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Dean was getting better, and Sam was grateful. For the first couple of days after Bobby had found the solution, he had still locked himself in the bedroom and refused to be around Sam, but he had slowly gotten better at blocking it all out.

Sam had been considering telling Dean about what he knew about their mom, about her knowing the demon for the past few days. He was considering the fact that that might have something to do with it being blocked for so long.

Sam didn't want to tell Dean, though. He didn't want to unless he absolutely had to. He knew that Dean loved their mother and he never wanted to stain the image Dean had of her. So, he didn't. He decided that unless he absolutely had to, he would take that secret. He wouldn't tell Dean.


Dean glanced at the door of the bedroom, and then the piece of paper in his hand. He sat down on the bed and stared at the paper for a few moments.

He had done it. He was sure this would work. He had taken the spell that Bobby had used to find out why this was all happening. Dean was sure that this would work and he would be able to see what he had missed, what had been blurry last time.

Dean hesitated, but he needed to know. He memorized the spell and laid down in the bed. He figured that Sam wouldn't be in here unless he heard something odd. Sam had been trying to give him some space so he could learn how to control everything, but Dean didn't want to take any chances. He placed the spell under the pillow of his bed. He was hoping that if Sam did decide to come in and check on him, he would think Dean was just asleep.

Dean hesitated again and then he let out a determined breath and said the spell quietly. He waited a few moments and then he felt that sinking feeling again and then his world went dark.

This time, Dean was not surprised when the darkness faded to find himself back home. He looked around and stopped short when he saw his mom. She was walking down the hallway and stopped in front of a room that he knew was his.

Dean followed his mother as she went into the room and stopped in the doorway when he saw what was going on in there. He saw the younger version of himself, standing up in the tiny bed and staring at a dark shadow of a man that Dean would recognize anywhere.

Dean growled in frustration, though, when the image faded and got fuzzy again. He sighed. He guessed that whatever was blocking this image, he might never get past. He was just considering giving up on ever learning what had blocked him when the image came back into focus.

Now, his mom was standing in front of the demon. The younger version of him was standing a little behind her. He watched the scene intently.

"Please." He heard his mom say. "Please, don't kill him." Dean drew back a little shocked. The fact that the demon had meant to kill him wasn't exactly the biggest shock in the world, and he had figured from what he had learned from before that his mom had had something to do with all this, but still to see it still sort of threw him.

Dean watched as the demon considered her, it's eyes glowing yellow in the dim light. The demon's head tilted and he seemed to be considering the younger Dean for a moment.

"I'll do anything." His mom begged. The demon was silent for a moment.

"Alright." It said finally, still staring at the child. "He is not who I want." The demon reached a hand towards his four year old self and smiled. "I cannot have him keep this power, though." The demon's eyes glowed maliciously. "You will see me again." It said and Dean didn't miss the significant glance the demon threw at his mother, at her midsection.

Dean stood there as the image of his mother faded and all that was left was the demon. He got another shock when the demon looked up and right into his eyes.

"Hello, Dean." Dean drew back a little.

"Your dead." Dean said.

"Yes, well, we are not among the living at the moment, are we?" Dean frowned.

"Your not really the demon." Dean's frown deepened. "So, what? Your like a figment of my imagination, or something?"

"Something like that." Dean groaned and rolled his eyes. "Your the one who wanted answers."

"Okay, fine, then why did you do it? Why not just kill me then? You could have gotten to Sam anyways. You did." The demon simply shrugged.

"It would be easier to get Sam into the fold if his own mother gave him over. Even if she didn't know she was doing it. You weren't really a threat to me. " Dean snorted a little at that. He was really getting tired of these guys saying that.

"Guess you were wrong about that." The demon's head tilted again.

"Yes, well, I should have known that if I let you alone, you would just destroy yourself."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"That little deal you made. The one to save Sam. Looks like I'm not the only one who will be basking in the fires of hell." Dean shrugged.

"Yeah, well, that's true. But I think I'll die happy knowing that I sent you downstairs permanently first." The demon laughed without any humor as he began to fade as well.

"See you later, Dean."

Dean woke up with a start in the bed in the cabin. He was relieved to see he was alone and Sam hadn't come in here. He sat there for a few minutes trying to take everything he had seen in. His eyes locked on the door, and he knew Sam was on the other side.

Dean could practically block Sam out all together now, he thought as he sat staring at the door. He thought about what he had seen and about what it meant. He made a decision as he sat there, trying not to freak out.

He couldn't tell Sam. Not about this. He couldn't tell his baby brother that his mom had made a deal with the demon, even if she hadn't known she had been making it at the time. That was one secret he would take to hell.


Sam looked up when the bedroom door opened and Dean walked out. Dean plopped down in the chair opposite Sam.

"So, when are we getting on the road again, Sam?" Dean asked. Sam frowned.

"Are you sure you're up for that?" Sam asked. Dean rolled his eyes.

"'Course I am." He smirked at Sam. "I can block you out, and I figure if I can block you out then I can block anyone out." Sam scowled a little at Dean, but answered his first question, even if he was a little apprehensive about getting back on the road so soon.

"Well, I could call Bobby, see if he's got anything." Dean leaned back in his chair a little.

"Well, what are you waiting on, then?" Sam rolled his eyes and pulled out his phone. He was beyond happy that Dean was getting back to himself. Now he could work on keeping Dean out of hell.