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In ProgressChapter 1DannyHe's a PhantomPhantomChapter 1In Progress

Danny's POV

I can't believe I have been telling myself or was it more like…nope…well, I just decided this by myself and who will I blame if this decision or plan goes wrong? Well, me exactly. Actually, I didn't create plan or anything but a decision came to me when hell broke loose. I'm used to it but I don't want to pretend to be a full ghost super hero by keeping a secret that I'm not half human or anything to the world…and to my family.

Yes, Jazz knows about me and my half ghostly self but it is me. It all just started when my parents create the stupid crossover or passage device that would link our world to…well, known as the ghost zone but why not the ghost world?

Sigh, ever since that accident. Wait; did I suddenly say "accident"? Sorry, I was jumping into conclusions…or was it results of what happened to me during that day. Well, the passage to the ghost zone or namely called the "ghost portal" didn't work when my parents finished it and tried to turn it on but what came out was a spark of white light. There was no swirling vortex or any fantasy….weird stuff happening but nothing.

My parents look like they gave up on the invention and their blue print and calculations were correct. Then that's when I and my friends came in. My friends convince me to go inside it but it feels stupid of me to go in there. Yet things were rushing in my head what super cool things exist in the other side of that portal. I went in but accidentally hit an "on" button and that's when my freak side came. I'm half alive; half dead.

That was the worst pain I felt throughout my teenage life. Yes, it hurts…a lot. First, it hurts when you're electrocuted inside the ghost portal and getting ghostly ectoplasm in your DNA. Second, I have been too busy and had not time but somehow these powers were meant for something and it feels like it's……my duty…..my responsibility.

Sam and Tucker were of course there, I forgot to mention who they are! Well, they're the two friends I only got. They helped me with this ghostly life ever since the accident. What they do to help me? They helped me by doing these responsibilities and duties that a hero does. Well, what I'm doing is likely heroic. This is what I thought. Ever since the accident, I thought of what will I do with it. Everyday I see many ghost incidents in the news and some ghostly encounters but when my parents came there to the rescue the ghosts somehow fled or my parents failed to help.

For Jazz, she's different…she was at first, to me, a completely psychotic snob but she then cares for me eve since the accident happened. She never knew about it until the Spectra thingy. She was now pat of the group. Yeah, eve since my fiends came along we were like ghost hunters but not at all but more than a team. Jazz was with us…but how about my parents?

I don't know if they would understand. This is why I made my decision. I just popped it out of my mind about this decision because of all the things for the past few months that were all hurtful and painful to me. Of course, when your parents don't know who you really are, it is hard to know what we would expect from them. They do not know me at all but only my human half. A 14 year old boy, shy, funny, and others but they do know me as what I am but not my ghostly and heroic side. Many think I'm evil while other thinks I'm good. My parents think of me as half innocent; half evil. I lived in two lives and I don't know if I'm worth of this kind of lives.

Now, it all came to this that Jazz was helping me cover up the wounds and suspicions that was around me. I came hurt to home and I cram at night to study and do stupid homework and now I'm getting hurt all over the place and all I do is worry, freak out but only few times of happiness.

This is the day when I expect or to see the reactions of my own parents. I made this decision and I won't turn my back on it. They have to know and Jazz was really looking forward or she was convincing me to do so. I somehow wanted to know their reactions. I don't know if they will accept me or not. This is the day when I know that everything would change. It's just like before everything was always the same then something different happened like the "accident" but then you're used to it and it just becomes very normal. I want something different than this overbearing burden.

It now starts…

I was at my bed and thinking that this is it. This is the day that I'll tell them who I really am. I don't know if I was happy or excited or even sad…I just do not know. I sat up from lying down in the bed and started going down to the stairs.

I was a bit trembling because at first I was scared and second the wounds that were hidden were hurting me at every move I make. I touched the railings of the stairs and I begin to walk as smooth as I can be, yet it hurts still. I finally was at the living room and then walked at the kitchen where my parents were. I knew they were talking about their plan or something that I do not know of but what else could a 14 year old do? We finished eating dinner lately and it is already evening….the full moon is shining and snow has already started before.

