All things changeā€¦even love

Part one.

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Authors note: Hey, don't hate me for this chapter. I explain in later ones!!!

5th year, Christmas ball

I watched as he danced with her once again. Sirius and I had been dating for six frickin months- and he hadn't danced with me once. I mean, we got into a fight last night, but he had acted like everything was fine this morning. Now he was completely ignoring me.

"Hey Liz." James Potter came up to me, smiling. "Where's Sirius?"

I motioned out to the floor and saw James wince. "Sorry about that. You know Sirius."

I managed a weak smile. "That's why I AM worried."

James winced once again. That's when Lily Evans, who was my best friend, walked over to a. "Hey Liz. Having fun?"

I saw James shake his head and motion to the dance floor. Lily looked over, then she turned back to me. "Don't worry Liz. Sirius has dated you longer than any other girl. He really likes you."

James nodded. "He does like you. I've never heard him mention any of his other girls, but we don't get through a conversation without your name coming up."

For the first time that night, I smiled and actually felt happy. "Really?"

James nodded, then turned as a voice behind us started "Hey where's-"

"Sirius?" James asked. Remus nodded. He was the one who had spoken. "He's right over- actually, I don't know..."

I started looking around quickly, then froze as I saw Sirius walking onto the stage, pulling that girl, her name was Elaine I think, with him. "Attention!" Sirius yelled. "I have two announcements! Number one, Liz, this six months has been great, but it's time to move on. We're done." I felt myself start to fall, James caught me just before I hit the floor. He sat me in a chair, then looked up at his friend in disbelief. "Number two, my new girlfriend is Elaine."

The entire hall was completely silent. Even the Slytherin's were staring in shock. Nobody could believe it. We were the perfect couple.

Sirius grabbed Elaine's hand and pulled her out of the great hall. That left everyone to stare at me. Great. James, Remus, and Lily all stepped in their line of vision, giving me time to pull myself together. James started threatening people, telling them to get back to their own business.

That was the year I officially hated Sirius Black.


"Liz!" I turned around quickly and hugged Lily. "How are you? I didn't see you all summer! Guess what?"

I smiled. "You got head girl?"

Lily looked at me, disappointed. "How did you know?"

I laughed. "Lily, who DIDNT know you would get head girl?"

Lily smiled once again. "Well, I have to go to a meeting. Save me a seat."

She ran off and I started looking for an empty compartment. There wasn't one. I was about to go sit with some fifth year kids when I heard my name being called. It was James. Even after what happened, James and Remus were still two of my best friends. And I hated Black. It all worked out fine.

"Liz! Need a place to sit?" James I asked. I frowned. I could sit with two of my friends and the one person I hated, or with a bunch of kids I barely knew.

"Yes." James led me into his compartment, then grabbed my trunk and put it away for me. "Hey, Liz." Remus greeted. I smiled at him, then sat in the seat next him. James and Sirius were across from us.

After a moment, James spoke. "I heard you and what's his name broke up."


"Wanna tell what happened?" James asked, rolling his eyes.

I shrugged. "He was boring."

Sirius laughed bitterly. "According to you, everyone is boring. Or immature."

I glared at him, knowing he was referring to the fight we had had that night. "Black, you are the most-"

"Boring, idiotic, immature, person you know." Sirius mimicked, standing up quickly. "Why don't you look in a mirror when you give this speech? You need it as much as I do."

I stood. "At least I'm not a vain, selfish, slut." I hissed.

Once again, he laughed. "Right, keep telling yourself that."

"What are you trying to say Black?"

"You're the girl version of me." Black growled. "Ask anyone."

"I will never be as bad as you." I hissed.

He glared at me. "Maybe I should go find Elaine."

I slapped him. Everyone knew that Sirius hadn't talked to Elaine since that night. He was only bringing her up now to hurt me...and it worked.

Everyone was completely silent. James and Remus sat, staring at us. Sirius and I just glared. "I hate you." I hissed.

He rolled his eyes. "And two years ago you loved me."

"Biggest mistake of my life."

Sirius made a move towards me, almost like he was going to hit me. James stepped in front of me and pushed Sirius onto the seat, then pushed me into another seat. We sat in silence the rest of the way to Hogwarts.