Chapter 1 - Try

Arms wrapped around her knees. Her eyes fixed on him, chewing her lip. Holy man, was asleep his thunderous snores were a sign of that, she should be to, but T-2 nightmares kept her awake. Plus, she was too fascinated by him to sleep.

"Go to sleep."

Blinking, she raised her hand. Was it that obvious she was staring? She had tried to keep her breathing low, like he told her, so he wouldn't hear.

"I can't" She whispered, head dipping silently. She hated having nightmares; it was a weakness, her weakness that she was still at the mercy of her fear. Too many times Riddick covered her mouth to stop the sound of her nightmares waking Imam. He turned his head, his goggles staring straight into hers.


"How do you?" She quietly asked, not expecting an answer. His staring began to make her feel slightly unhinged. Why was he staring so hard at her? She silently gulped, waiting.

"I don't" he answered. This kid, Jack, was obviously still in shock from T-2. Mentally sighing he returned facing the ship's screen. No way were they going to make it to Helion Prime on this piece of junk. Holy man was still snoring, it was becoming annoying. Jack moved into the co-pilot's seat next to him.

"You must." Her innocent confused stare was directed more at the screen than him. "You must sleep sometime." Her voice dropping into silence.

Pausing, how did he sleep?

"We're going to make a stop, sleep until them."

Changing the topic must work. Turning to face her he took another look. She was already asleep, gripping the gun she used on the merc. Goggles hung loosely around her neck; they were too large to stay around her head.

Facing the screen he plotted new coordinates, leaning back in the chair listening to the heavy snores of the holy man and her gently breathing, he wondered, as their ship spun in the cold darkness of space towards the oncoming planet, how Fry made him do it, made him care.