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Jasper Point of View

"UGH! There's nothing to do!" I screamed throwing my head against the chair.

"Oh Oh! I KNOW I KNOW"…great Emmett, this better be good. "Let's go to Bella's! She's so much fun it will be great!!"

Esme sighed "Emmett, honey, it's 3am, plus Edward's there"she paused trying to decide on one example "Well, I don't even want to know what the hell he'll do to you!"

Dammit!! Why did Emmett's emotions have to be so profound! He was making me bounce off the walls!! But anyway Bella's would be fun plus it would piss Edward off, I needed to get him for the metro-sexual comments!

"Please mommy, please!" he said trying to puppy dog pout and failing horribly.

Despite the scary face Emmett was a genius! I mean calling Esme mommy was about all it took for her to sway…I could feel her turning to mush at the word.

She smiled "Oh fine Emmett go ask Rose and Alice if they want to come with you two, just don't tell Edward I'm in on it."

YES!Finally pay back time! I practically hopped up the stairs to find Alice while Emmett sprinted to get Rose.

"ALICE ALICE HONEY WHERE ARE YOU!" I screamed while proceeding to pick up all of our furniture looking for her. Wait, why was I feeling delirious… I turned around quickly to find Alice standing behind me, shaking, trying to keep in her laughter.

"You thought I was,"She had to stop and laugh since she was about to burst at the seems."hiding from you under a lamp?" she was now rolling on the floor mocking me, this was so not good...

"AH! Forget it!" I screamed, as much as I loved her she could be so cruel. "Emmett and I are going to Bella's want to come?"

She looked confused staring at her watch "But its 3 am Jazzy, I mean cum on what's Edward gonna do to you two…count me out."

"FINE!" I stormed off furious, first she mocks me but now she won't even come.

There was Emmett waiting at the top of the staircase.

"Rose said no," I cringed again with that freaky puppy dog pout, it was something like a vicious bear trying to convey pity...to scary to watch... "Apparently our idea is stupid." He said the last word in a perfect Rosalie voice, it was pretty impressive. Oh no more pouting!

Entirely erasing that memory I hopped down the stairs "Come on Emmett LET'S GO!"

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