A while back I was randomly struck with inspiration to write a poem about Susan Pevensie. The concept was simple, the imagery and wording came quite easily, and almost before I was finished, I had the words for a companion piece about Ani Kenobi from my SW epic, The muse said that there was a third one, however a fandom was not forthcoming so I put them aside. Recently, the latest episode of Bionic Woman gave me my third fandom. So, here we go. This is the second of three poems in three fandoms.



He remembers a hero
Standing like a monolith
With the power to save, the power to heal,

He remembers arms strong enough to hold him
And hands that dry his tears
He hears again the promise spoken
With the power to save, the power to heal

He sees beyond metal and through the monster
He sees inside the darkness
He sees beyond the mask
To the promise burning hidden beneath the rage

In the face of darkness he replies, "I will never leave you. Nor forsake you."