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Chapter 1

I know what you're thinking. You're looking at me, sitting here crying in my ivory tower, and you're thinking, 'What the hell does she have to be sad about? Doesn't she have everything?' Not to sound like a walking cliche, but sometimes its when you have everything and you're surrounded by crowds, that you feel the most lost and alone.

I guess for you to really understand I'm going to have to explain a little better than that. Well, first things first, my name is Veronica Kane, and I live in the biggest house in the prestigious 90909 zipcode, in Neptune, California. My father's company, Kane Software, invented streaming video for the internet, and my family as a whole is the richest and most powerful for miles.

Despite Daddy's millions, I am the one who seemed to maintain a sense of reality and disdain for the money we have an abundance of. Maybe it's watching my sister Lilly be slowly corrupted by the wonder of getting exactly what she wants when she wants it, or maybe its more the influence of my twin brother, Duncan. He's much calmer and more sensible than our older sister, though even he and I are not the best of friends anymore. I guess you could say we grew apart, which is weird for twins even more so than it would be for any ordinary siblings, but thats how it was.

See, this is the part where I sound awful and ungrateful. For a long time now I haven't really felt like a part of my own family. I know, it's crazy. Even if you found out you'd been adopted, would you really question it if the people that surrounded yoiu were as rich and all-powerful as the Kanes? Of course you wouldn't, and I didn't either. Besides, I'd seen my birth certificate, and as out of the group as I felt, I knew I was indeed the product of Jake and Celeste Kane. Still, whilst all the ordinary kids, the ones from the other side of town, were lying on their couches dreaming of having their own mansion with a swimming pool and a pony, I was here, hiding out in the pool house, writing in my diary about my own wishes to discover that I'm one of them. I don't fit in this world of chandeliers and dinner parties and photo oppurtunities. I want to run free through the streets without being recognised. I want to have a dog I can walk on the beach, instead of the stupid toy poodle types my Mom insists I should want. I want to hang out with the kids at school that work at the Sack and Pack, and put blue streaks in their hair, instead of always sitting at the same table, eating the same take-out, listening to the constant bitching and back-stabbing that make me sick. What I really want most is...

"Veronica!" the booming voice of her mother called her name, and the little blonde quickly shut her diary, throwing the book into her bag, "Veronica, why are you never anywhere I expect to find you?" Celeste asked with exasperation as the blonde, pulled her bag onto her shoulder and got up from the bed.

"I don't know" she shrugged, "Maybe you expect to find me in all the wrong places" Veonica said, much to her mothers dispaleasure.

"I don't wish to start this argument with you now" Celeste said coolly, adjusting her shirt for the second time since she'd appeared in the doorway, "Get yourself inside, Veronica, and get dressed in something appropriate. We have company"

"Company?" her younger daughter echoed as she followed on into the house, only to have Lilly appear and fling an arm around her shoulders.

"Who's got company?" she asked with a grin, pulling the baseball cap off her sister head, and encouraging Veronica's hair to fly free, something the younger blonde protested at, with an indignant 'hey' as she pushed Lilly's hands away.

"Lilly, where on Earth have you been?" Celeste snapped.

"Chill, Mommy Dearest" she rolled her eyes, "I've been getting ready to go out, and now I'm ready, out is where I'm going" she said smartly as she headed for the front door, "Don't wait up" she called, leaving hastly, though Celeste yelled for her to stop and come back this instant.

Lilly is a free spirit, thats what I call her anyway. I know there are plenty of others that have different words to describe her that aren't half so flattering. I've even heard Mom and Dad use a few that people should never have to use for their own daughter. Really, you'd think our parents would love me so much more, given that mostly Lilly and me were polar opposites, but no. Somehow, depsite her crazy behaviour and ability to piss of everybody from her own father to the town Sherriff and back, she was still the favourite. I sometimes wondered if what I really needed to do to fit in this family was to act out just like Lilly did. Drink too much, smoke too much, sleep with as many boys as I could lay my hands on, but no, it's just not my style. Truth be told I only ever had one boyfriend and that didn't exactly end well. Troy was nice enough, at least he seemed to be; good-looking, rich enough that his family had the slip next to ours at he marina, and overly nice to me. Unfortunately, his near-constant good mood was not a natural character trait, but instead chemically enhanced. Drugs weren't a problem for Troy til he got caught with a whole bunch of them, less than a month after he and I started dating. I can't exactly say he broke my heart, we really hadn't known each other well enough for me to feel anything more than mild embarrassment as he was dealt with first by the cops, then by his Dad, the latter of which was suggested to have been worse...

"Come in" Veronica called as somebody tapped on her bedroom door, her diary being once again tucked safely out of sight into the bag that almost never left her sight.

"Hey, Veronica" her brother smiled as he came into her room, "Mom asked me to come check you were ready..."

"I wondered how much time I had til she sent out the serch party" the blonde rolled her eyes, "What exactly is the big deal about this new family anyway?" she asked as she got up from her bed and stomped over to the walk-in closet, "It's not like Mom and Dad don't know enough movie stars already" she sighed.

