A Small Problem

Rating: T, for scenes of character distress, violence, and language.

Pairings: Miranda/Aron, Karsh/Ileana

Summary[Movieverse - because I haven't read the books The council of elders decides to limit the amount of interaction between dimensions to punish some renegade witches and warlocks. While Miranda and Aron argue with them, Camryn, Alex, and Ileana are stuck in the mortal world at the mercy of a rogue witch with an important event lingering on the horizon.


Part 1: A Visit to Coventry

Emily and David Barnes stared at their adopted daughter and her twin sister as the pair waved goodbye before walking into their closet portal.

David glanced over at his wife, "They're gone."

"For a whole week."

"Gotta love spring break."

She walked out of Camryn's room, "I still can't believe that we got them to stay with Miranda and Aron for entire time."

"Well, this way their can have time with their birth parents without feeling like they're ignoring us."

"Yeah. Emily picked up her carry-on bag and grabbed the handle of her rolling suitcase, "Where is Mrs. Norseng?"

"We gave her the week off too, remember?" David slung his travel bag over his shoulder, "We should get going, the taxi's here."

His wife gave a contented sigh, "Seven whole days of sun, sand, and umbrella drinks."

"No kids."

"No cares."

"No guardians with donkey mothers."

"That was just weird."

The door lock clicked shut behind them.


The twins arrived in Cam's Coventry castle room. Alex bolted through the adjoining door to drop off her small bag while Cam checked her makeup in the mirror.

Behind them, the door shattered into a tiny cloud of sparkles. As she pursed her lips, she was suddenly bumped over a bit by the return of Alex.

"Hey! Don't you have a mirror in your room?"


"So why are you in here?"

"This is a sister-bonding thing."

Cam sighed as she and Alex primped before going to meet with their parents.

"You know, I bet there's a spell for makeup."

"There is."

"So why aren't we using it?"

"Because we grew up magic-less."

"True." The twins shared a light laugh.

After only about two minutes or so, the pair took off toward the gardens.


Miranda lifted a cooling cup of tea to her lips. The wisps of steam dissipated into the air. From his seat next to her, Aron was actually sitting back in his chair, his fingers tapped a rhythm on the table top.

"Something bothering you?"

He seemed to think about it, "Something is."

"It's about the girls, isn't it?"

"Yes," He grasped his wife's hand, "I'm just worried about being enough of a father to them."

"Dear, you are their father."

"I wasn't around for the first 21 years of their lives and they've barely spent more than a weekend here since their schooling began."

"Our daughters are grown, Aron. They're 23 with lives of their own in another dimension no less. You don't have to be the father figure that you would if they were children. Think of yourself as a mentor."

"You always know how to make me feel better." He kissed her hand and took a drink out of his cup.

"Just take this time to bond with them, ask them about their school and friends, but nothing about boyfriends."

"Why not? I'm their father."

"They already have adoptive parents questioning them for us."

He grinned and stared off into the immaculate gardens and sprawling landscapes of the courtyard, "This is what I missed. All those years in the shadows, I just imagined what it would be like to sit here next to you at home, our daughters playing in the yard. Perhaps even more children."

Miranda gazed at him lovingly, "Aron, we are not very old. With all our magic, we can have more."

"Even so," He stated, standing up, "I'm just grateful for the twins, and here they are!" His wife turned in her chair to see her daughters running up to them.

"Dad!" The twins yelled, practically leaping into his open arms. Laughing, he hugged both of the girls to him.

After he released them, they fell upon Miranda in the same manner, embracing her with love, "Mom!"

Aron pulled out chairs for his daughters and invited them to sit. With a free hand, he signaled to the waiting servant to bring his children whatever they might need.

"Girls, how are you?"

"Fabulous." They both said in unison, a characteristic that was endearing and odd at the same time.

"Do you have any homework over the break?" Asked Miranda, taking another sip of her tea.

"Papers – " Began Alex.

"And take-home midterm exams." Finished Cam.

Their father smiled, "How terrible."

Miranda playfully tapped her husband's shoulder, "Be nice."

"So, how are things in this dimension?"

"Safe and sound thanks to you two."

"There's not a single stirring in the shadows, those that are still left." Stated Aron.

"Well that's good, because I'm looking forward to a long, relaxing Spring Break."

"Same here." The twins stretched their arms above their heads.

"I know Karsh and Ileana will be happy to see you two again. After 21 years they're still not comfortable with this separation."

"Where are they? We'd love to see them!"

"Yeah, where are they living now?"

Miranda pointed back to the castle, "We actually had them move into the castle permanently."

"It was the least we could do for the two people who dedicated their lives to our daughters for over two decades."

"They were at our last birthday party, remember?"

"You remember that Ileana had that huge dress on? She looked all fluffy."

"That was a great costume."

Their parents smiled at each other, fondly remembering the first birthday that they'd all spent together.

"Well Karsh has come to visit a few times; Ileana sent those messages in the mirrors."

"She's been busy helping me getting everything back in order."

"Yes, she and Karsh have always been our best friends and allies." Aron remarked, "I think you'll all be pleasantly surprised to see each other."

Once again, Aron's psychic powers showed him the pair walking up the path toward them, and he gestured with an open palm toward his two most faithful servants. The twins grinned and jumped to their feet, turning around to see their friends. Taking a few steps in their direction, Camryn and Alex stopped short.

"Oh my God!" They echoed each other when the first glance finally sunk in.