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The first thing they saw after dizzying displacement, was snow. So white, innocent and deceptive, beautiful in its' fragility. And among the pale rays of the moon, they saw a man.


The little blond – haired child's eyes were full of tears shimmering blue silently beseeching the distant light for someone to love him.


Spring leaves, Emerald, Seafoam green,. But those colours were nothing compared to Harry's eyes… in Itachi's mind, at least.


They sighed with relief as they finally entered the castle, enjoying the warm air caressing their bodies,. Still, as Neji snuggled up to Harry, he discovered a whole new kind of warmth that didn't have nothing with the fire crackling in the fireplace.


Since that fateful night, whe he had been assasinated, gaara had been on constant alert, whether to keep himself from falling asleep or anticipating some new fools that were sent to kill him. And yet, he had never felt more safe than when the black-haired, scar – headed youth carried him to the castle.


Naruto was head over heels excited to experience his new playgrounds. And yet, there was a warm ball of happiness in his heart, as he bombarded their green – eyed protector with millions of questions, each one producing at least three more, leaving poor Harry quite overwhelmed.


They watcher as Harry seethed at fudge's blundering tries to convice the teen to put them in the orphanage. Naruto's terrified cerulean orbs told more than any worlds could have. But they needn't to worry. Five pairs of eyes watched in awe, as the teen calmly cut the flustered adults off, telling them that in no uncertain terms would he let them to rot in one of those hellholes.


Whoever said that the colour of envy was green, was sorely mistaken, in their opinion at least. Envy was red. red, like that Weasley chit, that attempted to woo their Harry for herself. Red, like Itachi's Sharingan eyes, as he watched her to make moves on Harry. Red, like Gaara's blood, that trickled from his clenched fists, as the sharp nails pierced the soft skin of his palms. Red, as the fox's chakra, or Neji's indigantly flushed cheeks…. The anger was white-hot, thought.


Neji was fed up. First, because of his long hair and delicate face, he had been immediately labelled as a girl. Second, why the hell did they have to stare at his eyes? He was NOT blind, dammit! He contemplated Jyuukenning the redheaded male's happy place… and that Snape… he was used to 'I-am-the- Main-Branch-Hyuuga-bow-to-me-mongrel' attitude, but that man's conceitedness…. It just rubbed him the whole wrong way. The black eyes looked elsewhere. Neji smirked. Neji:36, Snape:0.

Magenkyo Sharingan

Harry was pissed. No, he was well and beyond furious at that point. He warned him… but nooo, Snape had to snoop around the Uchiha's siblings minds. He would've cursed the conceited prick to the hell and back, but it seemed someone already knocked the greaseball unconscious. Wide, frightened eyes stared into his… the were red, wirh black shuriken spinning in them.


As the war escalated, they were taught more advanced thingd; one of them was Animagi Transformation. Ron became – surprisingly – red chinchila, while Hermione attained the form of bushy – furred cat. Surprisingly, Neville's form was a lion, which Ron griped it should've been his. Harry diddn't have a form. Or so he told them. Besides, how the hell can you tell people you are some kind of a dragon?


Harry loved staring at the moon. It calmed him, the pale light shining from the round disc, hanging on the sky. At first, he had been alone. Now, he was watching the celestial beauty, with Itachi, Neji, Sasuke, Gaara and Naruto in a tow.


Naruto was like sun, Harry mused. Bright, loud, so essential and yet unobtrusive… so heartwarming and caring. Little did he know, his wards thought of him as their world.


It was accidental. It was unexpected. It was mortifying it was the first. It was him and Harry. It was Itachi's first kiss. And it was addicting.


Sasuke was mortified. The reason? He was caught under the darned plant, and now he couldn't move. He cursed Naruto and his pranks, the foolish tradition of this world, Itachi's amusement, Neji's open grinning and Gaara's smug smile. While he was busy cussing under his breath, they didn't notice their black – haired guardian. Finally, Harry had had enough, and kissed him. The rest of the day, Sasuke was on cloud nine, and the other four were trying to get caught under mistletoe, just so they would get kiss from Harry.