"I guess it's a bigger deal because the Echolls are going to be neighbours" Duncan told her, as he moved to look out of his sisters bedroom window, down onto the drive where the new family were due to arrive any moment, "Mom's got it into her head that if they don't invite them over fast enough we'll be cut out of Neptunes elite social circle"

"Heaven forbid!" Veronica gasped with fake shock as she appeared from her closet, changed from her striped shirt and khaki shorts into a smart white blouse and skirt ensemble that her mother would approve of, "What do you think?" she asked her brother, who was hismelf in smart attire, a blue diamond pattern sweater and dark pants, "Presentable enough for red-carpet regulars?" she asked with a smirk.

"Perfect" Duncan assured her, as she forced her feet into some crippling shoes, protesting the whole time about having to dress up in her own home just for the sake of a family she'd never met and didn't particulary wish to.

Duncan was use to his twin sisters rants, just as he was equally as aclimatised to Lilly's own brand of outspokeness. He loved both his sisters dearly, though if he must choose, he found he loved Veronica more. Maybe it was because they were twins, albeit fraternal, perhaps that was where their bond came from. Though over the years Duncan had to admit, even the love he showed for his sister did not encourage her to be a part of family occasions. She always seemed so much happier alone, locked away in her room or hiding out in one of her other usual places be it around the house or in town. She liked the pool house on the Kane estate, or if she could get further afield she'd be tucked in a corner of Java the Hut. At school it was the Ground Floor Girls Bathroom, or under the bleachers from where she could see the world but he world could not see her. Duncan knew all of her hiding places, at least he thought he did. Veronica let him think so, because it made it all the easier to find new spots to be alone. Now it seemed alone was the last state Veronica would find herself in as she and Duncan opened the door at the bottom of the staircase to find their parents and the guests that had already arrived.

So, first impressions of the wonderful Echolls family. First things first, wonderful isn't exactly true. As far as Mrs Echolls is concerned, a closer description would be drunk, or possibly hungover. Honestly, if there was a word for the state that is directly between those two extremes, that would be the one I would use for Lynn. She seems nice enough, though the looks she shoots her husbands way when she thinks no-one is watching suggests to me that he might be the reasons she craves a very large vodka and lime.

Aaron Echolls. There was no denying that, if you see any of his older films, he was a hunk in his day. Now his age is showing, and unless you're one of those women that grew up and grew old along with him, I really don't think you could say he was all that attractive. He talks business pretty well with my Dad, for a guy who smiles and keeps his hair and teeth straight and clean for a living. Okay, so maybe thats a little harsh. I guess he can act and that is a skill, but I personally am not so awed by the movie star type as, say, my sister Lilly might be. I'm not sure if she knew we were meeting this particular family today when she breezed out like she did, or maybe Aaron just isn't on her list of hotties anymore. Either way, Aaron's attention was instead diverted to myself and my Mom, mostly me, which if I'm honest freaks me out a little. I'm not exactly a little girl anymore, but at sixteen I am the same age as his son, and as such not to be leered at by men like Aaron Echolls, especially not in front of my parents!

That brings us to that son I mentioned. Logan Echolls is... probably about as excited to be here as I am. He looks as though he has been shoe-horned into those smart clothes under protest, and would much rather be anywhere but here, making small talk with my brother who, as sweet as he is and as much as I love him, could on occasion bore for his country! From what I can tell, Logan seems like most other rich young men I know. Polite and quiet in company, the look on his eyes when he'd been introduced to me, the way he kissed my hand and made a big deal of looking me over, it all suggests that beneath the nice boy exterior lies another form, that often seen but frequently reviled rich-boy persona that thinks he can get anything and anyone he wants. I'd like to state, here and now, for the record that...

"Hey, what you got there?"

"Just a simple book of none of your damn business" Veronica snapped softly so nobody's parents heard as she slammed her diary shut and hid it from sight beneth the cushions of her seat.

"Uh-huh" Logan nodded, looking amused by her words and actions, "I thought your average girl got over the whole 'My Secert Diary' phase by now"

"What makes you think, Mr Echolls" the blonde said crisply as Logan sat down beside her in the next chair, "That I'm an average girl"

"I have no doubt that I'm completey wrong with my assumption, Miss Veronica Kane" he smirked in response, glad that he'd finally given Duncan the slip so that he might come over and talk more to the boy's twin sister, "but until I get to know you better, how am I ever supposed to know how average you are?" he asked her with a look.

"How about you take my word on it, and stop talking to me" she suggested, geting to her feet and taking her diary with her, crossing paths with her brother as she exited the room and he came in carrying something he'd presumably fetched to show his newest friend.

"Did you say something to my sister?" Duncan frowned as he sat in the seat Veronica had just vacated.

Logan just smiled and shrugged non-comitally. Heaven only knew why the little blonde seemed to dislike him so much on just a few minutes acquaintance from across the room, but Logan planned to change her not-so-good opinion of him. She intrigued him already, and he wanted to know more about her. Too many girls were willing to throw themselves at his feet, eager to please for the sake of his status and money. Here was a girl who was his equal in fortune, and possibly even his equal in sarcastic wit and sharp tongue. Maybe moving to Neptune wasn't the worst idea his parents had ever had, after all.

To Be Continued...