A while back I was randomly struck with inspiration to write a poem about Susan Pevensie. The concept was simple, the imagery and wording came quite easily, and almost before I was finished, I had the words for a companion piece about Ani Kenobi from my SW epic, The muse said that there was a third one, however a fandom was not forthcoming so I put them aside. Recently, the latest episode of Bionic Woman gave me my third fandom. So, here we go. This is the first of three poems in three fandoms.



She remembers a golden mane
Coarse to touch, but safe.
Showers of light when he shook his head
And a roar that shook the earth and shook her soul and tore the world itself with truth.
Where is he now?
How did she lose him?
How did she come to this place
Full of meaningless revelry
Hollow laughter
Empty promises
Love unmet, unkept, and skin deep
She thirsts for love that shakes the earth again
She remembers parting words.

"You must learn to know me by another name."

She whispers, hardly daring.

She hears a promise, soft like a whisper against her skin
That shakes the earth again.

"I will never leave you, nor forsake you."