Before we begin this thing:

-Takes place around the end of Reminisce
- KuhnxPi Ship, because there is not enough of this ship out there D: I thought I should fix that.
-Rated for some swears and Kuhn being a pervert.
-These characters and places aren't mine. CRAP.



Kuhn was in a good mood today. Now, truth be told this wasn't that hard to do. It wasn't like he was Haseo, always scowling and being anti-social, but even for Kuhn, he was in a particularly good mood. The canals of Mac Anu just seemed so beautiful today he thought, as he walked to nowhere in particular.

Perhaps it was the fact that he managed to score three more phone numbers today, meaning he was one step closer to his goal of getting Pi to be his thousandth that caused him to be in this state. There was nowhere to go, currently there wasn't an AIDA crisis or anything Yata would call him on, which meant Kuhn had the day to himself.

Since he had nothing better to do, Kuhn decided to check his phone to see how close he was to his goal. Taking off the M2D, leaving his character frozen on the streets he pulled out his cell phone from his left pocket. He opened up the menu and selected the 'contacts' icon, and looked at the top corner.

It read '1017 contacts'. Kuhn felt his heart stop for a second, and suddenly felt very cold. "Wait, what?" This couldn't be right. He'd actually gone past the 1000 mark? The man started to panic for a minute, but soon he realized that he had contacts that weren't girls. He then selected the 'girls' section of his contacts list and looked up in the right hand corner.

It read 999 contacts.

Kuhn felt about a dozen emotions hit him at once. First, he was relieved that he didn't already surpass past his goal, then he was proud of his accomplishment, he'd actually made it. He was surprised that it happened so fast; he wasn't expecting this for a while. Finally he was going to ask Pi for her phone number!

Oh crap, he's going to ask Pi for her phone number.

He had been planning this out for months, ever since a few weeks after he met her. It worked out so well in his head each time, with her always saying yes and giving him said phone number. But now that the task was finally in front of him, it didn't seem as easy as it was in his head. It would be so simple for her to no, absolutely not and walk off. And it wouldn't be too unlike her either.

She was always getting mad at him, and had this strange timing ability to always be around when he was flirting with other girls. 'Does she plan it out, is she checking on me in the serpent of lore? She always seems to know when I'm hanging out with other girls without fail'. He thought. She'd even beat him a few times if she got really annoyed.

Although he couldn't blame her, he'd get mad if someone he knew was always hanging out with another of the opposite sex. Truthfully, he was just doing this so he could snag more phone numbers to get to his goal and finally ask for Pi's, though the perks that came with it were nice.

Deciding he shouldn't leave his character standing in the streets of Mac Anu frozen, he put the M2D back on his head, only to be greeted by 4 girls.

"WAH-!" he yelped out seeing that one of the girls was uncomfortably close to his face.

"Kuuu-niee" One said grinning. She was balancing on her tiptoes to get closer to his level.

"Where were you?" Said another, pouting a little.

A hand automatically reached to scratch the back of his head. "I was just going to the bathroom…" He lied.

"You were in there for ages, it doesn't take that long to use the bathroom!" Said the shortest of the group.

Kuhn glanced at his phone. "I was gone for 2 minutes." He replied, still keeping that grin on his face. It wasn't always great having so many girls following him around. Some of them were really ditzy and clingy.

"It felt like an eternityyy." Said the one who was on her tiptoes, in an almost sing-songy manner.

Kuhn continued to wear that smile, laughing softly. Although he loved the company of a woman, he was not in the mood right now; he had to make a plan for obtaining Pi's phone number, and these girls were just a distraction. He wanted to just be alone for the time being.

He bowed down a bit and said, "Girls, it's such a pleasure to be in your presence, but sadly, I have places to be. I deeply regret having to leave you here, but really, I must be going." Kuhn walked slowly leaving the girls where they were, before breaking into a run when he turned the corner. He didn't want to be rude, but this was the only way to be on his own without any girls following him.

Kuhn made his way to a warp point and immediately transported himself into the mercenary district. He figured Raven's HOME would be the quietest place for him to think, so he selected Raven off of the guild menu and entered into the headquarters of G.U..

He was greeted by Pi, who was adjusting the glasses perched on her nose.

"Uh, Pi! Hey there!" His subconsciously began to scratch the back of his head. Stupid. Why didn't he just log out? Pi had equal access to the Raven, so why did he think this was the best place to gather his thoughts alone?

"What are you doing here?" She asked, with an eyebrow raised. "Neither Yata nor I called you here, and you never seem to want to come here on your own accord."

Damn, why was she suspicious? Maybe she was spying on him. "Well, I…" He searched for a believable explanation, and said, "I came here on a whim." Wow, that was stupid.

