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Chapter 3: Comatose

Bang! The loud gunshot still rang in the ears of Alexis Rhodes, keeping her in a mild state of shock though she was feeling better since the helicopter arrived. She stayed right at Jaden's side throughout the entire trip to the hospital, the others just sat in dumfounded at Alexis' showing of emotion for Jaden. Jaden still lay unconscious and the machine he was hooked up to was monitoring his health. If only I had been strong, if only I hadn't gotten distracted by all of Chazzs' talk we wouldn't be in this mess! Alexis thought to herself, the tears were still staining her cheeks, and she wanted so much for this nightmare to be over and to have Jaden open his beautiful brown eyes again. She grasped his hand tightly hoping he would grasp back and that he would recover before they got to the hospital. It was to no avail, Jaden was still unconscious but got a chuckle out of everyone when he muttered something about a trap card. Even Alexis had to laugh at that, even after being shot his mind was still on dueling, and it was also a good sign that there was some brain activity. But everyone knew there was still a long way to go and Jaden was still a long way from being safe.

Meanwhile, on a plane not too far away from the air lift helicopter, Sartorious still sat with his head in his hands. Though part of him liked the fact Jaden was shot, most of him realized how far things had gone and how much he was to blame for this. Small tears fell out of his eyes, he couldn't believe that the one duelist able to defy destiny might be gone before he [Sartorious could test him. Yet there was much more than just a test at stake, Sartorious knew that Jaden was an extremely gifted young man, in fact, part of him longed for Jaden to consider Sartorious a friend. The light of destruction part that controlled him though continuously tried to get Sartorious to reconsider his idea of visiting Jaden. This is our chance to take the world by force the light said inside his brain, turn around now and we can show everyone the light. But that voice seemed so distant and it seemed to cruel to try a cheap stunt like that when there was obviously no one else who could oppose him. While these thoughts raced through his head a phone rang.

"Hello" Sartorious answered, "OK tell me right now what's going on Sartorious!" barked Aster Phoenix on the other side. "Why did you take off in such a rush, yes I knew it was your plane, so where are you headed?" asked Aster impatiently, "Aster please" Sartorious voice came over his end of the phone. "I need to tell you something" Sartorious cleared his throat, "The reason I took off in such a rush, well it's Jaden you see…" Sartorious felt a tremor arise in his voice, his arm began to shake next, his stomach knotted, what he'd forgotten to realize in his haste was that no one at the hospital would be too happy to see him. "Sartorious you still there?" Aster asked again, "Yes sorry Aster, where was I?" Sartorious asked, he'd forgotten where he'd left off, "You were saying something about Jaden Sartorious, what was it?" Aster continued to question, "Right, Jaden well you see Aster Jaden has been shot, by Chazz Princeton." Aster dropped the phone and clutched his chest as his heart seemed to get a burning sensation. He regained himself and went back to the phone.

"Wha-What'd you say?" Aster choked out, still in disbelief of what had just transpired. "Aster Jaden's been shot, he's unconscious" Sartorious reiterated, "I'm going to the hospital too!" Aster said on the other line, "NO please wait…" Sartorious ordered, but it was too late the line had gone to a dial tone so Aster was well on his way to the hospital by boat. "Oh dear" Sartorious spoke, "how can I even face those students? They're all going to blame me for this as well they should, especially Alexis." "Pilot!" Sartorious snapped to the cockpit, "how much longer until we are there?" he asked, "I don't know sir" the pilot responded, "barring any major complications I'd say about an hour." Sartorious drew in a deep breath, and exhaled, crossing his arms behind his head "Very good pilot, stay on this course" "Yes sir" the pilot answered. Sartorious shut his eyes, and pondered how he could explain all of this to the friends of Jaden Yuki.

