Both theater and theatre are correct spellings; I just use the second one (It's the British way of spelling it)


Tomonari woke up with something fuzzy on his face. In a panic he jolted up and swatted at it before realizing it was the cat, but it was too late. The feline extended its claws into his face and left marks as it fell off.

"STUPID CAT!" He yelled as the animal spat at him. He had half a mind to kick it, but decided against it seeing how it was Reiko's. "Well?" he asked it, for it was staring at him expectantly. It mewed loudly in response.

"What is it, food?" He asked it. "Do you honestly think that you're going to get something to eat after you did this?" He gingerly touched the lines on his face, and could feel that they were bleeding slightly.

It continued to stare at him.

"Yeah, well, you're lucky that you're Reiko's cat." He grumbled and walked to the kitchen. "Otherwise I'd throw you out right now." It meowed at him in defiance as he threw the food down into the dish. Even after it had been fed it still seemed to glower at him angrily in the halls. Or, the cat equivalent of a glower, he wasn't quite sure if cat's had the same emotions that humans had. Some humans certainly had the qualities of a cat; vindictive, spiteful and had a set of claws.

While he was pondering that he realized that Reiko matched that description. Upon this insight his brain immediately created an image of Reiko wearing nothing but cat ears and a tail.

"BAD BRAIN, BAD!" he scolded himself, causing the cat to jump slightly. Since no one was around, other than the cat, to judge him, this time he did bang his head against the wall, in an attempt to rid his mind of such images.

It didn't work, of course, but it was a valiant attempt, and caused him not only to be scratched up by the cat, but also to have a large headache. "Perhaps that wasn't such a good idea," He told himself rubbing his head.

But thinking about her reminded him that she was returning that day.

'Hm. So, she's coming back. I wonder what she'll do…' he asked himself. 'I don't think she'll be too mad at me seeing how she did let me into her house, and I did feed her cat just like she asked. There's no reason for her to be mad at me, unless there was something that he'd done here…'

"Oh, crap." He'd forgotten about that. She'd probably be the one who would notice any tiny detail, and the one place that he did rummage through would be the most noticeable. He started laughing insanely out of fear from Reiko, not from something funny.

"Oh God, she's going to kill me," he laughed to himself. "Maybe I should leave right now." He said, though he knew that he wasn't going to do that. Perhaps he could explain to her.

That thought made him laugh out loud. He could imagine the pain already. Like hell she was going to brush off that he'd gone through her drawers. The best plan that he could come up with was distracting her with something else. 'But what…?'

It would look suspicious if he constantly kept her from her room, so he'd have to distract her away from being in her room too long. Perhaps, he could take her out to somewhere? Maybe a movie, that was in his price range (It was really expensive when she made him pay for dinner the other night, he couldn't afford it again in such rapid succession).

"Yeah, a movie," he decided. Tomonari found the computer in her house and started to browse around to see what was showing at the time. There was an action movie… no; she wouldn't be into that sort of stuff. A comedy? She might like that, she could be the type to want to let loose at a movie. He saw that there was also a really well rated romance out at the moment. "That's the one."

He checked the times, and planned out which one he'd go to depending on when she came home. Now instead of the gripping fear he felt minutes ago was replaced with excitement. He couldn't wait for Reiko to get home now.

Since he had no idea when she was coming home, he passed the time by watching some more television. It was all very mind-numbing; that was why he preferred playing video games. The only interaction he was getting from this was with the cat sitting next to him, but even that was sitting on the opposite edge of the couch glaring at him.

"Oh?" He said as the cat stood up suddenly. He listened and he could hear that someone was fumbling with keys at the door.

"Oho!" He vaulted over the couch and walked to the door so when she opened it he'd be the first thing she saw. He listened as she continued to shuffle around with the keys, keeping his stupid pose at the door. Finally she turned the doorknob and opened the door. As she pushed the door open, she stared at the ground.

"Hello Reik-" he began to say, but before he could finish his sentence her knee swiftly made contact in between his legs.

"Ah!" she cried out, taking a step back from the man.

