The start of an Atelier Iris 3 fic for the Gust community on LJ. I'm actually waiting on some input for where to go with this exactly. So this is also on hold until I get some ideas. That said, enjoy.

"Is it done yet?" A female whine.

"Almost, Nell. Almost." A second female voice, sounding somewhat tired.

"You're too impatient." A third voice, this time male.

A hearty smell drifted within the air of the old workshop, a mixture of animal meat and various herbs. If you strained your senses a little you could possibly make out a small scent of huffin blossom, not usually used for cooking. Not by normal people anyway.

"Ooooh! It's so exciting!" An excited squeal came from the first voice once more. Belonging to a young blonde haired female, known as Nell Elis, sporting a red, ever so slightly risqué outfit. It seemed good enough to move about it anyway. Anxiously she stepped closer to the other female, rising to her tip-toes so she could quickly sneak a peek over her shoulder.

"You don't have to be so sneaky about it Nell." The sneaky actions were met with a small chuckle from the second female. Her attention turned back to the large cauldron stood in front of her, the various ingredients rising from the surface until they held suspended in mid air. A few inaudible words were spoken as the set of items seemed to quickly fuse together, hovering, waiting to be retrieved.

"Phew! At least I didn't screw up this time." Another small laugh escaped the girl as she took the stack into her arms and moved them to the table before dusting her hands down against her white outfit.

"You made a set of steak just like that..?" Nell stared wide eyed, not exactly used to alchemy. Yet the raven haired girl just made it seem so simple. "Iris! You're amazing!"

"Let's just hope it turns out worth it after all the trouble we went through." Finally the male spoke up again. Though acting impatient, it wasn't hard to miss the contented look hidden among his features. "You know how Eva is." He frowned as her referred to the tavern keeper.

"Oh Edge! You make it seem like Eva's a bad person. Here." Iris smiled, holding out a couple of the steak sets to the male. "Why don't you put down your sword and help us carry these?"

"Yeah! You can't expect us girls to do the work all by ourselves now can you? Unless…" A sly grin laced the blonde's features.

Edge frowned, always ending up getting the brunt of Nell's accusations, even if they meant no harm. With a sigh he shifted the blade upon his back and took the items held out to him. "Fine. Lets go."