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--In Progress-Chapter 7-Danny-He's a Phantom- Fenton-He's a Phantom-Danny-He's a Phantom-Phantom-Chapter 7-In Progress—

Jazz's POV:

"I'm just going out for a while, Mom!" I yelled enough for my own mother to hear before I closed the door behind me.

The snowy season is till going on until now. There was no wind but the drops of snowflakes were just falling from the sky. It felt peaceful. Well, you could be in any mood you want, right? It doesn't depend on the environment. Right now, I feel stressed out. This is why I went out just to clear my mind about the unforgettable incident. It's in this certain night when my young brother ran away from my parents because of some unexplainable reason. Was Danny about to tell mom and dad about…his secret? Well, when I thought about it, it doesn't sound like Danny to me but…it is possible. He could tell our own parents at any time and what I have seen a few days ago…that was the time.

After I walked down the stairs from the door to my house to the snowy ground, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath then I let it all go. I opened my eyes once again and looked at the surroundings right in front of me. The side walks were filled with snow and the roads were beginning to be icy. There were few cars around coated with snow on top and also the roof tops of the houses. I face down from looking at the roof tops and blinked.

If only Danny was here, we could play in the snow; play snowball fight with Sam and Tucker or even make snow angels. Sigh, those are the good old days. But now…ever since Danny isn't here there were no snowballs flying or any snow angels on the ground. It was just...a peaceful world right now but except the laughs of the children around here.

I walked to my left and that's the beginning of my journey around the town. I fixed my snow outfit so no snow wouldn't linger its way through my clothes. I kept on looking down in my feet than looking on where I'm going. I don't care where the heck I'm going but at least I'm getting some peace for a while. But the peacefulness couldn't take out the depressing fact that Danny isn't here. Don't you ever think that I gave up on looking for Danny?

I'm still on it

I thought when my eyes narrowed. I kept on going and took lefts and rights along the way. I always look around me while I'm trying to think on saving Danny and when I'm also trying to keep my thoughts of the world failing; Sometimes drastic times comes to silly measures. For example, I look at the name of the streets on those icy green plates that are placed on the corners of the sidewalk. You could tell that I'm trying not to think about failing Danny.

I stopped looking everywhere just by facing back to my own fee. I sighed in defeat when I thought of how hopeless is looking everywhere when there's nothing great going on/ It's just winter. It's a time of joy and peace. Well, I'm sure all the kids are enjoying that, even the teens are. Unfortunately, I'm sure Danny isn't right now. How do I know? Well, I don't just know I just thought or guess. Everyone couldn't know what will happen to this person in the future or when he or she is somewhere.

I'm not even joyful today or even having a peaceful day. I just have too much stress on worrying about Danny. I couldn't give up on him now. I just wish that Danny is okay and he's not alone. When you're alone, it isn't a great position for your mind. You will be very lonely and…you have no one to talk to. There is no one to express your feelings, to play with, to have fun with or to get along with. It's horrible.

I could see Danny now. He's alone, hurt and cold on the snow without shelter. Maybe he is lost and can't find his way back home? What if he can't make it through the icy cold winter? What if the snow buries his unconscious body?! We couldn't find him! OR worse! What if he's being attacked by monsters, creatures or maybe even…GHOSTS!! DANNY! NOOOOOO!! (AN: She's worries too much, huh?)

Man, I worry too much I thought to myself as I shook my head from the over reacting things jabbing my brain. (AN: Told you! Overprotective…it runs in the family)

Few cars passed by me and I didn't even notice them. I wanted to count them but then again it's hopeless for me. I'm just trying to get the bad thought out of my head. I felt failure, defeat and most of all…a loser. I kept on convincing myself about it. It doesn't mean that my conscience has gone bad. It never will and it shouldn't. I just wish someone could help me from the burden. I just wanted for Danny to be here with me…with my family.

I couldn't help it but make my face even more depress. Do you know how it feels? When you lost someone? I mean, it's very hard. You couldn't control yourself from breaking down. I have broken down a lot of times in my room and at Danny's. Lately, my parents were looking for some clues about the incident that happen to Danny. Nothing's wrong with him but now there is. He's lost and couldn't be found.

Don't say that, Jazz I thought to myself again. I looked up and I recognized the street. It's somewhere near the park. It's the park where my family, Sam Tucker and I used to hang out. I could remember thee memories as I look at the entrance of the park that I passed by. It's just too painful to remember when someone has already been gone for days. I didn't mind the coldness but the painful thought. It was way colder than anything else.

