Here's the fluffy epilogue...if you're reading this without reading the previous page, you're weird. Love love :)


I stayed mad at him all through dinner. We ate dinner back in the village, even though it had been planned for us to eat on the beach. Lulu seemed strangely triumphant and Wakka looked sheepish…but not as much as Tidus.

Serves him right. I mean, a withered bouquet? Was he serious? And if he had intended to give me living, not-dead flowers, why hadn't he gotten them earlier? It just proved everyone's hypothesis that he had forgotten.

Which is so Tidus.

I informed him, coldly, that he could sleep on a pallet in the living area that night. He nodded, dumbly, and moved to make his pallet. I almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

I climbed into bed, still mad. I did feel bad for shooting at him; since it was obvious he really thought I would shoot him. But I was still mad.

I started to doze when I felt a warm arm slide around my waist. "Don't hit me, okay?" His voice washed over me and eroded my stubborn anger. "I really am sorry. I'm sorry that I forgot and I'm sorry that the flowers died."

"You shouldn't be sorry the flowers died," I said. "But I forgive you for the other stuff that was your fault…and I'm sorry for shooting at you."

"It's a good thing you're so such a bad shot."

"Hey! I could've hit you if I wanted to!"

He chuckled, his warm breath fanning out over my skin. "I'm glad you didn't."

"I'm glad I didn't to." I turned over and kissed him. "Happy anniversary?"

He laughed and pulled me down for another warm kiss. "Happy anniversary."

Well, I couldn't write a story without a happy ending could I? I love this couple so much! I found an awesome MV on YouTube with the song "Winter Sleep" by OLIVIA. Check it out! It's so good! Okay, later! Oh, and if you didn't review last now s'vous plait! Love love love :)