A while back I was randomly struck with inspiration to write a poem about Susan Pevensie. The concept was simple, the imagery and wording came quite easily, and almost before I was finished, I had the words for a companion piece about Ani Kenobi from my SW epic, One Path. The muse said that there was a third one, however a fandom was not forthcoming so I put them aside. Recently, the latest episode of Bionic Woman gave me my third fandom. So, here we go. This is the third of three poems in three fandoms.


Glass Houses

I remember thinking
I can't believe she lied.
Betrayal ran cold--then hot
A maelstrom inside
But now

The taste of lies rests bitter
On the back of my throat
Like a half-melted aspirin
That won't be swallowed
I'm choking silently.

And I don't know who to trust.
Except you.
You move
and I brush the hair back from your face.
I love you the most.

The bell tolls
As you sleep and I watch you
But not for us
This time
We were lucky.

"I need to know that you're never gonna leave me."

Five years is a lifetime.
Five years is a moment.
But I will never leave you
Nor forsake you.