I can't help it but peek at what my parents are doing. My mom was fixing an unknown invention and my dad was talking to her and he had an ecto bazooka at his back which is strapped to his body. I remembered when my dad said that he will always be prepared for a ghost attack. He now is.

I still trembled for the weather now is getting colder by the minute. Well, this is another reason why I'm trembling. I'm still standing and peeking at my parents. They were laughing and somehow telling the truth may be good when they're in the good mood. But their ghost hunting mood is always activated in surprise even though they came from a happy emotion. I'm just scared that they won't accept me and that they'll tea me apart molecule by molecule.

I leaned my back at the wall slowly to make sure I didn't make any noises. Of course, they can't see me because I'm in the living room and they are in the kitchen and I'm hiding in a wall. There's no door but a somewhat open hall to go in and no need of door. It's like a connection of the living room to the kitchen.

I was sweating…even though it is a cold weather; I could feel that I'm warming up inside…as a sign of nervousness. I hate that feeling. This feeling is visiting me at the wrong time and I can't think straight. I forgot on how to say this. Where's Jazz when you need her? Oh yeah, she's upstairs doing some essay I suppose, but will she be able to hear or know what I'm about to say to our own parents? I might get killed but with the entire crazy rumpus maybe Jazz would hear us.

I sighed deeply but hoping my parents wouldn't hear me. I stood up and got ready to face them. I turned and entered the kitchen going to the dining table where my parents were. They were talking that they didn't notice me yet. But when I took my last step, a big whole came through…my dad saw me.

"Hello Danny Boy!" I smiled a bit. Finally, the feeling of sweat rolling down was gone.


"Hi Sweetie, How are you?" My mother smiled at me while she was using the wrench tool in fixing the unknown device. This device is giving me the creeps. It is new to me but I must avoid it. Whenever I look at it, it feels like it has a strong power that could actually kill me. I'm a ghost, duh!

"Danny?" I snapped out of my senses when I heard mom calling me "Um…I-I'm fine" I smiled to reassure them that I'm alright. Lately, I think I stared at the device then I dozed off. I sighed and looked at them and it felt sort of awkward.

"Mon…Dad" As soon as I called their names, they looked at me with a questioning look. As what I expected, they still did what they were doing but they would still look at me and listen to what I'm going to say. I trembled and I don't know what to say. I looked at the ground then at my feet. I wiped the front of my right shoe into my blue pants.

"What Danny?" It snapped myself out from looking at and turned my attention to them. I heard them said those words in unison. I looked at them but inside I was in fear. What would be their reaction? Would they still accept me?

"Danny" I snapped out again from my thoughts that were trying to calm me down or to reassure me but it didn't help as I hope it would. I looked at my mom. She's the one who snapped me out of my thoughts now. I looked at her with a "Huh?"

She stopped what she was doing but she was still holding the device she was fixing. "Is there something that you're going to talk or ask of us?"

She completely said it with a slight concern. She has no idea how hard it is to tell this to her. I placed my left hand in my left pocket and the other touching the back of my neck as if I'm pretty nervous of what I'm about to say.

Just tell them!

I heard a voice inside me but I don't know if it's my conscience or not but it was trying to convince me to tell them already so this would be over. Everything would be over and you would see the results. I grew depressed about the weird attacks and I really had a hard time studying with all of those kinds of attacks distracting. Not to mention…my parents would always be there thinking of me, the Danny PHANTOM, as an evil ghost that is trying to fit in with humans. As my parents said, Danny Phantom is a blob of ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is a non-living thing that doesn't have feelings. They don't think I have feelings.

"Danny?" Once more I snapped out from my thoughts by a different person and it was dad. He was looking at me pretty concern. Great, he or they knew that I'm having a hard time telling them. "Shish, is it hard to tell, boy?"

