True Love breaks the spell:

A/N: This is the way I wanted Alexis to break the societies Control, I hated it when she was in the Society of Light she was a real bi-atch and Alexis isn't like that. So with that in mind I wrote this, it takes place after the duel with Chazz, and few days after the fact as well.

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Chapter 1: The lover's confession

At Slifer Red:

"Don't you guys see? I'm glad I lost" Alexis words still rang in Jaden's head. There was no way that Alexis would have liked losing a duel. No matter what she was never satisfied with second best, and he just knew something was very wrong. Chazz had done something very evil to her, he must have brainwashed her, turning her against her true friends. "ALEXIS!" Jaden screamed in his dorm room, throwing himself out of bed, his nightmares had been getting worse as the days that followed Alexis' conversion to the Society rolled on. He wished he could have told her how he felt. How much she meant to him, how much he loved her. (Wow I just took a line from Chazz-anova, Episode 47 season 1, I need better material.)

She was everything to him, a great duelist, a beautiful woman, and now he was losing her. She'd become Cold and distant, her once warm and open heart, had become dark and frozen, and to make it worse she was taking it out on everyone, even Jaden. I know she loves me Jaden thought to himself, nothing can break us apart, I promised to always protect her, and how did I repay her, I stood by and just let her turn to that evil! Jaden began to silently cry, this was something that was very new to him, this feeling of deep passion, to something other than his cards, Alexis was all that mattered now, he had to get her back.

"I'll save you Alexis, I promise" Jaden sobbed, "I won't let that evil society take over my true friend, I know you're in there somewhere and I'm gonna find you." Syrus woke up, "Hey Jay who ya talking to?" The blue-haired Ra asked, "Oh no one Sy" Jaden stammered, he hadn't realized that he was talking out loud, "Ok then" Syrus said in that disbelieving tone, "but if you wanna talk, you know" "Yeah Sy thanks bud" Jaden said his voice was quaking. "Hey Sarge" the muscle bound Hassleberry said jumpin out of bed, "everythin all right?" "Yes" Jaden answered with a little more irritation in his voice. God I said I'm ok I'm ok, but I'm not Ok, I know I'm not ok, I gotta save her, I can't live without her he felt it rising out of him, he couldn't contain it any longer.

"Alright, guys I'll level with ya, No I'm not ok" Jaden answered, "now listen, ever since I got here, I thought all I wanted to do was win duels, and maybe one day take on Yugi himself, then I met her, Alexis Rhodes, the most beautiful, wonderful, caring, smart, woman I'd ever seen, an Obelisk yes, but I really didn't care, I knew I wanted her, to hold her, to be near her, to love her, I'm in love with Alexis guys, I can't help it, if given the chance, I'd give up dueling just to be with her."

The 2 roomies looked dumbfounded, there was no way that this was actually Jaden, Hassleberry jumped at him and began shaking his body, "WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE SARGE?! JAY COME BACK JAY I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!" "Stop it" Syrus pleaded, "it's still Jay but he's in love for the first time, trust me I know how it feels" Syrus blushed, "Umm Jay, listen, Alexis has been really cruel since that duel with Chazz, she doesn't seem like the same woman, she's gone man I'm sorry to say it but she's our enemy now."

"I know guys but maybe there's one thing I can do to save her, I'm going out for a while, don't follow me this is something I have to do on my own." Jaden winked and left the 2 in the dorm still dumbfounded. I'll save you Alexis, not with Cards, not with disks, but my heart I'll tell you how I feel, I know I can break through to you. Syrus and Hassleberry just climbed back into bed, and then shot a glance back to the desk, Jaden had left his deck sitting there, he wasn't gonna duel Alexis he was going to try to talk her back to her oldself.

At the White dorm:

"ALL HAIL THE LIGHT, ALL HAIL THE LIGHT" The brainwashed students shouted together, "Yes my children" Sartorious sneered, "give yourselves to the light, and be re-born" Sartorious let out an evil laugh, "Now there's a certain duelist that I need to join our little group Jaden Yuki, he needs to be shown the light" Sartorious snickered, "Now go and find him." With that the students left to find the chosen duelist.

All except for Alexis, she went to her room. She was still getting used to her, new life, how could I have been so blind, how could I not have seen how the light? it was all Jaden's fault, he kept me from the truth, I'll never forgive him this was her head talking, but there was still good in her heart, You don't mean that Alexis, you know you're in love with Jaden, you know he feels the same… Oh stop it, The society is the only truth you've ever had, don't listen to that idiotic voice of love, what's love anyways? Another word for pain, that's all love is Alexis couldn't keep herself straight, had she really been brainwashed? Or was it just her eyes had been opened and she still had her doubts? She was in such an emotional frenzy, she didn't see Jaden enter the room.