Below Sartorious Asters boat hummed quietly in the water treading a long at a steady pace. Even Aster had to wonder, why he was going to visit Jaden. He really didn't like him all that much, though he'd gained a lot of respect for Jaden after he lost to him a few weeks ago. He still vividly remembered that duel, Jaden's new monsters that no one had ever heard of before. His contact fusion, that seemed to be unfair but was "totally legit", and the way he was able to pull out the victory with his special spell card and increase the strength of his Flare Neos, to defeat Asters Dogma. These memories made it hard for Aster to concentrate, he was infuriated by the loss and at the same time he was almost happy Jaden beat him. Jaden had reminded him of how much fun dueling was and how great it was to be a pro-duelist. Not just any pro-duelist, but a world renowned one, after all he was Aster Phoenix, the best duelist on the pro circuit, and never once was beaten that was until Jaden Yuki came along.

He hoped Jaden would be OK, though Jaden was immature and could be a real thorn in his side, Aster knew Jaden was just trying to be a friend to him, and what was so wrong with that? Aster chastised himself, for being so snobbish around Jaden and his friends, he wished he could take back every mean and hurtful thing he'd said during their 2 duels together, as his ship continued through the ocean towards the hospital.

At the Hospital:

The Helicopter landed atop the hospital rather roughly jolting everyone on board, causing them to be thrown from their seats though Jaden stayed put being strapped down. When they landed 2 doctors came out and greeted the passengers, along with 2 nurses who quickly lifted Jaden out of the Helicopter and on to a gurney. The head doctor came up first to address the group of students, "What do we have?" he asked, "Hello Doc, Sergeant first class Hassleberry code name Tyrano here reportin for duty, my pal here got shot by another guy named Chazz in the left shoulder" the doctor went over to examine the wound, "it looks like a clean shot right through the left shoulder, my early prognosis is that he probably won't be able to use it ever again" this caused everyone to gasp. The doctor went back to the wound, and saw the scarf wrapped tightly around it, "hmmm… who did this?" he asked, Alexis stepped forward.

"I did sir, Alexis Rhodes" she answered the doctor starred at her "a job well done Ms. Rhodes, this tourniquet you've established not only saved him from loss of blood but also you may have prevented him from losing mobility in his arm." "Well I care for him very deeply doctor" Alexis blushed, she couldn't believe she just said that in front of all those people, the doctor nodded, "Alright people let's get him into surgery" with that the doctor and 2 nurses grabbed the gurney and began to move it, Alexis latched on but was stopped by the doctor. "I'm sorry miss, but I'll have to ask you to wait with your friends, you've helped out enough, let the professionals take it from here." Alexis shook her head, "No doctor, I'm sorry but I'm not leaving his side for a second!" she would have been dragged into the O.R. (Operating Room), if Atticus had not come up behind her. "Sis" Atticus began "you've done all you can, the doctors have to take it from here, if you're there you'll only get in the way" She turned to her big brother with glistening eyes, "How could you say that Atti? I can't lose him, I need him, please don't stop me." She tried again, to go with Jaden's body, but was this time grabbed at the waist by Atticus who had to forcibly restrain her.

She kicked and punched at Atticus and screamed at him to let her go, but it was too late, they'd already taken Jaden into the hospital. Alexis began to weep uncontrollably, Atticus wrapped her in an embrace, which calmed her nerves. She was still shaking, her head was full of doubts, Would Jaden live? Would they be able to save his arm? Would he ever be able to Duel again? All these thoughts began to clutter in her head until she could no longer think straight, what was he doing to her? Yeah sure she loved him, but until this time she really didn't know how badly she needed him. "Jaden please.." she whispered, before the tears came back. In some respects, she felt responsible for what had happened.

The group went into the waiting room. Though each one of them were extremely tired, none of them wanted to go to sleep, they wanted to make sure Jaden was OK before any of them rested. Hassleberry and Syrus sat together and watched the TV with some crappy reception and some crappy show. Bastion found an abacus and began doing some random mathematical calculations on it. However, Alexis only stared at the ground, while Atticus went to the vending machines and returned with 2 cans of soda and some chips. He smiled deviously and placed the cans on Alexis' cheek making her jump in surprise. WHACK! He felt her palm full force collide with the back of his head, "WHY'D YOU DO THAT ATTI? DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M IN THE MOOD?" her thoughts were still occupied with Jaden, Atticus sure could be clueless sometimes. Atticus regained himself, and the can of soda he dropped and sat next to his little sister. "I'm sorry Sis" Atticus said, "I just was trying to get your mind off of Jaden"

