Life After

Part one

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Everyone knows the story of the marauders. How they were the smartest, best looking guys in school. The best tricksters anyone had ever seen. But everyone else knows what became of their little group.

James Potter- Killed by Voldemort, along with his wife Lily.

Sirius Black- framed for killing 13 people and betraying his best friend. Sent to Azkaban.

Peter Petegrew- The person who REALLY killed all of those people and betrayed James. Follower of Voldemort.

Remus Lupin- Werewolf, now completely alone. Member of the Order of the Phoenix.

Everyone knows them, but very few people know about us. Oh, we didn't go to school with the marauders, they were before us. And Harry and co. were after us. But all we ever heard throughout our entire school career was how if we had been at school a few years earlier we would have been perfect for the marauders. Well, not all of us I guess. I mean, James Potter had Lily. Everyone knew that. And my best friend- Katie Elliot, had Bill Weasly.

But, like the marauders, our lives completely fell apart.

Katie Elliot- murdered our graduation night. Before she was killed, she was a beautiful girl with dark blond hair and striking green eyes. She was the smartest girl in our year, though she played pranks as well as the rest of us. She was a half blood witch, and a Gryffidor.

Adelina Johnson (me)- Charged with my best friends murder. Framed for her murder. Sent to Azkaban. People used to tell me I was the girl version of Sirius Black. I had pitch black hair and ice blue eyes. I got good marks without really trying, dated different people constantly and was a blood-traitor, according to my two sisters, both in Slytherin.

Christine Hollows- The person who really killed Katie. She was a pure-blood witch who was also in Gryffindor, but she was always jealous of Katie. She was kind of on the short side, plump, with curly platinum blond hair and dark brown eyes. She framed me.

Nymphodora Tonks- A metomorphagas, she never really looked the same. She was really outrageous. She helped me the most with all of the pranks and such. But she, like everyone else, believed that I killed Katie. She was also now in the order.

When they carted me into Azkaban, I really didn't notice anyone except one man. He was sitting in the cell, staring at me with grey-silver eyes. His hair was long and dirty, and his clothes were way to big for his body, but I knew who he was instantly. "Sirius Black." I said out loud. He snapped his head toward me, then stared as the demeanors threw me into a ell down the way.

I was stuck in that damn cell for three years. Only three years. Then, on the same night Sirius Black escaped, so did I. I am also an anima Gus. A cat. Really not the point. Anyway, when I heard the minister going off about how Black had escaped, I knew if I escaped nobody would be looking for me, they would all be looking for him.

I hid. For six years, I hid in muggle America. Then it happened. Harry Potter killed Voldemort. Finally. That's when things got complicated.

I woke up that morning and looked into a mirror, like usual. Then I screamed. I...I was seventeen. Back before I had been sent Azkaban. My hair was once again shiny and felt like silk, flowing down my shoulders. My eyes were bright, and unhaunted. My body was slim, but not broken down or beaten. I, Adi Johnson, was back. And, in another country, so were a lot of other people