Place yourself back together, Jazz I thought once more. I tried and made myself think of my plan. Well, at first, it was hard but come to think of it…it is. I can't make my way right through it but then it has to be easy. I mean, all you have to do is look for him. Yeah, it's easy unless your parents are ghost hunters that always keep an eye on you and always check on what you're doing in every single minute. Lately, I received a message from my mom on how I'm doing. I always send back an "I'm fine" message. It was already getting old.

I just hope things will turn out okay once I have finished thinking of what o do to save Danny. I passed by the park, looking left and right to see if any cars are passing by the road. When there was none, I walked through the icy road and couldn't help it but feel the cold snow poking my face. It was enough for me to imagine the wonderful times I had with Danny when we were small. I couldn't give up on Danny now. I have nothing to lose.

I reached the other side of the road and I began to take this time to look around Amity. There were people walking but not just random people. There are people who I knew and there are people who I don't know. There are people who are lost and some are just standing there doing nothing. I could see few in their thick rag clothes in the alley ways. They were doing the same thing I'm doing; looking around.

I glanced more and more to my surroundings but what I spotted so far was a group of people being together. They don't look like they are having a meeting or hangout or something but they were enjoying themselves. I slowed down my pace as I suddenly feel a slight feeling in my stomach. They were a family going together under the snow.

A big brother around 12 and a little brother around 6 were holding each other with their mom and dad. Both of them were looking up and trying to hit the snow or maybe even catch them. Through my sight, when people were passing by those two brothers, the scene changed. Those two turned into me and…Danny. We were wrapping each others one arm around ourselves. We were smiling and laughing like the fun will take eternity. I stopped myself from walking.

Everything was slow motion. I didn't mind the people that were around me but…the certain scene right before me. I didn't mind the coldness but the warmth in my stomach. The scene again suddenly changed through my sight when few other people passed by and then it was back to those tow brothers walking with their family. I could feel heat overwhelming my eyes. Am I going crazy? Am I just seeing things?

Everything and everyone was in slow motion. I looked at another group of people but this time they are sticking together. Their arms were wrapped around each other's necks. Their own faces were the same as the two brothers, smiling with now worries. The scene again changed when one person passed by my sight of them. This time it was the four of us. Sam, Tucker, Danny and I were doing the same. We were placing our arms around each other's necks. We were laughing.

It reminded me of that day in Christmas when we were having the greatest time in our lives. I could feel thee tears welling up in my eyes as I tried to adore the scene but at the same time I felt pain. I minded the one who I was placing my one arm at, Danny. He was smiling as if he wants this to last forever. Once in his life, there was no ghost fighting at that time. Danny was so happy. I could hear him laughing and looking at my (scene) self. In that time day, it was like the first time I have seen him so happy.

Tears suddenly sprung out from my eyes and they rolled down quickly through my cheeks. I placed my hand to my mouth as the scene changed back to where it was. I tried to take the tears out with my arms, rubbing it 'till I wasn't feeling heat on my eyes. I looked down and looked up to see the people with joy in their faces. There was a building behind me. I didn't see it there.

"Excuse me" I felt someone tug my snow suit. I looked at my left then I faced down. I saw a little girl with blonde hair and a cute red hat on top. She's wearing a light green and green scarf and a purple snow suit. She was looking me cutely with her blue eyes. She looks like a very young kid around 4 or 5 or even less. She had an air of naïve.

"Why are you cwying?" As she pulled away her hand with a red mitten, she asks me adoringly. How innocent could children be? Well, her pronunciation will be fixed when she grows up.

"Um…I'm not crying…I just got something in my eye…that's all" I said, rubbing my eyes so the little girl would know the matter easily.

"Miny people alwas say tat when I ask dem why they are cwying." She said in a very childish manner. I just smiled at her weakly as if she outsmarted me. She then looked down and this made my eyebrow cock. Where are her parents anyway? Is she lost? I was interrupted from my thoughts when I saw the girl face me and look at me in the eyes.

"Do you know what happen to Danny Phantom?" She asks me. This kind of shocked me. As I look at her, she was really looking for her hero. She's really worried about him. She's worried about my little bro and she's even talking to the sister of her hero. She doesn't even know it, of course. Well, I have to do what adults do best when saying something difficult to children; lie.

"I don't know what happen to him" I said innocently to the little girl with a sad face.

