Destined For Eternity

-The Opening -

I died with a smile that couldn't be seen.

But oh was it there inside of me.

It was all so obvious.

But you all were too oblivious.

I died with a smile inside of me.


One day you'll see.

That I died with a victory.


And certain that…

Sam Winchester was very special to me…and unique in a way…

In which told me,

That he will remain different for eternity.

I laugh at what you all can't see.

For that bricks of stone blind you.

But know that that Bricks of stone aren't alone.

For there is a door in between them.

One door that has a story.

One door that can solve a mystery.

Just one turn of the handle,

And you'll be there.

Where the answer is unlocked with a simple key.

Which so happens to be a drop of blood,

And then you'll see.