Regretting the Fault


Regret is all that I have imagined and more. I should have known to expect it, I should have prepared for that rejection. However, the foolish side kept whispering, speaking, telling me, that everything works out. In addition, I, the novelist, the literary master, believed one of my own novelistic lies. This is where it all started…


It started with a girl, who liked a boy. How could the beginning of any story be quite as simple?

She was simple, he was simple…They were the same






They weren't.

He shaped metal, she shaped words, how different could they get? He wielded a hammer, she a pen, and yet, they were the same.

Six days a week, visit her, visit him.

Talk Laugh

Share Sing

Touch Kiss

He thought…

It was too much…

She thought

It wasn't enough.

Complete opposites, yet, clearly, the same.

She regretted the day that she didn't stop him from going to the other girl. She should have grabbed his hand and told him in a minute, that she, Mary Mancuso, loved him. Yet, the courage was not there. The voice, the whisper, the romance in her novel told her, that he would always come back to her.

His best friend

The holder of secrets

The girl who loved him


She was just another boy to him after that.

Her novel was wrong. The writing just sketched. The pen always told a lie.


So, I wait in the doorway every day, staring down the street, just waiting for the touch, the kiss, the love…

That will never come.

Because I, didn't stop him.

Because I, never told him.

Because I never mentioned…

That we could be more than friends should

He always walks in the store, with her.

Hands holding each other

Voices with loving quality

His hand on her waist

Her hand on his back

And I congratulate the two of them. And I praise how perfect they are. And I proclaim the title of just friends.

I don't think that he realizes my regret.

I don't think he realizes, that,

If five years ago, I had grabbed his hand…

That would be him and I instead of my two best friends…

Holding and kissing, on that solo park bench…

Five years later, while they kiss and I buy the coffee like a good friend…

I still regret that I missed out…

I still regret that she's not me…

I still regret living as if he'll come back…

I still regret that...

...This was My Fault...




I have been "Re-playing More Friends Of Mineral Town"

And I always feel bad for Mary because I'm always best friends with mary and then I marry Gray.


Today I got married to Gray and I felt like such a betrayer...

Though, I keep having to convince myself that it's just a game...

But oh well, I love Mary,

The Angst...

I love it!

She really does deserve better...

Maybe I should marry Rick... It wouldn't really make me feel bad because

Karen doesn't like me because I feed her weeds...

Anyway, my newest one-shot. Look on my profile to see when my updates wil be and so forth.

I'm re-writing Les Phantom,

and in the process writing a new piece of fanfiction

Au Revoir,