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Not too far away, Kagome was having her own dirty little dream about a certain puppy-eared hanyou. As she woke up the next morning, she began to ponder if it could ever be, or she was just kidding herself and move on.


Kagome woke up the next morning showered, dressed, and ate. Dressed in a pair of black shorts and a purple tank top, Kagome called Sango.

"Morning Sango." Kagome greeted as Sango picked up her phone.

"Morning Kags, what are the plans for today? Anything good, cuz it's super hot." Sango greeted back.

"Well, Inuyasha said he was going to call with plans so we can meet up with the old group. But, in case they get distracted or even after, how about you and I go swimming?" Kagome told Sango.

"I like the swimming idea, what was Inuyasha supposed to set up exactly? Plus do you think he will come through? I mean he almost forgot us at the train station." Sango asked.

"No idea, I haven't received a call yet…" Kagome began but was interrupted by a beep indicating her other line was ringing; as she checked the caller id it read "Inuyasha."

"Well speak of the devil, that's him. Sango, I'll call you right back." Kagome told her.

After hearing an ok from Sango, Kagome switched lines.

"Hello?" Kagome answered.

"Hey Kags, whatcha up to?" came Inuyasha's voice on the other end.

"Nothing much, was just talking with Sango about plans for the day. What's going on?" Kagome told him.

"Really? What were you thinking? Because the guys and I were thinkin' ice cream." Inuyasha told her.

"Ice cream? Oooo you know how to make sure this girl shows up huh?" Kagome laughed. "Sango and I were thinking swimming because it's so frippin' hot." Kagome finished.

"Swimming sounds good, why not do both? We can go get ice cream and then go swimming at my house. How does that sound?" Inuyasha told her, hoping she would agree with his idea.

"Hmm… sounds good to me. I'll call Sango and get my stuff together. How about we meet at the ice cream shop, but when do you want to meet?" Kagome questioned.

"How about we meet in about 30 minutes? I'll call the guys and tell them the plan, gotta make sure they bring their trunks." Inuyasha told her.

"Ok, see you in 30 minutes." Kagome told him and they said good bye to each other.

Kagome called up Sango after asking her mom to borrow her car. She explained the plan to Sango, and she would be on her way to get her after grabbing her bikini and towel.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha was making the phone calls to Miroku and Kouga. The guys agreed they would see him at the ice cream shop.

When Kagome and Sango arrived at the ice cream shop, they were greeted with the sight of Inuyasha, Kouga, and Miroku sitting at a table already. As they got closer, the two girls found them flirting with a waitress.

When Kagome got a good look at the waitress's face that did not seem fazed by their flirting she understood why. It seemed Sango recognized her from high school like she had, because she was trying to control her giggles.

Kagome mouthed to Sango, while the guys seemed too distracted to notice them yet, "Isn't she gay?"

Sango nodded her head in response smiling. Kagome shook her head and motioned for Sango to follow her.

"Hi there," Kagome greeted, as Sango smiled and sat down next to Miroku, Kagome following her in the booth.

At Kagome's greeting, she and Sango drew all three of the guys' attention and the waitress went to the two.

"You two are late," Inuyasha pointed out with a smile.

Kagome shrugged, "Sango's slow" she giggled in response as Sango smacked her on the arm playfully.

Miroku and Kouga would not have fully believed Inuyasha if they had not seen the change in Kagome and Sango themselves.

"Kagome, Sango, this is Eri, our waitress." Kouga introduced.

"I remember, from high school right? How have you been Eri? You're still with Yuka right?" Kagome asked with a smile.

"Yuka?" Inuyasha questioned.

"Yea, actually we are going on 4 years now, thanks for asking. Do you know what you would like to order or do you need a minute?" Eri answered with a smile.

Ignoring Inuyasha's question, Kagome nodded and said, "Yea, can I get a strawberry sundae please."

Sango told her after, "Can I get a hot fudge sundae please Eri."

Eri nodded, and Eri left to get their orders ready the guys having already ordered during their flirting.

"Ok, so who's Yuka exactly?" Inuyasha asked again.

"Oh, she's…" Kagome though was interrupted by a smack.

"Pervert! Keep your hands to yourself!" Sango yelled at Miroku.

"Something's never change," Kagome said shaking her head.

"Kagome, who is Yuka?" Kouga now interested as well.

"Oh, haha, Yuka is Eri's girlfriend." Kagome told them, with Sango nodding.

"What?" Inuyasha blinked.

"You can't win them all." Sango told them with a smile.

Eri then came back with their ice cream. This of course had Kagome cheering.

After finishing their ice cream, the group made their way to Inuyasha's house.

When Kagome and Sango got to Inuyasha's house, the guys had beaten them there and were getting dressed. So, Kagome and Sango found their way to the first unoccupied bathroom.

While Kagome was getting changed, Inuyasha had found them and told them to meet at the pool. After changing, the two made their way outside to the pool. The girls were greeted with a beautiful site. However, the girls wouldn't be referring to just the outside scenery. The three young men were standing there in their bathing suits proudly displaying their well worked six packs.

"You guys ready to swim?" Sango asked getting the guys attention.

What greeted the three young men was the two girls in their bikinis. Kagome was wearing a forest green halter bikini and Sango in a black and pink strapless bikini. For a few minutes, all they could do was stare. After all, they had not seen the two in 3 years, and before that they had not seen the two look the way they do now. The two stood with perky breasts, taunt stomachs, and toned well shaped legs.

Kagome and Sango looked at each other and shrugged.

"Ok, we are getting in without you," Sango told them as Kagome jumped in.

That brought the guys out of their daze and they followed the girls in the pool. While in the pool, Inuyasha could not understand why he felt he was being pulled toward Kagome; like her scent was drawing him in.

"Hey Inuyasha," Kagome called to him getting his immediate attention.

"Yea?" Inuyasha answered, only to get splashed in the face as a response with Kagome's laughter.

"Your hands pervert!" Sango yelled and smacked Miroku.

With Kagome distracted by looking in Sango's direction, Inuyasha took it to his advantage. Inuyasha snuck up and splashed Kagome. The response he received was not what Inuyasha expected. After all, how was he supposed to know Kagome was going to jump at him.

"Get him Kagome!" Kouga cheered, and laughed at the look on Inuyasha's face as he was jumped.

Little did Kouga know under the water during Kagome's jump, something unexpected happened. While the two were horsing around under water, Inuyasha brushed his lips against Kagome's.

When the two came up from the water, they were both shocked by what had just happened.

Though the two snapped out of it, it was still on their minds the rest of the day.

After swimming the group decided to order some pizza and watch a scary movie.

When Kagome was getting out of the bathroom from changing, she was pulled in to a bedroom. When Kagome looked around, she recognized the room as Inuyasha's, plus Inuyasha was standing behind her.

"What's up?" Kagome asked him.

"I need to talk to you about what happened in the pool, Kags." Inuyasha told her.

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