"WELL DON'T!" She screamed crossing her arms across her chest, and looking away from Atticus. Atticus could tell she was really upset by this whole turn of events, he moved in and kissed her cheek lightly, "Sis talk to big bro, what's up? You used to love that joke when we were kids" Atticus kept his gaze on her. After about 2 minutes of silence she spoke, "I'm sorry Atti, I just feel awful this al could have been avoided if I was stronger I just feel like… it's… it's…" She broke down in tears again wrapping her arms around Atticus. "It's all my fault" she sobbed, "if only I was stronger, I could have beat Chazz, but I was weak and now look what's happened, it's all because of me" her tears got even stronger. Atticus tilted her head up, "Sis you can't be serious right? How is any of this your fault? It was all him, he shot Jaden, he was the weak one, please stop blaming yourself for this" Atticus' voice again soothed Alexis. It was amazing most of the time Atticus could be a complete moron (for lack of a better word), and he could be kind of obnoxious but now he was caring and sympathetic he was still being her big brother with some of his antics, but he had changed significantly he was doing his best to keep her spirits up.

A small grin spread across her face, she was coming out of it, Atticus smiled back, "I promised you he'd be fine and have I ever let you down? I always said you'd be a great duelist, and look at you now." Her smiled grew wider, "thanks Atti" she hugged him again, she really needed him to do that. She took the soda Atticus had pressed against her cheeks. Her throat was so dry since the shooting she guzzled down the soda so quickly that the carbonation made her hiccup and then let out a rather un-lady like belch. She blushed violently after she let it out, everyone turned to her and blinked, "Where'd that come from?" Atticus asked, "never heard you do that before" he chuckled, she got steamed at him but had to giggle, "I'm not really sure Atti" was all she could get out before going into a complete state absolute uncontrollable laughter along with everyone else in the waiting room. It was funny but such a rude outburst, had immensely changed the spirits in the room, from sad to happy. Alexis mind wandered to the O.R. What are they doing in there, I hope he's OK, please Jaden stay strong, I know you can do it!

She sat and closed her eyes, she was tired as ever. After all so much had happened in the last few days that centered around her that it really wore her out, she dozed off and in a few minutes was fast asleep on Atticus' shoulder. Atticus looked at her little sister, and remembered the times when they were little, how she'd never give up when they dueled, and how determined she was to be a great duelist. He was always concerned about her though, she pushed a lot of guys aside, and her love life seemed to be in the doldrums for a long time, until he met Jaden Yuki. Even though he was possessed by Nightshroud and his memory was a bit fuzzy he still remembered how much Alexis supported Jaden in the duel and how clear her affections for him came through. Not only that but also how she seemed to get so flustered when they would talk about Jaden. He smiled just thinking about it, finally his little sister had another man in her life that she loved, this was great now Atticus wouldn't have to try to set her up with other boys and watch as they would be shot down by Alexis' stubbornness. She began to stir next to him, he looked over at her face it seemed to be one of fear. What is she dreaming about? He wondered, It certainly doesn't look good whatever it is, "Alexis? Alexis?" he nudged her trying to wake her up.

Alexis' Dream:

Alexis wandered in a dark void, she was trapped alone and isolated. She looked around "Boy this is creepy!" she said, "where am I?" suddenly she saw a lifeless figure on the ground, and ran over to it, as she neared a panic gripped her. "JADEN! JADEN! HOLD ON JADEN!" she sprinted but seemed to be going nowhere, as she looked down she saw her legs were stuck. "JADEN!" She screamed even louder, "HANG ON! PLEASE!" she fought harder but her legs just seemed to get deeper into whatever it was she was in. Torrents of tears began to run down her Face, "JADEN!" She screamed, "I LOVE YOU, DON'T LEAVE ME!"

