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Momo looked up at the cloads and sighed. It had been a whole week since she had woken up and Hitsugaya-Kun hadn't said a word to her, Not a word. She looked down at the ground, holding back her slowly building tears "Oh, Shirou-chan.."


Momo looked up to see Matsumoto towering over her.

"G-Good morning!"

"Whats wrong?"

Momo looked down at her feet "Nothing" She lied.

Matsumoto sighed and sat next to her "It's Captain Hitsugaya, right." Momo's cheeks turned slightly pink at the mention of his name. She sighed and looked at Matsomoto "What can i do? i want to talk to him but..Im not brave enough"

Matsomoto smirked to herself "Thats easerly solved!" She called, pulling out a large bottle of Sake!, grinning madly ( YaY! Go Matsomoto). Momo tried to back away from her but it was too late! Mastumoto had stuck the bottle of Sake into Momo's mouth Cant...Drink...Mustn't! But even Momo knew she couldn't stop herself from drinking, and within mintues the bottle was finished. "NOW!" Matsumoto cried "GO GET YOUR MAN!!"

"YEAAAH!!!!" Momo called, staggering to her feet, Matsumoto cheering her as she gulped down her second bottle of Sake. Momo made her way to the 10th Captains office. Tripping over her own feet and falling in, giggling madly!

Toushirou looked up from his paper-work to see the girl laying face down on his floor.

"Momo?" He asked rising an eyebrow.

Momo giggled more and sat up right

"ELLO! Shirou-Chanie!"

Toushirou's eyebrow twitched "I told you it's-" Momo put a finger on his mouth "I no, I'm sorry Shirou-Chan..Im so sorry" The Sake had worn off and she was back to normal. Tears were welling up in her eyes seconds from falling. Toushirou's gaze sofened, he couldn't stay mad at his best friend.

"I-I...I love you Shirou-Chan..I always have! Ever since we were children i've loved you!..Always" Tears streamed from her eyes down her cheeks "It's ok that you dont feel the same..Its ok, But..Please Shirou-Chan..Please dont hate me, I would sooner die then live with you hating me" She wept silently holding onto Toushirou's shoulders.

Toushirou's eyes widened as he replayed the words in his head, he looked at Momo and smiled warmly, wiping away her tears and placinh his hand on her cheek

"Dont cry Momo, a smiles suits you best"

Momo looked up at him opening her mouth to say somthing

"Sssh. Dont talk" He said, leaning closer and kissing her solfly. Momo closed her eyes, returning his kiss, wishing for the moment to last forever..




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