"Alexis" Jaden said, Alexis spun around, "Jaden?" Alexis said icily, "What a fortunate surprise this is" Alexis sneered, "I suppose you're here to join us, you've finally come to your senses haven't you Jaden?" Jaden looked directly into her eyes, "Alexis I'll never join the Society of Light, not in a million years, and you know what? You wouldn't either" Jaden shot back,

Alexis gave him an angry glare, "Yeah right Jaden, don't you see, my eyes are open, I can finally see the truth, master Sartorious was right, I was missing a huge part of my life, before I joined up with the Society, and now it's complete, I don't need you and I certainly don't need anyone else." Each of those words hit Jaden, like a ton of bricks, "YOU DON'T MEAN THAT LEX!" Jaden screamed at her, "Yeah right Dork" Alexis shot back, "I've had enough talk now let's duel" she lit up her duel disk.

"Lex?" Jaden asked, "do you see a duel disk on my wrist?" Jaden asked. "Do you see my deck with me?" "I didn't come here to duel, I came here to confess to you" Alexis shot another glare, "Yeah right, go back to your pit of a dorm get your disk and deck then I'll talk to you"

Alexis said, "until then I don't wanna hear from you, but you know what, Master Sartorious will be happy to know you're here" Alexis went to go alert Sartorious, "ALEXIS STOP!" Jaden shouted again, "look at me, It's Jaden, don't you remember me?" "There's something I need to tell you" "Save it Dork" Alexis said, "I'm not talking to you, but you'll be talking to master Sartorious" Alexis went to leave again, "Alexis" Jaden said, "Look deep in my eyes, and try to remember, don't you remember?" "Alexis, I'm…I'm… I'm





Jaden blurted out, Alexis took a step back, she stammered "N-no you're not!" "You're trying to blind me again, you don't love me!" Those words stung Jaden but he kept on with the speech, "You know it's true Alexis, and I know you feel the same way about me!"

"No I don't!" Alexis said, "I only love the.." Jaden grabbed her shoulders, and pressed his lips hard against hers, she fought him at first, until that same voice came through from her heart, I don't need this society, I have him, he's right, Sartorious is evil, her brain came through with other ideas throw him off, throw him off, he's trying to keep you blind to the truth, he's not your friend, he's your enemy, her emotions were a flurry. All of a sudden she realized her heart was right.

He loves me, he loves me, that's all I ever wanted from him, for him to tell me he loves me, and I love him, NO NO her brain shouted, but she'd long since put her brain on the back burner, and began to kiss Jaden. It was quite an intense moment, pure passion, and nothing more, but still Alexis' heart began to warm again, the ice around it had melted. Finally they broke the kiss, Alexis looked lovingly at Jaden, "Jaden... I.. I… I didn't know that I meant that much to you" the icy glare that she'd started with was gone, replaced by her usual beautiful look of confidence.

"Well Lex, you've been one of if not my best friend since I met you." "I'd never let anything happen to you, I made that promise a long time ago and now you're back" Jaden said his heart was on cloud 9, "I'm in love with you too Jaden, the Society tried to take that away from me" Alexis continued, "but you came to me, and saved me, thank God for you Jaden Yuki."

Tears started to form in her eyes, "How could you take me back after these past few days, I've called you names, I've insulted your friends, how…" Jaden just placed his fingers over her lips, and kissed her again, "you mean that much to me Lex, I'd forgive you for anything wrong you did." He wiped the tears off her face and kissed her cheeks, "I love you Alexis, I always have, and I always will." Another kiss ensued, but it was broken by a commotion downstairs, "I don't care, we have to show everyone the light," Chazz snarled,

"Oh no it's Chazz, run Jaden" Alexis said almost pushing him out the window. "Not without you, stay with me Alexis" Jaden said, "I'll keep you from this evil, please just stay with me" Alexis nodded, and they both made their way down the tree branches, and onto the grass below, off to the Slifer Red dorm. Alexis was finally free, she was with Jaden, and she had her heart back, what more could she want?

Chazz heard the lovers on the balcony, "HOW COULD SHE LEAVE ME?" Chazz Seethed, "I LOVE HER, NOT JADEN, SHE'D SEEN THE LIGHT, HOW'D SHE GO FOR THAT DORK?" Chazz raged like a wildfire, "I'll get her back, and if I have to I'll kill Jaden to do it!" With that he went to find Master Sartorious, Jaden would pay with his life for this.

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