Suddenly a huge flash of white began to wrap itself around him, Alexis knew what this was. "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" she shrieked, "DON'T TOUCH HIM!" she tried to break free even harder and finally did, she used every last bit of muscle to sprint over to him. What she saw made her sob even harder, Jaden was white, not just white but pale. "Jaden?" "Jaden?" she slapped his face, "Wake up please wake up!" She bent herself over his body hoping to get some sign of life from him. When he inhaled a great sigh of relief came over her, but something was different, he didn't seem to notice she was even there. It was then an all too familiar voice echoed in the void.

"Welcome my new servant" Sartorious sneered, Jaden stood up, "Thank you Master" he replied, falling back to one knee. "No Jaden Not you!" Alexis wept, "Please tell me it's not true" she cried, "Jaden?" He still didn't acknowledge her. "He doesn't seem to remember you Alexis!" Sartorious growled, letting out an evil laugh, "maybe if you rejoin our little group it might jog his memory!" Another laugh ensued, "JADEN!?" Alexis shrieked, as Jaden began to walk forward his back still to Alexis, his hair had become completely white, and his uniform was changing into that of the Society's. She reached out for him screaming his name even louder (if that was even possible) but he began to fade away from her. All of a sudden he vanished into the light. She fell to the ground her face flooded with tears, "I couldn't save him" she bawled, "It's all my fault! It's all my fault!" "JADEN I LOVE YOU!" she shrieked. "JADEN JADEN COME BACK!"


"JADEN!" Alexis yelped waking up, she felt her face it was drenched with tears, she had been crying in both real life and in the dream. She was panting deeply, her stomach was as tighter than a double knot, and her face flushed a deep shade of crimson. She made eye contact with Atticus first, since she'd fallen asleep on his shoulder, he looked back. It took her a few minutes to realize everyone was looking, no starring at her. It all began when she started whimpering in her sleep, which drew Atticus' attention. Next her body began to shake and her whimpers turned into more of a sob, and then her screaming attracted everyone's attention. "Lex what was that all about?" Atticus questioned, Alexis just sat silently. "Alexis?" he asked, "I just had a really bad dream Atti" she whispered to him. She wiped her face off, and the crimson began to fade from her face as well.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Atticus asked again, "no Atti, I'm not ready to talk about it yet, but thanks you've been great" she kissed his shoulder, he chuckled. Everyone went back to doing there own things until about 20 minutes later when the doctor came in the room. He cleared his throat as to get the attention of everyone in the room. "Hello" he addressed the group, "I'm Doctor Checkini, the one who performed the surgery on…" he scanned his clipboard, "Judan Yucky is it?" he asked mispronouncing the name, he adjusted his glasses and tried to get the name right, "I'm sorry I meant" he gasped, "Jaden Yuki, Jaden Yuki?" he asked the group each one nodding. "I'm sorry everyone, I guess I really didn't make it clear who I was once again I'm Doctor Chekini…" he was cut off by Hassleberry. "We Got that part, so why are you sorry?" he asked,

The Doctor cleared his throat again, "Oh yes sorry, I was the one who birthed him, I'm a good friend of his late fathers, and also tutored him in some aspects of the dueling realm." Everyone gave a look of sheer confusion. Alexis ran up to the Doctor, and questioned him, "Well what's going on Doc? Is he alright? Could you guys save his arm?" The Doctor placed a hand on her shoulder, "I was just getting to that, now there are 2 parts to this so listen very carefully everyone: First let me say that the operation was a success, we were able to patch up the wound, and since the bullet seemed to go right through, it looks like his arm will be OK. So he will be able to duel again." A loud cheer went up from the people in the waiting room, "Wait a minute I'm not finished" the good Doctor went on. "The problem is he sustained a great loss of blood, and brain swelling, so my friends I'm sorry to tell you he's in a coma." The cheers turned to shock, Alexis' body went numb, he knees began to buckle.

