Destined For Eternity

Chapter 1: Just Another Nightmare?

Confusion. Every little second went by slowly as more and more uncertainty inflated me… What's happening? I don't understand this at all… I thought that I would easily fall asleep and wake up the next morning and be back on the road with Dean and the Impala. Unfortunately what I expected most likely wasn't going to occur…and it frightened me…

Illusion. Eventually the darkness that was surrounding me started twisting and turning merging and blending in with a misty white vapor. While more shadows came into sight images began to appear. A forest. After looking more carefully I noticed flames arising from the forest floor. It was a wildfire.


What?! Who's there?!


What do you want?!

Sam…Sam, help me…



Suddenly everything went quiet. The fire had also vanished and the woods were now shades of blue, green, and violet instead of the reddish fiery color it had been before. Then Out of nowhere a tall women with locks of gold dressed in a long silky-smooth pearl white dress with a laced neckline and bright eyes with a fair rosy face appeared deeper in the forest walking this way. The more she walked it seemed as though she skipped meters. As the women got closer Sam noticed that she wasn't walking that fast but instead found that her image was going in and out like sewing a needle into a cloth and pulling it out again only instead of the girl actually remaining in sight she would disappear for a couple of seconds before returning back to walking again.


Wait a minute…I've heard that voice before…


Sam could see the women's features better now and the thought of who it was stunned him.




Jess! Sam shouted as Jess's figure began to disappear.

You weren't there…why? Why didn't you tell me?

I couldn't Jess-I-I'm sorry.

Jess's image began fading again.



Sam Winchester woke up from his sleep abruptly. Drenched in sweat and with his heart ripping through his chest he felt drained and a little disoriented. After he got a hold of himself he went to the bathroom and soaked his face with chilled water. The minute he re-entered the room he and Dean were sharing he felt a pain rapidly take hold of his skull in which caused the room to start spinning. Sam put his hand on the wall to balance himself and prevent himself from falling. Right when he did that Dean woke up and turned his way to see him leaning on a wall with his hands on the sides of his head.

"Dude, you all right?" Dean asked, in a concerned sluggish voice.

"Yeah," Sam shook his head. "I-I'm fine."

"You sure?" asked Dean.

"…Uh huh…" Sam said adding a nod, with at least one hand still grasping the right side of his head.

"…Ok." Said Dean.

"Hey Dean?" asked Sam.


"You got any pain killers?"