"Oh…" She said quietly. She looked away from me and stare what's in front of her. "I hope he's alright"

She then slowly ran off without saying goodbye. I was just watching her go away 'till she fades away from the crow of people. I still stared at the last trail on where she went. I stayed like that. In the pit of my stomach, everything was going on in there. I felt hurt for saying something too difficult to a youngster. I mean, it is hard for me because I'm talking about my little brother. He's gone.

"Yeah, I hope so" I whispered to myself as I still looked at the last trail where the little girl was.

"Jazz?!" I snapped out of my trance and faced to the one who called me. It was a teen with a black snowsuit and same along with her hat. It was Sam Manson. She had the look of slight concern and slight surprise. I could say that she's wondering what I'm doing out here. Well, I have the same question.

She was standing there with her hands on her pockets and behind her was Tucker wearing his usual yellow snow suit. He had a face of depression but in common, sadness.

"Hi guys…W-what are you doing around here?" I asked. I have a feeling that they are doing the same thing I'm doing.

"I have the same question I want to ask you." Sam smiled weakly.

"Well, you answer. I asked you first." I would have smirked at that but I don't have the feeling right now. I mean, we are on the plane of tragedy and depression. When no one is around you, there is like no right for me to laugh or be happy. I mean, you lost someone you love and care about so much.

"Um…we were just…walking around" Sam rubs her neck with the palm of her hand. I knew it. She was doing the same thing I was doing.

"Same here but…" I was just trying to amuse thee taunting voice in my head. "Why?"

"Well, I…uh…wanted to…" Sam had some difficult times to tell me. Tucker was just shuffling his feet with sadness in his eyes. Mostly, I will see him playing with his precious PDA in his hand. But now, his precious is not in his own hands. They were just placed in his pockets. I think his best friend is much important than his love of technology. "I mean, we wanted to…uh…clear our minds outside for a while but it seems to be more than that... like 30 min. or more?"

"Really? I'm doing that too" I said before I sadden my face. It's kind of awkward. We have nothing much to say. We have a missing person in our own lives and all we can do is try to forget about it. I just have to get things straight. "But…I was trying to get my mind off the fact that Danny is not here."

I was crying.

I completely felt sorry for myself and I even completely felt sorry for them. I know how it feels to lose someone that you have known for years and you can't find him on your own. It's like Sam is in the verge of tears too and you can say that Tucker was feeling down already.

If Danny was here, he would cheer them up. If only. If only, Danny fades in surprisingly from the horizon, right behind Sam and Tuck. Even though he's injured or even though he's not, the good thing is he's safe and he's back. But…that was just my imagination. Fading from the horizon? I was just wishing for more to come, wishing that my imagination will really come true.

Sam walked towards me and hugged sorrowfully. I could hear her crying silently. She was thinking of the same thing. Comfort is always needed when someone is sad or lonely. I hug her back.

I placed my eyes on Tucker. He was looking away from us. He was just staring at the sidewalk with a very sad face. It reminded me of Danny when he was complaining about his life. He was always holding that face that Tuck is using. Danny said a lot of things of how come it has to be him. Why does he have to be the hero? Mostly, he didn't want to hurt mom and dad. He didn't want them to know who he is in a bad situation. It happened in a different way we imagined.

Sam let go of me and wiped away her tears. It's like she's not herself anymore. She looked at me sadly and Tucker slowly did the same. I tried to give them a weak smile and they smiled back.

"Don't worry guys. Let's just get our hopes up…for Danny." I was trying to cheer them up. I then reminded myself about something. It was about the plan.

"Yeah, we should. Right, Tuck?" I head Sam before she turns her head to Tucker. He just smiled weakly and nodded.

"Guys, for the past few days I was making up a plan" I became serious. I needed help, right? I know Sam and Tuck will be into it and they are perfect for the plan. Still, I fell like we needed one more in our group so the plan would work. I saw them looking at me.

Sam looked at me with a serious face and told the both of us (Jazz and Tucker) that they should stop by at her house. We could talk in there and anyway, we are going to freeze to death if we don't get out of the snow. We got ourselves comfortable in Sam's room but before that, we, of course, greeted Sam's parents. We were all sitting down and began to tell my plan.

The plan was we have to divide ourselves into two groups then the first group was to do ghost patrol while the other group is away to search for Danny. Ever since Danny was missing, I have been doing ghost patrol every night and I know Sam and Tuck were doing the same. We will let the groups take a turn on searching for Danny and ghost patrolling in Amity.