"We don't know yet the severity of the coma, but my early diagnosis is that it's a mild one that he could come out of in a few weeks, but there are no guarantees." The Doctor turned to leave, but Alexis stopped him, "Can we see him?" she asked he voice was cracking, The doctor exhaled. "I don't know" the doctor said, "He doesn't seem responsive at all I asked him to squeeze my hand, and he couldn't, I asked him to say his name and he didn't, in fact I had thoughts about asking you guys about pulling the plug" the doctor began to walk away, Alexis eyes welled up yet again with tears, the doctor heard her sniffles. "However" he said keeping his back to her, "He was able to mutter just one name before I left" the Doctor turned to her, "Alexis, was all he said." Alexis' face brightened, "I'm Alexis doctor, maybe hearing my voice will wake him up, please you have to let me see him." The doctor starred at her exhaling again. He didn't say anything he just nodded, and pointed to where Jaden was resting.

Alexis took off down the hall as fast as she could. In about 10 seconds she was right outside the room where Jaden was sleeping. She took in a breath and entered through the automatic doors. She looked at Jaden lying there with his beautiful eyes closed, she ran over to him. The nurse tried to stop her, but let her go when she saw the doctor hold up his right hand. The Nurse nodded and left. Alexis gripped Jaden's right hand, again tears crept down her cheeks. Some were of happiness, others were of sadness that Jaden was still out. "Jaden you've just got to get better" Alexis whispered, "I need to see your eyes again" the tears continued, as she kissed his sleeping face. "I'll be here until you wake up, and I'll make sure I'm the first person you see Jaden" Alexis promised, she placed her head on his lap. Gripping him ever tighter, praying that soon this nightmare would be over.

Back at the Waiting room:

"Where is she?" asked Atticus, "Man I saw her take off with the doctor, so where'd she go?" he asked, "You got me?" Syrus responded, "Well Jay seems to be fine" Hassleberry responded. "Now let's turn our attention to that sleaze bag who shot him!" he growled, "So who's gonna help me find him? And when we do I say we beat him to within an inch of his life who's with me?" Hassleberry bellowed, trying to rouse up the group. "I AM!" Shouted Syrus, "Alright private Truesdale, now let's go find us a dirt bag." "LEFT LEFT LEFT RIGHT LEFT!" Hassleberry ordered, Atticus stood in the doorway blocking their paths. "Would you guys cool your jets for a minute?" he asked, "We don't even know where to start looking for Chazz let alone where to find him, so let's just chill OK?" "You're all wrong!" Bastion shouted dropping his abacus, "We need to go right to the source! We need to take down Sartorious, that will break the spell he has on all the other students, and plus he's the reason that we're all in this mess."

"Yeah right English Boy!" barked Hassleberry,

"Excuse me!" Bastion shot back,

"You heard me, Chazz did this and he needs to pay" Hassleberry answered, "So get in line or get out of my way!" He was about to shove Bastion when Atticus gave a shrill whistle.

"STOP IT NOW!" Atticus barked at the group of three, "You're acting like a bunch of Pre-Schoolers fighting over who gets to go down the slide first!" Atticus opened his mouth to speak again, but a voice interrupted him.

"He's right you know" the voice said, it was an all too familiar one, a low slightly lispy one, everyone turned around to see who it was. "Fighting each other isn't going to solve anything" the man stepped into the Waiting room, his blue and Grey hair illuminated first. The group averted their faces to him, Sartorious had come to the hospital, and not one person wanted to see him. What is he doing here Hassleberry thought to himself, I ougtha knock that bad hair cut right off his head right now. Why would Sartorious show up? Atticus also thought, this doesn't make any sense. Damn you Sartorious just wait till I get my hands on you I don't care if I'm usually ducking into lockers and hiding from the likes of you, you hurt my friend and you're gonna pay Syrus seethed. Bastion also had thoughts racing through his head, I could take him on right now and win and we can be rid of this pest once and for all, so what's holding me back. No No, I must exercise patience then at the precise moment I will pounce.

"So my friends where is he?" Sartorious asked, there was a silence. "Well?" He asked again. Still only silence, "Alright then I can be patient" Sartorious said, and sat down grabbing a dueling magazine in the waiting room that had Aster Phoenix's' picture on it. Sartorious would simply wait it out until the group was ready to give him a straight answer.

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