He, however, yelled in a tone that was many octaves above his normal voice. He quickly turned around and pressed his back against the wall, before sliding to the ground, cursing under his breath.

"Oh, you scared me," She said calmly, holding her hand to her chest. "Don't do that again."

He was still curled in a ball on the ground trying to keep tears back, and keep his mind off of the pain, but it wasn't working too well. "Auuuugh." He moaned.

"Well?" She said, closing the door. He was biting into his hand from the pain, while she just stepped over the cringing man.

He finally got himself coherent enough to actually say something, which was, "WHAT THE HELL?"

"What the hell, what?" she asked him, nonchalantly hanging up her coat.

"What was that for?"

She turned around and looked at him, with her arms crossed. "I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't expect someone to be right there. I was startled."

He felt really vulnerable, just lying there in the fetal position. "So you kicked me?"

"Well, you could have been a rapist or something. It was a reflex."

He finally got himself in an upright position, but he still had his knees pressed against his chest. "That's a really strong reflex you have. Do you have any idea how much this hurts?" He said, wincing.

"Sorry. Do you want some ice?" She asked, walking towards the kitchen.

"No, I'm fine." He gasped, trying to stand up. "Jeez!" he grunted, walking slowly back to the couch, and sat down.

"Hello, kitty!" he heard from the kitchen, but it was so childish in the way that she said it that he didn't recognize it was her at first. "Has Tomo-tomo been feeding you?"

"Tomo-tomo?" He called out to her. "What are you, seven?"

She returned with the cat following at her heels. "Quiet you. Cats make you sound stupid because they're just too cute."

"Cute eh?" Replied Tomonari, touching the cuts on his face. "Whatever floats your boat…"

"What?" She held the cat up to his face. "Do know not find this cute?" she asked, and the cat swiped its claws at his face.

"No, I don't." He said flatly. Reiko let the cat on the ground, shrugging. 'I don't think I've felt as much pain in one location as I have here.' He thought to himself.

"So, what have you been doing?"

"Uh…" he said, trying to keep himself from looking in the direction of her room. "Mostly watching TV and stuff, and feeding your cat." He said. "Uh, how are you feeling then?"

"Fine. I still feel a bit frail because I didn't eat anything, but I'm sure that will go away after a day of eating right." She craned her neck. "I'll be back." Reiko stood up and walked towards her room, or the kitchen. Tomonari couldn't tell. Shortly, however he heard, "TOMONARI!"

He cringed, waiting for the storm.

"You ate an entire box of cereal?!" she yelled at him, returning with something similar to bread (Tomonari hadn't seen anything like it before). "If you were that hungry I could have told you where a eatery was or something."

"Sorry about that." He rubbed the back of his head. "I just couldn't help myself."

She huffed under her breath and started to eat away from the bread-like substance. "Pig."

"So, uh... what are you going to do now?"

She shrugged. "I don't know. The doctor said I'd be fine to do anything other than extreme sports or anything, but I don't really feel like going out."

'There goes the movie idea.' He thought grimly. What's the point of staying if they couldn't do anything? She probably didn't really want him there. "I see. I guess I should get going soon, seeing how you're going to be fine."

"Uh, you don't have to…" she said quickly. "I mean, what's the point of coming all the way here if you're just going to leave?" She explained, seeming to loose a bit of her composure, but regaining it quickly.

"Oh." He blinked. "Okay then. I'll stay here for a few more days." He let a small grin escape. "So, where do I sleep?"

"Couch." She said, looking unamused.

He started to scratch at his hair quickly and sputtered, "Good, because that's where I thought I was going to sleep." He said laughing nervously. "It was only a joke."

She raised an eyebrow. "Right." She looked over at the television. "So, you've been watching television, right? It's nice, don't you think." She said proudly.

He nodded. "How did you afford such a thing? Also your place is huge… you're doing really well."

She smiled sheepishly. "Yes. Programmers get paid pretty well in these days, and since I'm working for G.U. they pay pretty well to keep it under wraps."

"And I see I'm not getting any of that money?" He said grinning.

"Ask Yata, not me!" She said defensively. "I don't have any say about this." She said acting flustered again.