I sighed deeply and I wanted to get this over with. It was hard for me to make this decision and I won't put it to bad waste. "Mom…Dad…I-I…wanted to…tell you something…and…I wanted to tell you this for a long time…before"

My parents continued listening to me and doing what they're doing as they knew that I'm talking and not being silent and all. "I have thought of telling this to you and it was hard…hard for me to say this but…I'm…" They were still doing their work but it seems that they were still interested in listening to me…because I said that I wanted to tell this to them for a long time…ago.

I sighed and said what I needed to say but I was shaking out the nervousness and tense. I was afraid and I can't let it break free. I shook and tremble but good thing my love ones weren't noticing on how I feel. I somehow hear my breath shuddering and I was cold and in tense. I can't do it and take it anymore.

"I'm…I'm Danny Phantom" I said it quietly like a whisper of a wind. I faced the ground knowing that their reaction is very rare for me to see it yet…

"What…what did you say honey? I didn't hear you" I heard my mom trying to gather some words but it doesn't sound like she's in shock. It was just like its normal to her. I faced them and they were concentrating at their fixing job and also concentrating in listening to me.

I sighed deeply and then breathed in all the air so the tense will go away. "I'm Danny Phantom"

That's when I heard the wrench clattered to the tables. My mom heard me and I could see that my dad did hear me too. I saw their faces and they were shocked. Still, I do not know what they were thinking. I placed my hands at my side. I could feel the tense still overpowering me and then overwhelming like they loved my so much. I don't even love it at all. I was very…very scared and they might think at the wrong direction. I'm a monster?

They were still in a state shock and I could see that they weren't moving. I didn't say anything or move but just looked at them slowly and I was trying to think straight so I could hear every piece of information about this day. I wanted to know if they really accepted me.

Suddenly, I heard my mom laughing slightly but she wasn't going nuts. She thinks what I said was a joke. "Nice drama Danny!" She didn't believe me. I saw my dad even joining with her. "You couldn't be Danny Phantom! What a very nice prank, Danny!" They laughed at me or at the joke. I clenched my fists as the nervous were giving me flip flops.

"You don't believe me…" I said when they finally stopped their laughing. They heard me and then I could see that they were concern of me that I was hurt or something. "If you don't believe me then I'll show you"

I had no choice. How was I supposed to tell them and convince them the truth? I have to show them the truth but one thing that was in the back of my mind was telling me that there's one big piece of the puzzle that is missing. I don't know if I should shrug it off. But I had nothing to lose. I transformed to Danny Phantom looking at the ground with my eyes closed.

I had no need to say my battle cry and I was trembling and holding back my colds. I had colds ever since snow arrived. I controlled it and just shivered as the flash of light seems to surprise one of my parents. When it was fully finished, I looked back at them and with the eyes of nervousness and…fear.

I see them holding their mouths in shock with their hands. I was glowing and they were still surprised and I know it isn't a laughing matter. I stared at them waiting for that reaction to end and know if they accept me or not. Then the feeling came again, it was telling me about one big thing that I should tell them….or it would grow in disaster.

The thought vanished and it proved when my parents suddenly changed their reactions to confidence and determination. They suddenly stood up and grabbed their ghost hunting weapons. I was purely shocked….the big piece that I forgot maybe helping me but I don't know why. I didn't explain to them somehow…on how I came to be this ghost half of me. Oh no!

They point there ghost weapons at me and I raised my hands in front of me as defense. I tried to say my explanation but can't get it out as I see my parents' eyes flaring with hatred.

"Wait…mom…dad…"I shuddered with great fear "I-I can explain!"

I could see their ghost weapons beaming and I know I have to rune. I was scared, so scared that I don't know what to do. "Get out of my house, ghost!" I head my mom said that and I ran away from the kitchen and stumble at the living room when the ghost weapon of my mom fired and it hit me at the back. It hurts a lot.