Pi seemed to think over his reason for a second, placing her hands on her hips, and exposing her chest. Kuhn couldn't help his eyes from drifting down, despite the fact it was a PC. He didn't think she could complain, she did create her PC to show that much skin, and to have breasts that large. "Um, alright then." She said, crossing her arms again.

Kuhn looked back at her face, and remembered why he went into Raven at the first place. "Hey Pi…" He began.


Okay Kuhn, you can do this. You've known her for over half a year, and most of the other girls on your contacts list you've talked to for a day, tops. Just say it. It worked fine in you head, why would she say no?

He took a deep breath, and after what seemed like an eternity he started over, "Hey Pi… would you…" All right, just say it. It's just a phone number, it's not like you're proposing to her. You've done this almost a thousand times with other girls who you barely knew, and this is no different. "Like to level up with me?" Wimp.

Pi's other eyebrow went up, as though she knew that wasn't what he really wanted to say. "Well, there's no AIDA signal or anything. I suppose, I could. It'd be nice to play this like an actual game for once." She uncrossed her arms and walked to the door.

Kuhn's posture seemed to snap up and said "All right!" And rushed past her out into the streets.

Pi sighed and followed him to the Chaos Gate.

"So, uh what kind of dungeons do you like? I don't really have a preference." He said to her. He figured she'd be more inclined to give him her phone number if she were in a dungeon she liked.

"The Temple ones I suppose." She said. "We should go to Dol Donna first, the ones at Mac Anu are too weak."

"Oh, right." He laughed weakly and warped over to Dol Donna, closely followed by Pi. Once they reached the green Root Town he turned to her "So, shall we go?" He said, smiling.

"You need to invite me to your party first." She said, raising her eyebrow yet again.

Kuhn laughed stupidly and invited her to his party. How could he forget such a basic thing? "Okay!" He said with a large smile to cover up his blunders. "Let's go level up now!" and he warped to an area.

Once the dungeon loaded Pi looked over at him. "You're awfully chipper. Any reason you wanted to level up with just me? You usually invite a healer to go along with us." Her character seemed to compliment the orange hues with her red outfit. It reminded him of a day in autumn.

Kuhn yet again moved his arm back to scratch his head. He started to notice how often he was doing this today. "Well, you know. Haseo gave you that scroll so your character knows Repth, and I have plenty of healing items. I figured we'd be fine. It's just a normal area, it's not like we'll die in one hit." Kuhn figured this was a good enough explanation, but before he let Pi question it he headed into the dungeon. Pi quickly followed after.

Oh come on. You're stalling; the answer won't change by you going through a dungeon. You might as well ask Pi here and now. Kuhn was fighting an internal battle as he ran along the empty hallways of the temple.Just turn around and- Hey look. Monsters.

Kuhn dashed into the fight, not even thinking to sneak attack.

"KUHN!" She yelled avoiding an attack from a monster. "Why didn't you sneak up on them?" Pi did a back flip in the air dealing a reasonable amount of damage on the monster. "I thought you knew how to play this game."

He didn't answer, but more started at her as she did her acrobatics. Her PC looked phenomenal as she jumped around dealing damage to the monster. Her legs looked flawless and those breasts just seemed to be begging to be stared at. He was interrupted in his observation by one of the monsters hitting him square in the back, and knocking him to the ground. "Gah, What the hell!" He said with his face staring at the floorboards.

He got up and ran to a distance so he could fire at the monster and be out of range. Eventually he defeated it, and the battle ended.

"That was great!" He yelled in triumph and ran up to Pi. "See, that was easy, we don't need a healer."

Pi scoffed. "It would have been easier if you didn't just stand around. What were you doing? You left me to fight them." She threw her hands to her hips, causing her breasts to bounce slightly.

Kuhn was about to bring his arm up the scratch the back of his head when he realized he'd been doing that a lot today, and it was getting a bit tedious. "Sorry, I thought I heard my phone ring." Pervert.

Pi shook her head and gestured for them to continue down in the dungeon.

After a few more successful battles and dead ends they finally got to courtyard in between the two sections of the dungeon.

"Well, we're halfway there." He said with that grin on his face.

Quit stalling. This has gone on long enough. It's a phone number. Just ask her. It's no big deal, it's just like asking for someone's name.

Although people don't often give out their real name online.

But people have given you their phone number nine hundred ninety nine times. This is just one more.

"Well, are we going to continue?" She said, uncrossing her arms, exposing her point of interest.

He knew that it was a PC body, but he still couldn't keep his eyes from drifting there. They just… stood out, and moved so realistically. And they're so large, why would she make her PC otherwise? The rest of her body was great looking also, she had such a small waist and great legs. He began to wonder if they resembled her in real life also.