We would search every part of the city and the last would be the outskirts off town. The complication is our own parents and school. Oh wait, we don't have school ever since thee holiday is near and it's snowing. Anyway, we have to give a reason why we have to always go out.

Wee have to watch out for my mom and dad because they have been patrolling the city too. I told the two that we need to search for Danny inch by inch o the city and the outskirts of it. I know this plan is perfect.

"This plan is lame" Sam frowned.

"I know! I know, Sam! Could you just give this plan a chance?!" I complained frustrated because I have been planning this for many nights despite for some difficulties. I even have signed some places that we may have some chance in finding, Danny. It has taken me a lot of hard work.

"No" She said in her usual Goth tone. I would usually say to her to never use that tone off voice to me but then I just shrugged it off. I just sighed furiously.

"Come on! Think about it! This is the only plan we have. We could use the specter speeder when my mom and dad aren't using it. If they are asking why we took the specter speeder then I will try to give them a fake explanation. Besides, could you even think of another plan than this?" I tried to convince, Sam. I don't think Tucker will need convincing. He was already thinking about it. He was giving that impressive look. The look doesn't have a smile but seriousness.

Sam was thinking and letting her eyes calmly dart around the room.

"I got nothing" she fortunately raises her shoulder like an 'I-don't-know' sign. "Well, I got one plan but I think you have tried that already and it didn't work"

Yeah, the convincing plan that I tried on my mom and dad. I have done that already but to no avail…it didn't work. I was trying to convince my parents that Danny isn't what they think he is. He's not overshadowed or his mind is taken away from the ghost boy (still known as my little brother too). I was trying but failed.

"So?" I gave her a victorious look. With one off my eyebrows cocked, Sam's sure she knows what to say.

"So what?" Sam still held that frown on her face. Ok, I stand corrected. She still doesn't know what I mean.

"You know what you have to say" I grinned.

"Sigh, alright!" Sam looked away from me with her arms crossed on her chest. "Your plan…is perfect"

I knew this will work out. It must work! If we fail, we don't know what to do to search for Danny. We will feel all hopeless and what will ever happen if Danny isn't here to help us in fighting the ghosts away from our town. The town needs him! His friends need him! His family needs him! I even need him! It all comes to this. This may be the hardest thing we have ever done yet without Danny. Well, the subject is that we are going to find Danny.

We were ready to for the plan and we hope nothing will go wrong to destroy it.

--Normal POV-Vlad-Normal POV –Vlad- Normal POV- Vlad- Normal POV- Vlad- Normal POV- Vlad- Normal POV- Vlad- Normal POV- Vlad—

It was a snowy day at Wisconsin. The trees were sleeping. The grass and flowers were nowhere to be found. They were under the cold fluffy snow, waiting for spring time to come so they could bloom freely and show their majestic beauty and features. The day wasn't a blizzard but calm air was roaming around the place. There was no dread to demolish the calm day. Amity Park is miles away but how could someone ever get to care about that place.

Well, there is someone.

Vlad Masters

He is a very rich kind of man. He gets what he wants and will try to get it with his own bare hands. The only way to get what he wants is to use his own mind and abilities. He wishes to take over the world's luxury in a matter of days but before he could ever get the grip of the thing he ever desires, Danny Phantom will ruin his day. Ever since the accident that ever happened to his life, everything in his world turned upside down. But then…he realized he got great abilities when he knew he has ghost powers.

He practiced and trained for 20 years and now, he has become invulnerable. Before, the most wanted thing he would ever try to get in his life was someone precious to him before the accident. He wanted to marry the one he loves the most. The woman who is already married to the one who ruined his life. He then decided to kill him. But at that time, he encountered Danny Phantom himself. In countless times, he will even try to convince the boy to join him.

But now, he decided to ruin Danny's life. He wanted to kill him. He wasn't after for the wants he wanted before. For now, he wanted more power to enjoy and more people to appreciate the work he has done. He wanted to find his destiny and he will try to get Danny Phantom away from it all.

He was just sitting there in his couch reading his favorite novel that he got room his library. Right in front off him was a fireplace and there was fire lighting up in flames. He had that serious face as he was so entranced to the book. You could see a cat making an entrance to the scene by walking to her Master. She then jumped to the couch where her Master is sitting and sat beside him.