He waved his hands. "Nah it's okay."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, no big deal."

"But I can always tell…"

"It's payback for the cereal. They'd probably take my pay from your salary." He explained.

"Alright." She finished the bread. They sat there in silence then, but it didn't feel awkward to Tomonari. Despite this, he still felt the need to break the silence.

"I suppose you're too weak to go out to a movie or anything, right?" He asked, trying to cling to the last bit of hope. Who knows, Reiko had surprised him in the past when he thought she was going to do the exact opposite of what he anticipated.

"I'm never weak," She replied smugly. "You know how strong I am first hand," and her eyes flicked down for a second.

He felt himself flush deeply. "Not funny."

"Sorry. But you're correct. I don't think I'm up to go out just yet. Right now I just want to stay home."

He cocked his head to one side in a manner vaguely reminiscent of a shrug. "Okay then."

"Are you hungry?" She asked him quickly. "I can make you something. Well, kind of. Anyways, follow me," She said standing up and walking towards the kitchen.

"Uh, okay," he said, and trotted after her. Once they got to the kitchen she started rummaging through her refrigerator.

"Now, I'm not very good at cooking," She admitted, and pulled out a bag. "But I believe I have quite a knack for preparing leftovers."

Tomonari looked over her shoulder and saw that most of the contents of her refrigerator was leftovers, or condiments. "You must go out to eat all the time," he commented.

She nodded. "I like to treat myself by going out to eat. It makes that day feel special, even if it isn't," She distributed the contents of the bag evenly onto each plate. "But I'd rather just do this than go out alone," she said, and put a plate in front of Tomonari before sitting next to him with her plate.

Tomonari suddenly felt very awkward being in this close of proximity with Reiko. It wasn't a bad feeling, it's just that he was suddenly very self-conscious; all of a sudden being aware of every movement he did, being careful not to brush up against her and give the wrong impression. "You, er, can sit on the other side of the table if you want, I don't mind," He said meekly.

"What's the point of sitting on opposite ends if we're just going to be talking to each other? It'd be a waste of space," She said, taking a bite of her food.

"Oh, okay," He said, and bit into the mysterious substance in front of him. "What is this by the way?"

"Crab. I had it a little less than a week ago at a diner that's about-"

"I asked what was in it, not it's life story. Or, death story seeing how it's already food," He said, laughing at his own joke. "It's good," He remarked.

"Do you doubt my taste?" She replied.

"I'm getting more confident in it each passing day."

"As am I."

It was too bad that Tomonari's movie idea was a flop. Maybe he could think of another way to spend time with her that she'd be more inclined to do. 'Well, I am staying at her house for a while, it shouldn't be too hard to spend time with her…'


Tomonari broke out of his thoughts. "Hm?"

"We can still do that movie thing without going out of the house, if you want,"


"Since it's such a large television, it's similar to watching something at the movie theatre, right?" She explained after dinner, and led him down to the couch. He was getting more familiar with the house, and it wasn't too hard to navigate anymore. He swung over the back of the couch and landed on the cushion, while Reiko strolled over to the television, and started fiddling with it.

"So what are we watching?" he asked, making himself comfortable.

"You'll see." She said coyly, and walked back from the television, which was working properly, and the opening credits of the movie began. Tomonari still had no idea what it was. "This is one of my favorites." She said as the music came up.

Tomonari was wracking his brain trying to remember if he'd seen this movie, or even if he'd seen commercials for it. When the title came up, he noticed that it was in a different language. To be honest, he had absolutely no interest in the movie at all. His focus of attention was on the woman next to him.

She seemed pretty intent on the movie, watching it as if she'd watched it hundreds of times before, he thought he could see her lips moving along with the characters on the screens, even though it was in a different language. He was completely missing the movie, because he was too busy looking at her rather than the screen.

He… wanted to tell her. He really did. He wanted just to forget about The World, and all of the stupid things going on in it, and just stay with her. Maybe he could, if she'd allow. But that was exactly the problem. If she'd allow. She was too difficult to read. The chances of her saying no were equal, or even greater than her saying yes. But, just staying there was a whole different, rather than what he really wanted to tell her.