"Hey!" She yelled, and crossed her arms again, but Kuhn's eyes continued to look downward. "Are you going to answer me?"

He inwardly hit himself in the face. It's polygons. Stop it.

"Yeah. Sorry about that." He grinned again. "Let's continue." He said adding a :D emote.

Pi raised her eyebrow and adjusted her glasses again. "Emotes? That's childish."

"Well, I'm sorry if I was trying to be friendly." This was a total disaster. If only he had asked her right away. She's going to hate me by the time I get to the beast statue. "Anyhow, just standing around isn't going to get us any closer to that treasure."

"I thought you just wanted to level up." She pointed out.

"Well standing around isn't going to help is in that department either. C'mon!" He ran into the second half of the dungeon, still inwardly banging his head against a wall.

They continued to weave their way through the dungeon, hitting every monster they could, and subsequently hitting every dead end.

Kuhn groaned as they hit the 7th dead end. "This is what I hate about these dungeons! I always end up wasting time going to empty rooms."

Pi laughed quietly. Kuhn turned his head around and stared at her. Had she laughed before? He couldn't remember a time when she did. "That's because you have no sense of direction. Don't worry, I don't blame you, it comes with being a man. That's what I love about these areas. You feel so accomplished when you go the right way the first time, which I can do almost every time."

"Then why don't you tell me which way to go?!"

"You're the one who keeps leading me everywhere. Besides, it helps with leveling up if you hit every single monster." After a second she added, "Besides, it's kind of funny."

She was right. And besides, he thought. It helps me waste time.

"Okay fine. Besides, we can't be too far from the end." He said and turned around.

He really did enjoy being in her company, even though she had a tendency to tease him like that. What first attracted him to her was that PC body though. He'd always had a weakness for pretty girls, and couldn't keep his eyes off hers. Yata made them work together and interact, but he might have just quit G.U. if Pi's PC wasn't the way it was. He admitted that he was a bit shallow. If Pi were a Tu Tribe member or something, he probably wouldn't have contacted her at all besides dealing with Avatar stuff. She wasn't though, she gave her PC a very hot body, and he hung out with her for that. But since then, he just loved being around her, and receiving E-mails from her, even though they were almost always about Yata or CC Corp. Maybe it was because she reminded him of his old girlfriend, and maybe deep down he thought she could replace that hole in his heart.

He continued down the passage, not really paying attention to what was going on, but more lost in his own thoughts. He snapped back to reality when he heard that heavenly music and realized he was at the beast statue.

"Well, it looks like this is it." Said Pi looking at the Gott statue.

Those words made Kuhn realize why he invited her in the first place. Well, This is it. Just say it. Kuhn took a deep breath.

"Hey, Pi?" He said, feeling adrenalin pulse through his body. Was he really that worried about her saying no?

"Yeah?" She said, turning around, her arms at her side.

This time Kuhn didn't even think of looking at her body, he was still trying to gather up the guts just to say it. After a few seconds he spoke. "CanIhaveyourphonenumber?" He said in one breath. He let out a sigh of relief; he'd actually said it. Now he just had to wait for an answer.

Pi's eyebrows scrunched together. "What?"

Oh God, I knew it. She's going to say no, and that I'm an idiot for asking her. "I-I'm sorry. I just thought that since…" He trailed off, feeling somewhat empty.

"No, what did you say? I couldn't hear a word you said, you're talking too fast." She said, her expression softening a little bit.

Kuhn felt the adrenalin pulse again. "I, uh asked you if I could have your cell phone number." He could feel his heart race and his face get hot. What the hell. My heart only beats like this if a dog is chasing me or something. I'm just asking someone for a phone number. "I guess since we've known each other for so long…" He looked at her feet.


Kuhn looked at her face, as a smile crept upon his. "What?" He said.

"I said yes, did you misunderstand me?"

"Oh! No, and thank you!" He felt himself grinning broadly.

"Do you have a pencil with you?" She said, her mouth curved slightly upward as if she was amused by the situation unfolding.

"I have my phone with me. What is it?" Kuhn noticed that his phone, which he had been keeping in his hand, was soaked with sweat.

Pi recited her phone number to him, which he entered into his contacts list, checking to make sure it was the right one twice.

"I'll be sure to call you some time, okay?" He said, his grin broader than it had been in a long time.

"That's fine, I'd enjoy that." She said.

"Thank you very much!" He said loudly, trying to keep himself from yelling out and punching his arm in the air.

Kuhn jogged over to the warp point and returned to the town, and couldn't help himself from laughing loudly.

Pi stood there, still slightly bemused. "You forgot the treasure." She said, also gating out.

Kuhn strolled along the streets of Mac Anu. They'd never looked so beautiful, and he couldn't remember a better mood he'd been in.