"Ah, Maddie…you're finally here. I was waiting for you lately" Vlad cooed to his lovely pet. He was pretending to let it be Maddie, the one who lives in Amity Park and the only one who is the love of his life. He placed the book mark on the page where he last read and placed the precious book on the short coffee table. He stroked little Maddie's fur as she purred at the soft massage from his master. "Now we can see how lovely Amity is doing"

Especially that blasted Danny Phantom Vlad thought evilly as he pressed the red button on his remote. Suddenly, the fire from the fire place vanished and a flat screen seems to be descending down from the ceiling that came out from the ceiling. The little fluffy cat wasn't surprised about it. Actually, she was used to all the contraptions that her Master made but if it was a new one, it becomes the opposite.

The screen flickered and then appeared the snowy scenery of Amity Park. Vlad could see the lovely smile on the citizen's faces and the carolers singing with joy. Vlad shrugged it off. He wasn't fond of it. He clicked one of the small green buttons to change to another one of his spy cams and there it is the Fentons. They were doing their usually thing; building a new invention to kill the Phantom whom they don't know that he is their own son.

Unfortunately, Vlad heard their conversation about ripping him into pieces for overshadowing their son and a few sayings of the ghost boy stashing the mind of Danny away. Vlad was confused. He had an unusual feeling. Vlad stopped stroking Maddie's fur and began concentrating the screen. Little Maddie was confused on why her Master stop massaging her.

Vlad changed to another one of his spy cams and he sees Jazz's room but empty. He changed to another one and he sees the parent's room, still empty. He changed once more sternly and there he finds Danny's room…empty. Vlad relaxed in surprise. Is Danny really gone or something? Was he taken by a ghost? Did he run away?

The furry little cat licked and poked his master's hand with her paw for attention. She really wants more of the stroking. Vlad ignored her and began changing again. He looked again at the snowy scenery that he first watched at the screen. He then wanted to watch all of the spy cams that have the views off Amity. He pressed a few buttons and there appeared a few boxes and each of them having the views of the parts of Amity.

Vlad was up to something. He was thinking on what he's going to do. He changed once more and this time he set it up on one of Danny's friend's rooms to get some information. He went to Tucker's room and he found nobody but stuff off his technology. He pressed once more of the green button and there appeared Sam's room.

Vlad's eyes widen. He sees Sam Manson, sitting on her computer chair. He also sees the techno geek, Tucker Foley, sitting on one of those bean bags. Finally, he placed his eyes on Jazz. She was kneeling on the floor. It seems that they were having a meeting but what amazed Vlad is that he doesn't see his arch enemy, the boy who he wants to torture his life. He wasn't there. Danny is nowhere…to be found.

Vlad once more relaxed his back on the couch, staring at the screen unbelievably. Danny is really gone. What's the boy up to this time? He snapped away from his thoughts when he heard the trio starting to talk once more.

"I hope this plan will work, Jazz" Sam said as she got up from her computer chair. She crossed her arms, fear and concern was written all over her face. Tucker did the same but had a hard time to take his butt out from the stupid bean bag.

"I know it will. We just have to get our hopes up on finding him. You just have to trust me and the plan" Jazz also did the same, standing up from kneeling on the floor. She did a bit of stretching of her legs, it was sort of numb. She then held that confidence on her face and said firmly "WE WILL FIND, DANNY"

At this point, Vlad was still in shock. He couldn't believe that this is true. No wonder why Danny's parents were busy making an invention, they were making it to destroy the ghost boy. They thought Phantom is the on who kidnapped Danny, their son. They just didn't know that they are actually trying to make an invention to kill their won son.

The older half ghost was still staring at the screen in awe yet his mind was moving, thinking o something and trying to put some things together. He suddenly smirked. He got an evil idea as usual whenever he has that evil, scary grin look upon his face. He had a plan. He wasn't going to find Danny. He wasn't going to even help the trio or not even help the Fentons.

Vlad laughed gradually becoming loud and with every laugh, it was evil. He was already laughing manically. He closed his eyes, can't stand the sweet evil laugh he is having now. It was very sweet to hear it from himself. Sweet Maddie ran away from her master, frightened. She was thinking that he has gone mad. Mad, I tell you!

Vlad opened his eyes and now it was glowing red which was paired with his evil grin in his face. He wasn't going to help anyone. He was going to destroy Danny Fenton.

--In Progress-Chapter 7-Danny-He's a Phantom- Fenton-He's a Phantom-Danny-He's a Phantom-Phantom-Chapter 7-In Progress—

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