::Summery- Stopping an exploding man is the least of the Petrelli brother's worries when Nathan and a weak Peter get captured and carted off to an experimentation facility. Can they pull through and can the others find and save them in time?

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What You Can't Explain: 1 When Destiny Calls You.

"Are you ready?" Nathan's heart sped up as a part of him wished Peter would say no, that he was going to be fine and they should just go for a drink. No such luck. Peter made the smallest of nodding movements, eyes never leaving his brother.

Nathan managed to force himself into a sort of temporary calm as he moved to his radioactive little brother. In one swift movement he wrapped his arms around Peter and jumped into the air, before he could change his mind.

The wind rushing past them only served to prevent the heat from actually burning him, although Nathan had no idea how damaging it was to Peter. His brother's arms draped loosely over his shoulders, not holding any real grip. Whenever a particularly bright glow came from Peter, Nathan could feel the otherwise limp figure tense up, hands curling weakly in his shirt.

"Just hold on Pete." Nathan wasn't sure whom he was trying to comfort anymore about his brother's condition. He had once believed that there was no such thing as an unselfish act, now he thought that this was as close as he would ever come to it.

"Love you Nathan." Peter murmured softly as he drew in painfully shallow breaths. Nathan held his breath lest he start crying, instead he held tighter onto the shaking figure in his arms.

As they reached a certain altitude the air turned noticeably colder, Peter pulled himself together slightly as the icy wind hit him. Through the cold and heat he couldn't tell which was burning him as he took a shuddering breath.

"Nathan, throw me!" He gasped out.

"What? No! You wont be able to fly after this if you even survive!"

"Well I certainly wont be able to if you aren't there to catch me!" The argument giving Peter the last spurs of adrenaline he needed to finish this. "Just toss me, fly away and then come back if I'm in one piece! I can at least hover to give you time."

Nathan found annoyingly that he couldn't fault his brother's logic, why sentence them both to death when there was a chance. They had nearly run out of time, Peter's body started convulsing as he let out a cry of pain.

"Do it!" Peter yelled as he stared at Nathan through red irises.

Without thinking a further thought Nathan grabbed Peter's hips and pushed him away as hard as he could, using the force to propel himself backwards and down faster then he'd ever gone before. He looked behind him just as a blinding light hit the sky along with Peter's screams, the force of the blast forcing him further back onto a roof.

Peter had managed to keep his momentum for a few seconds before he felt the blinding, ripping pain shoot through him, and then he wasn't aware of anything as he hurtled through the air in different directions even as his body re-attached itself.

::Y ::G ::T ::H ::O

Nathan desperately scanned the sky as his eyes adjusted back to the dark.

"Come on Peter, you can't leave me." He begged silently to gods he didn't believe in to save his brother.

Just as he opened his eyes he saw a dark figure hurtling to the ground. Racing against the wind Nathan flew towards what he knew was his brother. 'Be okay, be okay, be okay.' He thought in a silent mantra.

Diving underneath the figure he was nearly winded as he caught the body. Peter's body jerked sharply and he coughed as his fall was stopped too sharply. Both cringed at the unhealthy click of his neck, and then the cracking sounds of it righting his position.

Nathan swiftly landed on the nearest roof, laying down the naked and bloody body of his brother.

"Easy Pete, deep breaths." Peter coughed and gasped weakly under his brother's instructions. He could barely focus through the pounding of his head and the sharp jolts of pain throughout his body. He was vaguely aware of Nathan's hand running through his hair. It had taken all of his power to regenerate after the explosion; he could feel his body ringing with the effort had taken.

Nathan saw Peter's eyes flutter open to rest on his own for a few seconds.

"I'm cold." He mumbled out. Only then did Nathan notice the fine tremors shaking his brother. Swiftly he tore off his once pristine jacket and wrapped it as best as he could around the trembling figure.

"It's okay, I'm gonna look after you, just rest now." Nathan was pleased by the soothing effect his words seemed to have on his little brother as Peter let his eyes fall shut, his head lolling to lean into Nathan's touch, his breathing returning to a steady, if shallow rate.

The eldest Petrelli relaxed as he felt the tension leave Peter. He was partly amazed and partly unsurprised that they had both pulled through. As he once again lifted his brother and begun the flight back to his house, he hoped that for a while they'd get a break from all this. Enough time for Peter to get back on his feet, and enough time for Nathan to decide how to carry on with his life. No longer was he going to shut Peter out.

Unfortunately for them, their break wasn't here yet.

::Y ::G ::T ::H ::O

Nathan sighed softly as he watched his brother sleep. The bed seemed to dwarf him as he shivered slightly. Nathan knew he should get some sleep, but something made him stay in the comfy chair at Peter's bedside.

No one had returned to the large house yet, which he was grateful for, although he knew it was wrong to leave the others hanging, especially Clair.

Peter was now free of blood and in a pair of pajamas, Nathan was sure he was running a fever, but he'd done the best he could.

Nathan jerked as he heard a creaking noise outside the door, as he listened there was another.

Quietly standing up Nathan moved in front of his brother's head. He carefully reached behind him and shook Peter's shoulder.

