Note: This is an AU of season three starting right after All Hell Breaks Loose. Sorry this is so short, I'll try to make them longer next chapter.

Sam was relieved, and worried, and angry. He was obviously relieved because the demon was dead. Which meant no more visions. It meant he was free. He was finally free of the demon for good.

Sam wasn't totally free though. He still had the deal that Dean had made to deal with. And then there were the more than likely hundreds of demons that had been released from hell. Sam glanced over at Dean. Dean was sound asleep in the passenger side of the Impala. Sam was worried about more than the deal, actually.

Dean had seemed a little off after what had happened. Sam supposed he could just be tired after everything that had happened, though. Sam glanced over sharply at his brother when Dean let out a little moan in his sleep. Dean's eyebrows were drawn together in a frown. Sam frowned himself, wondering if he should wake Dean up. He was obviously having a nightmare. Sam supposed that that was only natural as well.

When Dean let out another little moan, Sam sighed, and reached over. He gripped Dean's shoulder while trying to keep his eyes on the road.

"Dean, wake up, man." He shook Dean's shoulder a little. Dean's eyes snapped open, but Sam noticed the fact that they were slightly glazed over, and weren't focusing on anything.

"Dean?" Sam said a little nervously.

"Stop it." Dean whispered so quietly that Sam barely heard him. Now really worried, Sam quickly parked the Impala on the side of the road and turned to face his brother. He gripped Dean's shoulders in his hands and shook him a little more.

"Dean, wake up!" Sam was beyond relieved when Dean blinked a few times and his eyes cleared.

"Sam?" Dean brought a hand up to his forehead. Sam released him and leaned back.

"You okay?" Dean frowned a little.

"Yeah, fine."

"You were having a nightmare?" Dean's frown deepened.

"I guess." He shrugged. "Don't remember it if I did." Sam searched his brothers and eyes and turned back to start the Impala up again when he saw that Dean was telling the truth.

Dean was still way to quiet, though, Sam though after nearly thirty minutes on the road. Dean hadn't gone to sleep again, he was just staring out the window. He didn't turn on the music, he didn't even talk, which was not like him at all. Sam kept his mouth shut, though, and hoped there wasn't something wrong. That it was just everything that had happened getting to Dean.

A tiny voice in Sam's head laughed at that logic.


Dean could have sworn that he had seen something when Sam had first woken him up. Something shinning around Sam. When he had blinked it was gone, so he had passed it off as his imagination after being woken up like that.

He didn't really remember the dream that he had, but he did remember vaguely what it felt like. He remembered being terrified. Dean sighed and rested his head against the window again. What did the dream matter if he didn't remember it?

Dean was about to drift off to sleep when he felt it. An overwhelming sense of worry and fear hit him so hard that his eyes widened and he bent forward, grabbing his head. The emotions that exploded in him were alien, like they weren't his. He was vaguely aware of Sam calling his name again. The fear that Dean was feeling doubled and he groaned.

The last thing he was aware of before he passed out was seeing his brother, with a brilliant light surrounding him in a mixture of different colors.