said as he continued surfing through the T.V. channels only to find porn and more porn on it. "Perverted world," Naruto said as he continued flipping through the channels.

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