"Wake up Pete, we've got company." He muttered as the door handle turned. Nathan was only vaguely aware of Peter stirring as the door flew open and he was faced with an electrical device. The sharp jolt of pain flared through him and he cried out before he fell backwards onto the bed and knew no more.

"Nathan. Nathan!" Peter sat up sharply and shook his brother desperately. As four figures drew closer he pulled up Nathan's body to rest against him, turning him away from the approaching figures. He couldn't make out any features about them, they were dressed in spy-like outfits, and torches they held shone into his already blurred eyes.

"Who are you?" He demanded, trying to ignore his rising heart rate and twinging chest.

"We Mr. Petrelli, work for the company EXODUS. We were witness to the miraculous stunt of you and your brother earlier, and we've come to bring you in." The cold voice held a sick sort of interest as its owner moved towards Peter, finally moving to reach the bedside. "Yes, we're very interested in you two, especially you, Peter." The sneer in the voice sent chills through Peter.

In one fast movement the man reached out and grabbed Peter's upper arm, dragging him out of the bed and away from Nathan.

"Don't you want to put him under?" Asked another voice from one of the men carrying Nathan.

"No, he's no harm to us, not like this." Peter looked up with wide, dark eyes at the man keeping him upright. Much as he hated to admit it, he was feeling too weak to even stand straight, let alone use his powers or escape. The fact that the room was blurring and tilting every now and then didn't help. Peter new enough medicine to realize the overexertion had given him a fever.

"Come on, let's get these two in the truck." Peter assumed the man holding him was the leader. As the men carrying his brother passed he reached out to Nathan, only to be jerked away by his captor.

"Uh uh uh." He chanted, lifting Peter like it was nothing and maneuvering him out the room and down the stairs. "You be good or I will put you under, and then whose gonna make sure we're careful with you brother, hm?" The thought sobered Peter up and he tried to comply with the movements his body was doing. However the disorientated movements only aggravated his captor.

"Just stop moving will ya! There's no need to injure yourself further, and I'm more then capable of carrying your sorry ass." With that Peter let himself go limp and be moved through the house, he wanted to make sure Nathan was all right after all.

It all felt surreal as they went out of the house and were loaded into the back of a black van. His personal lift service and one of the other man stayed in the back as well, no doubt to make sure they didn't try anything.

Peter closed his eyes briefly as the cool of the floor of the van seeped through his hot body, he turned to the prone figure of Nathan and rolled over towards him, coughing slightly. The men had evidently decided that there was no need to tie him up.

Gently he ran a hand over Nathan's face and to his neck to check his pulse. He sighed when it was steady and strong, keeping his hand there lest it change.

They were evidently traveling quite fast as the van bumped and swerved sharply. Peter stayed lying on the floor, if he sat up now he'd only fall down a few seconds later.

As he lay there, holding Nathan close to him, he tried to ignore the lax grip that he had on his brother, the increasing sharp pain to his chest as he breathed in, and the heat and chills having fun with his body, sending shivers down his spine. He tried to focus on anything but his deteriorating health and hope. As long as Nathan was with him he'd pull through, his brother hadn't given up on him when he was radioactive, and for that he would be forever grateful.

::Y ::G ::T ::H ::O

The van lurched onwards on the seemingly never-ending journey. After a particularly violent turn the van stopped and Peter coughed harshly, tears springing to his eyes from the pain it caused his chest.

"See, I told you you'd make yourself sicker." Commented the leader as he grabbed Peter under the arms and lifted him up off the floor. The coughing and gasping continued as Nathan and he were taken off the van and moved a short distance to a large lorry.

They climbed up the ramp and were once more left with the same two men as the others went up front to start driving.

"Alright, breath, come on." Coaxed Peter's handler, in sickening similarity to what Nathan had done earlier that evening. Peter couldn't help but do as he was told, lest he have a panic attack, he always had been a follower.

"That's right." The large man praised as Peter managed to return his breathing to normal level, eyes shut tight from the pain in his chest. He was aware of his hair being patted before he was dragged to the driver's end of the trailer and sat up. Now his hands were cuffed behind him and he was lent against the man's legs. He could see the same being done to Nathan next to him, their captors sitting on a bench like structure behind them.

The two men seemed to be designated to making sure they made it to wherever they were going in one piece. Peter's 'guard' wrapped an arm around the front of his chest to keep him upright as he shook.

Peter glanced to his side, head nearly resting on the man's arm, and saw Nathan stirring.

"Nathan! Wake up!" He breathed out weakly as his brother's eyes blinked open.

"Peter? What?" He stared around, finally deducing that his hands were tied and a pair of legs was supporting him. His gaze flew to Peter, who was pale save for an unhealthy blush.

"They saw us fly, they're taking us somewhere." Peter sounded just like he had at the hospital after they had flown, soft and tired.

"That's enough talking." Peter's captor announced with a hard edge to his voice, and moved Peter slightly so he wasn't as turned to his brother.

Peter himself found that he couldn't focus any longer and felt his head lean against the arm of the person holding him as his eyes fell shut. The last thing he was aware of was Nathan calling his name.

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