A few moments later he followed behind her, keeping some distance between her car and the Impala. This ends tonight, he thought as he held the Colt on his lap. It was time he and Ruby had a little talk. He hoped that Sam would forgive him no matter how it ended. Maybe someday Sam would finally realize that he will never let him go. Not until Hell came for him. Not until then.

Chapter 5

Dean turned off the Impala's headlights before slowing the car to a stop. He watched as Ruby parked in front of what looked like a deserted two story building on the next block and disappeared inside. After a brief moment of his conscience asking him if he was doing the right thing, he hurried down the sidewalk, careful to avoid the sections illuminated by the occasional streetlights. Colt in hand, he cautiously peered inside a busted out section of one of the dirty front windows. He could only see darkness inside. Weighing his choices, he decided to investigate further and pushed against the door. It opened with ease and thankfully, no noise to give away his entrance. He turned to his right and trailed along the wall as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. Suddenly bright lights flooded his vision, momentarily blinding him. Blinking, his eyes opened to focus on a young blonde woman standing about twenty feet in front of him. He quickly raised the Colt at her.

"Now, now. Is that any way for the two most important people in Sam's life to finally meet? I'm quite offended," she said as she made a sad face and put her hand to her chest.

"Wow. You're a crazy bitch and a bad actress. Enough of this crap. What did you say to my brother tonight?" Dean asked, his gun now aimed at her forehead.

"Why not ask him yourself? What, aren't you two getting along?" she asked with phony concern. "Shame. I'll have to ask him about that the next time I see him."

"You stay away from Sam or I'll kill you," Dean threatened.

"Kill me with my gun? Please," she said as she shook her head, seemingly undisturbed by his words. "You think that will solve everything? Without me, Sam is as good as dead and you, in a year."

"What are you talking about?" Dean asked, her words sounding eerily familiar to those of the dead demon, Casey.

"I can protect him and save you. It's a win-win for everyone," she explained.

"You're going to protect him? That job is already taken, demon," Dean responded angrily.

"It's too big a job for you, little boy," she spat, her eyes flashing black for a moment before she regained her composure and the calm smile returned.

"So why do you want to help us? Out of the goodness of your heart?" Dean asked, unconvinced that any part of her motive was altruistic.

"Well, you're both absolutely to die for, but no," she said before the smile left her face again. "I will not lose what is promised to me, to my side in this war."

"Your side versus humans?" Dean asked, hoping to pull as much information out of her as possible before he shot her.

"Please. You humans are mere pawns. This is a demon war. It's open season and everyone wants to grab the brass ring. Sam is mine. He has strength that he hasn't even begun to realize. If Sam isn't on my side. Well, then he's on their side. And that's a very dangerous place to be," she explained as she stepped closer to Dean.

"I think we'll take our chances. I prefer danger to tea parties with little girls like you anyway," Dean said as he cocked the trigger.

"Dean! What the hell are you doing?" Sam yelled as he rushed inside and stopped halfway in between the pair, blocking Dean's shot.

"Get out of the way, Sam!" Dean demanded.

"She was right," Sam said, his voice a mixture of disbelief, betrayal and sadness. "She said that she knew you would try to kill her. I told her that you wouldn't do that to me. Told her to get out. How naïve was I to think that you thought enough of me to handle this myself?" Sam asked, tears welling up in his eyes now.

"Sammy, it's not like that! She's trying to turn you against me! Can't you see that?" Dean asked in his defense.

"So you didn't follow her here and I'm imagining that you're pointing the Colt at her right now?" Sam asked, before biting his lip now to prevent it from quivering.

Dean clenched and unclenched his jaw, and even though every instinct told him not to, he lowered the Colt.

"I'm so sorry that your brother doesn't believe in you like I do, Sammy," Ruby said to him in a soothing voice from where she stood.

"Sweet cheeks, I'm not dead yet. I'm the only one that can call him Sammy," Dean said, raising the Colt again.

"Shut up. SHUT UP! Both of you," Sam yelled, paralyzed with indecision.

Everything was so damned confusing, so messed up. What should he do? He continued to look at Dean for a moment before turning to look at Ruby. Between a rock and a hard place. He didn't want his brother to die, but could he really do all of those horrific things Ruby would make surely make him do in exchange for his brother's life? He knew the answer was a resounding yes, and that terrified him most of all. Did she somehow know what he had told Dean that night in the cemetery after they shot the yellow eyed demon?

"I mean you sacrified everything for me. Don't you think I'd do the same for you? You're my big brother. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you. And I don't care what it takes. I'm going to get you out of this…"

He had just one question left to ask.

"Will you help me find another way, Dean? Please," Sam pleaded.

Dean opened his mouth to protest, something that was a reflex these days, but stopped himself this time. He finally realized that whether he liked it or not, helping Sam save his life was the only way that he himself could save Sam, the only way to keep him away from Ruby and the others wielding empty, dark promises.

"Okay, yes. I promise," Dean answered.

Sam nodded and got two steps closer to his brother before Ruby spoke again.

"He's lying to you, Sam! He's still treating you like a baby, just like he always has!" she said, her voice desperate now.

Her words paused his motion temporarily as something else came to mind. His nightmare. Maybe it wasn't about teaming up with Ruby to save Dean. Maybe it was about not working with her to save them both. Sam walked the remaining steps toward Dean, praying the whole time that he wasn't making one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

Dean smiled as Sam stopped to stand next to him, feeling as if a ton of bricks had just been lifted off of his shoulders. He had his brother back and a clear shot to her now.

"Sam, what are you doing? I am the only one who can save him!" she yelled.

"No," Sam disagreed. "We'll find another way. Together. Ruby," Sam said. "your road ends here."

With a lighting fast move that surprised even Dean, Sam grabbed the cocked Colt out of Dean's hand and fired at her chest with perfect accuracy. Instead of dropping to the ground in a fit of convulsions and sparks, Ruby laughed, her eyes black orbs again. She opened her fist and dropped the spent bullet to the floor, it bouncing twice before rolling away.

"Like I said. Kill me with my gun? Please," she said.

After recovering from the shock of what they just witnessed, Sam cocked the gun again. Before he had the chance to fire another shot, she flicked her head, sending Sam and Dean flying against the wall. She raised them inches from the floor as they struggled in vain to free themselves.

"You know Sammy," she said as she walked up to him and picked the Colt up off of the floor. "maybe you are on to something here. You won't have to worry about living without Dean. You'll be long dead before his year is up."

With a grim laugh, she raised her hands. Suddenly, the lights burst, showering glass down upon Sam and Dean as they fell to the floor. Groaning, Dean wrestled his small flashlight out of his jeans pocket and swept the nearby area with its beam. She was no where in sight.

"You okay, Sammy?" Dean asked his little brother as he shined the light on his face.

"Yeah. You?" Sammy asked with a grunt as he shifted to a sitting position.

"Yeah. Nothing a few beers and a game of darts won't fix," Dean said.

"The Colt's gone," Sam said, missing Dean's attempt to lighten the mood.

"I know. But we'll get it back. It'll be the first thing we do," Dean vowed as he brushed glass off of the front of Sam's shirt.

Sam grabbed Dean's wrist and held it tightly.

"No. Not the first thing. You break your promise to help me find a way to save you and I'm gone. I'll go to Ruby and I'll do whatever she wants," Sam said.

"I know that too," Dean answered, the crushing weight of the bricks returning to his shoulders. "I know."

The End

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