The Stargate universe was created by someone else who's name I can't be bothered to look up, and I presume that they own all the relevant rights and such.
All I own is an over-active imagination.
Italic text denotes internal monologue.
This was going to be a crossover, but I feel it works better as it is now.

The Last Of The Tin Soldiers
Part 1: The Forgotten

I detect the activation of the Stargate in orbit, and calculate that there are still two rotation periods due before the Wraith return to this world. I run a full system diagnostic and log the results: despite my continued lack of support, I am running at 80-percent of optimum. Main power is at 95-percent, but I am unable to access it while I am locked into stand-by mode. Still, my defences shield is fully operational and my armour is almost completely intact.

I am Achilles, first and last of my kind, and I remain on station, awaiting the return of my commander.

"Remind me again why we're visiting a planet that the database says is a lifeless rock?" Sheppard asked as the Puddle Jumper emerged from the Stargate and entered orbit, The database basically says its one big jungle, separated by a few stormy and appealing oceans."

"Because the information on this world is incomplete." McKay explained for what felt like the tenth time, "It does say that there was a major battle fought here during the war between the Wraith and the Ancients, but the outcome in unknown because all contact was lost."

"So?" Ronon shrugged, "There must be hundreds of worlds that were fought over during the war? What makes this one so special?"

"Ha!" McKay smiled, "That's the interesting part: as far as we can tell, the Ancients were winning this fight, and so the Council called back the local commander so he could explain what he was doing that was so different. Unfortunately the she he was on was intercepted by the Wraith and destroyed, so we have no idea just what they'd developed here. What ever it was, it was so secret that it was kept from the cities database."

"So whatever is down there, it must be something really cool." Sheppard admitted, "I guess it's worth a look."

"Worth a look?" McKay sounded stunned by his team-mates flippant outlook, "Look out the window!" He pointed out the view port to the massive debris field in orbit of the unnamed planet, "There must be the remains of a dozen Wraith ships out there!"

"Okay, so it's definitely worth a look." Sheppard sighed, "If nothing else, we may be able to find another ZPM: sometimes it feels like the Ancients used those on anything, like some kind of cosmic Duracell battery."

"Well, I suppose that the old adage 'if it ain't broke, don't fix' is older than we think." McKay mused, "Anyway, we should get closer so we can scan the planet for any energy readings or life signs."

The transport-pod I detect emerging from the Stargate is of Lantean design, but I detect only human life-signs, and this presents a problem: while I am programmed to protect humans from the Wraith, I have also been warned that some have been known to side with the Wraith in a bid to avoid culling. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that this is an attempt to bypass my defences: I know from long experience that they would like to capture me relatively intact.

This I can not allow, but there is also the chance that my commander has finally been able to return, or a replacement sent, so I must bide my time, waiting.

"I'm picking something up." McKay reported, "Something big, just the other side of this mountain range."

"How big?" Sheppard asked, and the HUD lit-up in response to his question, showing the Jumper, the jungle they were flying over, and the mountains just ahead. It then pulled back, expanding the view, and a massive blue blip appeared, "Holly Hanna! That is big..."

"It's the size of a super-carrier!" McKay looked up from his laptop to look at the more complex sensor data available on the HUD, "Unmistakably Ancient in design, and I'm picking up energy readings indicate at least one ZPM."

"Then at least this trip won't be a complete waist." Ronon snorted, "I'd much rather be out killing Wraith."

"Well I'm sorry if the hunt for more ZPM's has cut into your knuckle-dragging time." McKay's voice was heavy on sarcasm.

"Maybe I should find something else to kill." The big Setedan leaned forward until his mouth was right beside the physicist's ear, "Any suggestions?"

"Should we not make our way to wherever the ZPM's are and see if we can retrieve them?" Teyla asked, doing her best to defuse the situation, "If the Wraith have been here once, they may come back."

"Best idea I've heard all day." Sheppard nodded in agreement, watching Ronon out of the corner of his eye to make sure he sat back down, "Let's go."

The Pod is so close now that I could easily take it down with my secondary armament; there would be no need to use my primary weapon, and its controls are locked out until my commander or her replacement. I attempt to contact the transport using standard protocols, but there is no response. I contemplate for a moment using my active sensors, but ultimately decide against it: while there remains a chance that this is indeed a Wraith plot, I must do my best to hide my true capabilities.

With several minutes left until they arrive, I run a full systems diagnostics, something I normally only do once every local year. As last time, my power is at 95-percent, but I am only able to access a fraction of that while the security lockouts are in place. My primary weapon is likewise locked out, but I have full control over my secondary weapons, point-defences and internal security systems. My Drone supply is still almost at capacity, the last Lantean ship to visit this world having replenished them before departing with my commander.

I am sanded to remember her: while the others saw me as the weapon I am, she saw me as a individual in my own right, even naming me after one of the heroes of the unending war against the Wraith. While my creators are effectively immortal, I have to except the fact that she has most likely met her end at the hands of the Wraith. A flash of anger races across my system, and I momentarily consider shooting down the transport, but my behavioural subroutines hold me back, reminding me that I have a duty to make certain that the newcomers are Wraith agents before dealing with them.

And never let it be said that I did not do my duty.

"Oh boy!" Sheppard gasped as they crossed the last mountain peek and got their first look at the plains beyond: the deviation stretched to the horizon in every direction, the reverse slopes of the nearby mountains still showing the scars of the titanic battle that had obviously raged time and again. While the lush jungle had covered much of the debris, turning it into what looked like a stormy sea of green, the remains of several Wraith ships dotted the landscapes. It was clear form just looking at them that they had run up against something bigger and nastier than they were.

"Over there!" Taylor pointed towards what at first looked like a low hill, but the sensors showed to be a massive vehicle of some kind.

"It's big." Ronon nodded, deeming it to be suitably impressive, "But how do we get inside."

"Here." McKay pointed at part of the HUD, which promptly expanded, "It appears to be some kind of docking port, and it's clear of obstructions."

"Is landing such a good idea?" Sheppard asked, "That things the size of the Nimitz, and there are only four of us..."

"ZPM?" McKay reminded him, "Look, I'm sure that once we get inside we should be able to locate the control centre, or whatever the equivalent is, and then find where the ZPM is."

"Okay, we're have a quick look." Sheppard agreed somewhat reluctantly, "But if we can't find it in, say, an hour, we head back to Atlantis and come back with a full team."

"Sounds fair to me." McKay nodded, "It's been here for ten-thousand years; what's it going to do? Walk off?"

To Be Continued...