She started to settle a bit on the couch, as if she was getting tired. She started to lean slightly towards him, pulling her feet onto the couch. He mustered enough courage to do the whole 'stretch' technique, his other hand on his face because he was doing the stupid stretch technique. Fortunately she didn't seem to notice, so apparently he'd managed to pull it off. Instead of putting his arm on her shoulder, he decided to just keep it near the side of her head, because he felt that if he'd actually touched her he'd feel pain similar to when she entered the house earlier that day.

So he just sat there, with his arm hanging there uncomfortably, just watching Reiko. 'I love you. I do. But, I'm afraid… that if I tell you… the feelings wouldn't be shared.' He thought miserably. Why did love have to be this hard? Why couldn't it be like the movies where the love is always returned, and easily expressed?

He continued to look at her, as she seemed to intently be watching the movie.

'Is there a chance that'd she'd be okay with this?' He'd noticed that she seemed to be less uptight than usual. 'I mean, it was she who insisted that I stay… and she was the one who sat next to me. Plus, look at her now!' He thought to himself. She was starting to lean slightly towards him. 'But she's probably just tired.' He told himself.

The movie continued, but Kuhn had missed out so much of it, he decided it'd be pointless to start watching now. The characters seemed to be wrapping up the plot. 'I have to tell her,' He thought, watching the characters tie up loose ends in the plot, he supposed. 'Or I'll regret it.'

And then, the credits began to roll. Reiko took the remote from somewhere in the couch and stopped the movie, leaving just a blue screen. "That's one of my favorites," she said, and sat up on the sofa, but still kept her feet on the cushions. She sat there, blissfully unaware of the turmoil going on in his head.

Tomonari looked at her, and took the hand that was resting near where she was sitting and brought it to her face. Then, without thinking, he leaned forward and placed his lips upon hers, and brought them into a kiss. He stayed in that position uncertainly, waiting for something to happen. When nothing did, he brought her closer to him, deepening the kiss.

He pulled back, studying her face. "Reiko," he breathed, while she didn't respond. Tomonari couldn't tell her reaction from her expression. She just seemed to be frozen there, just as surprised as he was. He took the hand from her face and placed in on her shoulder, while the other one grasped the opposite arm. She made a surprised noise before he muffled her voice with his lips and began to push her down. He decided to follow his gut (or perhaps a bit lower than that) and see how much he could get from her before she would undoubtedly push him off, call him a pervert and kick him out. But none of that was significant now; he just had to make the best of the situation for as long as he could. She was pinned under him, as he continued to kiss her rougher than he'd intended at first. He was broken out of absolute bliss only when he felt her foot make swift contact with his stomach.

"Oh, God." Was all he said when he found himself on the floor again, clutching his stomach.

"TOMONARI!" he heard her yell. He propped himself upright with his face buried in his palm.

"Shit." He said with a grimace on his face. "Sorry, sorry." He said, feeling a mixture of embarrassment and regret. 'Good job. Way to ruin it.'

"That hurt." She said, brushing her hair out of her eyes and adjusting her glasses. "Be more careful."


"You hit my head on the arm of the couch, and your knee was digging into my hip. Try not to do that in the future." She said, returning to a normal sitting position.

"Sorry." He said, looking down. Then something clicked in his head, and his eyes to snapped up at Reiko. "Wait, was that…"

He saw a hint of color in her cheeks and she said, "It was fine."

"Really? Then why did you...?"

"Why did I kick you? I told you, it hurt."

"So, you aren't mad at me?" He said, a little confused.

"Of course not. If I was, I would have aimed a little lower than your stomach."

He stood up beaming, and pulled her head to his chest, receiving another noise of surprise from her. "Alright!" he yelled, before she hit him again in the face.

"I told you to be more careful." She scolded, but she had a smirk on her face anyways.

He nodded, rubbing the back of his head. "Let's try this again, okay?" Tomonari initiated another kiss, this time feeling Reiko return it, and he was careful to be gentle.

Pain was worth it sometimes.