"Mom…I can explain…just wait…just let me, mom…" I stuttered the words and I can't get out the guts and the fear out of me. I held my back in pain. Then there came another ecto blast from my dad and it almost shot me. Good thing, I rolled to the right near the coffee table or I would die. I stood up weakly and still holding my back. I was scared and this was the worst encounter with my parents throughout my whole life.

"Guys, there was ghost portal accident!" I managed to choke that one out but then they suddenly keep on blasting me. I tried to dodge them but most of them I was shot at and now I'm here lying in the floor with my head near the door. I feel like I was going to die. I had so many wounds and mostly was gashes. They hit me pretty well that I didn't have time to explain. I could feel that throat was having a hard time to speak. I can't explain it to them.

I sat up from where I was lying and looked at them with great fear that I haven't shown for days. "Mom…dad…" I shivered as the wind coming out from under the door blew behind me and the fear that is strangling me now. Then I hear my mom said…

"Don't call me that ghost!" My mom pointed the ecto bazooka at me and I looked at her but not the weapon. I wasn't concern about it. It was my biggest mistake and I could have told them everything first.

"Where is he…? Where's my real son?!" Dad did the same thing to me and pointed it to me with force and I could see that he was asking for real answers. I am his son. I am. I am his REAL son.

I'm your SON!

"What have you done with him?!" Mom neared her face at me with anger and determination. I was scared like I was different. "I am your son! There was the ghost portal a-accident let me explain!!!! I am your son!" I cried out trying to let their heads snapped out that I am him. "I am Danny!!" I cried out as much as possible to get it in their heads.

I heard someone running down stairs and then I heard it said "Mom, Dad what are you doing?!"

"He got our son! He overshadowed him and appeared as this. He stashed him away at his mind. He got our Danny, Jazz!!" Mom explained to her with fury and I begin to be more afraid. It was Jazz and I know she could help me.

"Mom, it's really Danny!!! Please don't hurt him he's in pain already! Please mom, you don't understand!" I could see Jazz coming to break both of them away from me but they placed her carefully aside and telling her to stay away from me. I was scared and I do not know what to do. I was in great pain. Mostly, my torso wasn't in great shape. I either go away or just…

I stood and there was so much pain that I shivered strongly. My parents were about to shoot me and I could hear my sister cry out to run away. I was scared and I was in pain and was pretty exhausted. I phased through the front door then flew to the snowy night sky. My parents were still close behind and I could hear Jazz saying to be safe. I don't if I would be. I have no choice but to run away as far as I could be away from my parents.

They were still close behind me as I see them in the Fenton RV. I the gasped as the pain shrilled my entire body. I don't know if I could handle it any longer. My parents were still shooting at me. The snow was growing stronger making me lose sight of where I'm going. I flew as fast and as far as I could to get away from my parents. It felt like I lost them already. The snow tortured me with its cold wind and I felt so exhausted.

I don't know if I would survive out here. I don't know if I would ever get back to my family. I don't know if I would be here anymore. The trip took so many hours maybe and I felt like I was about to collapse. I saw nothing down there but I only could see is snow because the blizzard was picking up that it was messing up with my eyesight.

I then felt a very strong pang of pain going through everywhere in my body that I felt exhausted and suddenly fell to the ground…the cold snowy ground, I fell with my body crashing into it. I came to a stop with my back touching the very cold snowy ground. I transformed into my human form. I was slipping into unconsciousness but I opened my eyes and saw plenty different kinds of trees like pines and others. Yes, I could see the snow falling somewhat a bit hard like a blizzard. I realized that I was at the outskirts of Amity Park…maybe very…very far away. My eyes were weak and heavy, my colds were getting high, it's so cold out here, I felt plenty of sharp pains in my body that I finally gave up myself and blacked out.

Now, I'm alone in the forest with no one to take care of me or to help in any other way and I know that I would die and wouldn't be in a great state. I don't know if I might wake up in this place anymore. My parents don't know about me and everyone would notice that their ghost boy is gone. My friends and my sister will worry about me.

In ProgressChapter 1DannyHe's a PhantomPhantomChapter 1In Progress

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